“What is Santa going to bring you for Christmas?” Gemma-Rose looks up at the older lady and doesn’t know what to say. Should she tell her she doesn’t believe in Santa? Mum brings the presents in our house. And Gemma-Rose has no idea what she wants anyway. She knows she will get some presents but she has been much more concerned this Advent about the presents she is giving, rather than those she will receive.

“I can’t wait to see Dad’s face when he opens my present,” says 18 year old Callum. His eyes light up, and a smile appears on his face. He is still a little kid at heart. He is looking forward to Christmas just as much as his younger sister, Gemma-Rose. He almost tells me what he bought for Andy and then changes his mind. Perhaps he can keep his secret for one more day.

The other night Gemma-Rose was upset. “Sophie says she has a really exciting present for me. And I think my present for her is rather ordinary. I wish I could give her something exciting.” Then I remembered a huge plastic Christmas novelty pen I had in my present box, and I offered it as an addition to Gemma-Rose’s gift. She dried her tears and now she can’t wait to see Sophie’s face on Christmas morning.

That is what I love about Christmas: the spirit of giving. I am sure it is the same in your home too. Everyone is looking forward to making others happy. Don’t we receive so much back when we do something special for someone else? Our hearts fill with love and we feel so warm and joyful.

And we won’t just end up with warm feelings. I am sure we are all going to end up with a huge pile of gifts that will make our eyes open wide and put huge smiles on our faces because everyone has gone to so much trouble to ensure this happens. Those gifts will represent the love we have for each other. They will have been chosen with great care after much thought. Money and time may have been spent buying them. Or lots of effort put into making them. Every carefully wrapped gift, every “Mery Cristmas” card and every paper heart cut out and decorated with the words, “I love you”, will be treasured. When we receive our gifts on Christmas morning we are going to know we are loved and are very special to those around us.

Is Christmas about presents? Yes, I think it is. Our greatest gift was given to us at Christmas: Jesus. We know God loves us so very much because He gave us the gift of His Son. I used to think presents belonged to the commercial side of Christmas. But now I think our presents to each other represent our love. It would be far easier to eliminate presents from Christmas. Think of all the time and money that would be saved. Think of the crowds of shoppers we could avoid. We wouldn’t have to find time to wrap the gifts. Or stand in the queues in the post office. But we make all these sacrifices because we love. And by showing our love for each other we are really showing God just how much we love Him.

I hope your eyes will light up and I hope you have a huge smile on your face on Christmas morning. I hope you will feel warm and loved and very special as you open your gifts. I hope your heart fills with love, that great love God has for you, the best gift of all. Happy Christmas!

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  1. Love that sue... i so agree. thats what we practice in our house too. BLESS YOU

  2. So glad you agree, Lou! Gifts can reflect so much love. I sometimes wonder if we spoil our children but then I think of how God spoils me so very much. And generosity teaches generosity. God bless. And thank you for sharing my story and stopping to comment.


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