I sign into my Google Account and head straight for my blogs’ dashboard. My mouse hovers over the STATS tab and stops. I had resolved not to look at all the facts and figures.

“Success of your blog is totally in the hands of Our Lady,” I tell myself sternly. “Does it matter how many page views you have or how many people are following your blog? Pride comes before a fall, you know!”

“No, you are quite right, Sue," I reply. But before I can stop myself, I have clicked onto the tab and am eagerly looking at the latest numbers.

“Wow! I have a new follower!” I shout to my kids. I jump about with delight.They shake their heads. They think I have gone a bit crazy. “Someone wants to read my stories!” I feel excited and happy and rather relieved that I am not writing just for myself.

Yes, success shouldn’t really matter. But somehow it does.

Why are we all blogging? Are we looking for popularity or rather, are we trying to make connections and share experiences and help each other? And the more people we connect with, the more we share.

There is a famous quote of Blessed Cardinal Newman, which sums this up: “I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons”.

So yes, success is important. But so is humility.

The other day, I came across a great article, Blogging - An Opportunity to Build Humility. It was written by The Priest’s Wife and can be found on the blog, Fear Not Little Flock. Isn’t that an intriguing name: The Priest’s Wife? How can you be a priest and have a wife? I just had to visit the blog and find out. I was drawn in by the name and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a very interesting blog. Go take a look.

Another blogging name that has grabbed my attention recently is Abba’s Little Girl. Now I was a young person in the eighties. I remember ABBA: the glitter and high heeled boots, disco lights and catchy tunes. You are all thinking of Our Father Abba, I am sure. But me? I am a sad case. Abba’s Little Girl has won a 2010 Top Catholicism Blog Award, sponsored by Online PhD Programs. I suspect she is very clever.

I think about my own blogging identity. It really is rather ordinary, isn’t it? It’s just my real name. Maybe I should have thought of something more eye catching. Perhaps I could have been Elvis’ Wife instead of plain Sue Elvis. Elvis’ Wife? Would you be tempted to find out more?

And maybe I should have chosen a more controversial topic to blog about. Something that would get people debating and protesting and feeling passionate about. Think of the comments! Or maybe, something clever…

But all I have to offer is my little stories.

I promise not to get too proud if you click on the Follower button and boost my numbers. I will get excited and I will jump around and my children will shake their heads. But I will try not to feel self important. Instead I will say, “Another connection between people. Another link in the chain that God is constructing between us all. Welcome, friends."


PS If you’d like me to add a link to your blog, please let me know

PPS Apologies to The Priest’s Wife and Abba’s Little Girl for using your names.

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  1. Giggling on the inside. Have this conversation often as I open my blog. :D I am so grateful for the connections I am making in this bloggy world...To me, new followers mean new friends and God knows that is what I've prayed for ever since the beginning of my conversion. :)

  2. Thank you, Leslie! I am glad you giggled. I was a bit worried about this post...how it would be taken. I know we are going to be great friends. God bless.

  3. I feel like I know you already! My 2 1/2 week blog has left me feeling vulnerable. It's daunting to put your stories/thoughts/feelings out there and no one responds. I immediately start doubting myself and then I remember, I just entered the blogging world and it takes time. I do check my stats too and I know people are opening it but the comments are few. It's intimidating.

  4. Yes, I am always grateful for a comment, grateful someone stops and says hello. Thank you for yours, Noreen!I get discouraged sometimes when I look at other blogs and see all the wonderful comments and the number of followers. But I am trying not to worry about these things. I write and if some good comes out of it, even just one connection, I try to be at peace about it. It's not really about popularity but doing some good for God. May God bless you, Noreen.

  5. This is an awesome post! We have all felt this way! You just had the courage to put it out there!

  6. Thanks danardoyle! It's good to know there are some other bloggers who sometimes feel like me. This is a quiet little blog without lots of followers and fame but I have made some beautiful friends anyway. And I am grateful for that. I am so pleased you stopped to say hello. Please visit again some time. God bless!

  7. This post made me smile! I try to avoid looking at the stats too and I removed the counter I had at the bottom of my blog so I can well relate to what you have written here :)

  8. Hi Mary. I am jumping up and down in excitement: you have followed my blog! Thank you! Yes, I took away the counter too. I am counting friends not page views. There are some wonderful people out there who have generously enhanced my posts with their comments. And for that I am grateful. Welcome, friend!


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