As Andy was going out the door this morning, I shouted after him, “Have a good day at work!” He turned and gave me a big grin. “Work: that’s sounds so good.”

It has been nearly two years since Andy last went to work. He was made redundant early in March 2009. I’d been praying to St Joseph for some time for more satisfying and rewarding employment for Andy, knowing he hated the job he had. Instead of Andy being offered a fantastic new job, he suddenly found himself unemployed. Initially, we were a bit shocked but our sense of humour soon came to the rescue. We realised we should have been more careful how we worded our prayer to St Joseph. We’d prayed to him before. We remembered St Joseph works in strange ways, not always in the manner we expect. So although it looked like we’d been granted the exact opposite of our prayers, we decided that God, through St Joseph, had a wonderful new plan for Andy’s life.

And He did. Andy has had the chance for a complete career change despite thinking he was too old for something new. Two years have passed. Andy has completed his Masters of Teaching (primary) and he is no longer a sales and marketing manager but a qualified teacher. And a qualified teacher with a job!.

This morning Andy walked out the door dressed casually but smartly, he had a heavy bag stuffed with books, a million sharpened pencils, his lunch and a ton of enthusiasm.

Today will be an easy day. It is a staff development day with no students. They will descend upon the school, and Andy, next Monday. Andy is already familiar with the school and the staff. He did his last university practical there.

I can just imagine what Andy is doing today. He’ll be busy talking maths programs or accelerated literacy. He’ll have put his million sharpened pencils in his very own store room. He’ll be thinking, “What can I put up on these bare walls,” as he strolls proudly around his very own classroom. All he needs now are some students. Monday will be the red letter day as his pupils come pouring through the classroom door ready, or perhaps reluctant, to start the new school year. Andy will write “Mr Elvis” on the whiteboard and then he will greet them confidently with the words, “Good morning, girls and boys”, and they will all, with one sing-song voice, reply, “Good morning Mr Elvis!”

It’s going to be a very interesting and challenging year for Andy with his new rewarding and satisfying job, close to home. Thank you St Joseph!
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  1. Congratulations Mr. Elvis. An inspiration in many ways!

  2. Thanks Misty! I'll pass that on.

  3. Congratulations, Andy! Lucky the students who get to be part of the fun in your class - you'll make a great teacher.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Vicky. Andy has two special roles at school, besides teaching his own class. He is the religious education co-ordinator and wait for it... he is in charge of flag raising! But does he know the second verse of the national anthem?

  5. my husband is also in sales and marketing and 2 years ago he lost job as well. We had to move in with his family first than mine the following year. He has recently had some wonderful interviews though and hoping to have a job very soon. please pray.

  6. That's wonderful news! So he's teaching in a Catholic school? I admire your faith in God and St. Joseph... 2 years is a long time to be unemployed and you never gave up hope! God bless!

  7. Thank you for your comment, Kim. You have had a very difficult couple of years. At least we had a home of our own while Andy was out of work. Of course we shall pray. Please let us know when you have news. May God bless you and your family.

  8. Hi Noreen! No, Andy is not teaching in a Catholic school but in a public state school. He will be working with disadvantaged children who are having learning difficulties. It will be challenging. St Joseph always looks after us. He is a wonderful saint for families. I wrote more about how he helped us in "Changing Direction With St Joseph's Help" That was probably a November post. God bless you, Noreen.


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