It has just occurred to me that there might be many ferret lovers out there in the blogosphere. Could there be any ferret lovers who read my blog? Could there be anyone who reads my blog?

It has also occurred to me that I might have offended those possible blog reading ferret lovers by my story The Big Crunch. I may have been unkind. And that will never do. I have to be a good example to my children, especially during Lent when we are all supposed to be practicing this virtue. Therefore I would like to publish the following statement:

Finn you were a good ferret. It wasn't your fault that a too soft hearted woman bought you and took you home to a house full of screaming, terrified girls. It wasn't your fault your owner was the possessor of sensitive skin. You were designed to run free and chase prey. And what a fine rabbit catcher you turned out to be. We are all very proud of you. 

You came to a sad end, Finn. A tear forms in my eye as I contemplate the 'Big Crunch'. Not a nice way to go. I wouldn't like to be big crunched.

Rest in peace, good and faithful ferret. You will never be forgotten.

In the photo I see a ferret who is tired of being dragged around the garden. I see a ferret who longs to run free. I see a ferret who soon will be a master rabbit catcher.

(I hope I don't end up having to apologise to any rabbit lovers out there...)

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  1. lol. well i do not like ferrets really. when I was a child i thought such things were cute but not now. Now I am a baby person not an animal person.

  2. I'm not an animal person either, Kim. But my children like them and somehow we seem to collect them. I can see why you are a baby person: your baby is so gorgeous! God bless.

  3. Hi Sue, I DO read your blog every chance I get! I've done less blogging over Lent and trying to focus more on learning about my faith and spending time with my family. I tend to get wrapped up in the wonderful blogs out there and the time just flies by.

    I'm not much of a ferret lover but I do agree, he probably would prefer to be free.

  4. I know what you mean about getting caught up with blogs, Noreen. I admire your discipline and wish I could be stronger too. I spend far too much time writing and reading blogs. Is it worth it? Sometimes like you, I think I should be spending my time with my family. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your regular comments. When I see a friendly comment like yours, my resolve to delete my blog and do something else disappears! I would miss the new friends I have made. God bless!

  5. Actually ... I do LOVE ferrets!

    With potatoes and a mix of vegetables and gravy. Or in a pie.

    God bless.

    1. Victor,

      How did you end up on this old post? I'd forgotten all about this one. I did enjoy writing The Big Crunch and getting my revenge on Finn the Ferret!

      I can't even imagine liking a ferret in a pie, Victor. There's not a lot of meat on a ferret. They are all teeth. But I understand the sentiment!

      God bless.


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