Great news! The Bush Boys books by Father James Tierney are now available from Catholic Heritage Curricula. I'd like to share an article from Bush Boys Online to tell you more about these wonderful books.

Let me tell you about a very special person and his delightful books...

The Bush Boys books are a series of living fictional books written by Father James Tierney for children. The Bush Boys are a group of young people who like to explore the Wild Bush Mountains where they have all kinds of exciting adventures as they try to avoid the 7 Deadly Dangers of the bush. They outwit nasty villains, learn camping and survival techniques, enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and much more... But first, let me tell you more about the author...

Many of you know Father James Tierney. But for his new fans, let me tell you something about Father Jim. Our family has known Father for about 15 years now. And he has been an indispensable part of our lives ever since. He is a retired priest who lives in his studio on the rural property of a homeschooling family, near Goulburn, Australia. We remember helping other families build this studio. And also the chapel where he celebrates Mass every day. He used to say Mass in the old draughty post office. Five o'clock in the morning with the icy wind blowing down his neck. But that was years ago...

When we visit Father Jim we go along the windy path to his studio. Father shouts out instructions on how to get through his temperamental door and we enter as he is getting up from his computer chair. "Listen to this," he chuckles and he reads out the latest bit of his new Bush Boys book. We feel privileged to be the first to hear the new story. 

Actually, we have been allowed special access to most of his books during the writing stage. We have read and proof-read and made suggestions on his books. Father Jim is one of those wonderful writers who really wants to hear what we think. He is always asking for advice. I remember when Father was describing how some Bush Boys were learning to swim. 

"They put their hands together as if praying," Father tells us. 

"No, Father," says our resident swimming expert. "Their hands have to be like this," and Felicity demonstrates the correct position. 

"Oh," chuckles Father. "I will have to change that. I will have lots of complaints otherwise!"

But Father Jim finds less time to write his children's books than he'd like. He is in great demand for his catechetical knowledge. Did you know Father has written a number of excellent catechisms? We use them in our family. One day I will have to tell you more about them.

Also Father spends time writing his famous Handouts. These two sided documents are "clear, brief and easily assimilated by all". If you'd like to know more visit www.cardinal and visit the Downloads section.

Father is a Bush Boy himself. When he was younger and more active, he would organise camping adventures in the bush. I am sure the children learnt a lot about leadership, the virtues, their Faith and survival skills while they were enjoying the beauty of the bush.

Father is tall and has twinkling eyes. He bends down and shakes even the smallest of hands in the most welcoming manner. "My dear Sue," he greets me, taking my hand. I feel so special. I know Father Jim is delighted to see me.

Father is a wonderful story teller. I phone him regularly and we spend a very entertaining hour chatting away. He sprinkles our conversation with his latest yarns. A wonderful warm chuckle comes over the line and we laugh together.

If I have a question about the Faith I contact Father. Soon the fax machine whirs into action and the answer to my query comes sliding out. Father is a fount of knowledge.

Father is compassionate and kind and supportive. It was Father who encouraged me to write my book Grief, Love and Hope. You can read his foreword to my book on this blog, Sue Elvis Writes

Now you know a little about Father Jim, I shall talk about his Bush Boys books. I feel they are largely undiscovered treasures. They are worth sharing with the world and so I have decided it is my mission to tell you about them. The Bush Boys books are good wholesome, truly Catholic stories. But the religion is not overdone. Father does not preach to his readers. He just adds Catholic details to his very enjoyable adventures. 

I think you will enjoy Father's books for his story telling ability. But along the way you are going to absorb so many fascinating facts. If you study the Bush Catechism you may even become an expert on how to survive in the bush. Soon you will want to have your own outdoor camping adventure. And when you do pull on your Bush Boys clothes, your thick socks and boots (and not forgetting the wide brimmed hat) you will be ready to have a wonderful time because you'll be ready to do everything the Bush Boys way.

Before I finish this post, I must tell you about a conversation I had with Father Jim. I phoned Father to tell him I'd created the Bush Boys Online blog and I'd set up a connecting Facebook page. "You've got three fans, Father" I shout into the phone as I look at the computer screen and see the numbers appearing.

 "When did you set up the page, Sue?" Father asks.

"Oh about 15 minutes ago."

"Wow!" says Father and I can imagine him shaking his head in wonder.

I've had a few enquiries about where to buy the Bush Boys books. They are available from the Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Inc website or their bookshop in Western Sydney. Also, I've just heard that the Bush Boys books are now available from Catholic Heritage Curricula in USA.

Please visit Bush Boys Online and the Facebook page and then order your own copies of Fr Jim's books. I am sure you and your children will enjoy them enormously!


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  1. I think you are so right about the educational value of Fr. Jim's books, Sue. There is a lot to learn from them and the attention to accurate detail makes them real living books.

  2. Hello Sue It's been a while since I've visited :) It's good to be back. Where can I buy Bushboys books from

    1. Chareen,

      It's lovely to see you on my blog!

      The Bush Boys books can be bought from Cardinal Newman Faith Resources which is based in Sydney. You could visit their website:

      The website is in the process of being updated. Eventually there will be an online shop. For now, you could either email or phone the shop. You'd get a quicker response by giving the shop a call:

      02 9673 2235

      I know there are lots of copies of all books available. I hope that helps!


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