As this is Callum's birthday week, I thought I'd share one of his stories with you. He wrote this when he was thirteen. The story makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it too.

As different as chalk and cheese, my brothers and I get along splendidly. I am thirteen, short and stocky with a love for singing and expressing my views on everything. While Duncan is sixteen, tall and thin, a devout pray-er: he is always whispering prayers to himself. He is very quiet and spends a lot of time walking to and fro cogitating on the many ideas that he has for making films with Mum’s video camera. Thomas is better yet. He is nearly six years old and already a saint (!) having died the day after his birth. I think that he is a great blessing to our family and the knowledge that he is praying for me is very comforting.

Duncan and I spend a lot of time together. We spend hours walking around the garden, rain or shine having talks. During some home videos, you can see me and my brother stalking along at a brisk pace in earnest conversation.

My family and I remember Thomas’ birthday every year and one year I bought a special flower from a gift shop, and when I was buying the flower, the lady on the counter asked if the flower was for my mother, I replied no it was for my brother who was dead, at which a tear appeared in her eye and a lump in my throat. Thomas holds a special place in my heart. I can still remember him as I last saw him, tiny and innocent but so peaceful and nothing has changed that image. To me he is still the tiny baby.

Children love Duncan. He is always inventing games to play with them and sometimes he prefers to play with babies rather than to play with people his own age. He will spend hours playing with Gemma-Rose in the garden while Mum does the jobs she needs to do.

I have a sort of honorary third brother. He is Mr Tulip, my rat, who is a two-time murderer. He sits in his messy cage in my equally messy bedroom. Mum says sometimes that we are all boys together, all of us living in our cages. My rat’s bedding and my bed aren’t very different, both are messy and dirty and both are used to keep things in or sleep in.

I often think how it is not fair how my brother can eat what he likes and stay rake-thin, while I (who am a little chubby) have been told time and again to watch what I eat and despite much exercise and Mum’s encouragement of “You’ll lose weight soon”, I haven’t seen any change.

Duncan is nearly six feet tall while I’ve only just passed five feet. You might think that is discouraging. It was, until the day I got a pair of new boots. When measuring my feet, the lady found that I had size eight feet on size six and a half legs. This, she said was a sure sign that I was going to grow tall. Those words made my day. I’ve always wanted not to have to look up at my brother while talking to him. I wonder what Thomas would look like now that he is nearly six years old.

I don’t deserve Duncan: he is always so kind to me, even when Duncan and I were little. He used to lie in my bed and stroke my back and tell me stories until I went to sleep.

When I was going to be confirmed, I chose Duncan as my sponsor even though he was only fourteen at the time. Our parish priest didn’t mind. He said that Duncan was so tall and mature that no one would notice that he wasn’t the usual age for a sponsor. The actual reason that I chose Duncan as my sponsor is that I knew that I would have someone who would always pray for me, thus ensuring another aid on my way to heaven.

With a saint in heaven and a saint on earth for brothers, how can I possibly fail to become a saint myself?
By Callum Elvis

This story can be found in my book, Grief, Love and Hope
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  1. Dear Sue
    A beautiful Story
    How sweet your son is and special bonds and memories for him an dyour family
    Thanks for sharing
    God Bless

  2. Another lovely 'boy' story, Sue. Our pretty, little girls so easily attract kind comments, whereas I think our energetic boys are sometimes perceived as a handful - it's nice to read about their many endearing qualities.

  3. love it. your boys...all of them...seem wonderful.

  4. Thank you for your comments. And thank you to Callum who agreed to share his story though he was a little embarrassed too!


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