Do you remember Sarah, the reluctant pig farmer’s wife, goat keeper and eater, prize rose grower and friend extraordinaire? I shared her story in Pigs, Tears and Friends and I am sure everyone was fascinated by my dear friend because her post is the 3rd most popular of all 62 posts I have ever written!
In Pigs, Tears and Friends I wrote:  
Already a story is forming in my mind. An interesting character! My friend Sarah! Will she mind if I share her with you? I hesitate for just a second. I think, “Sarah will never know.” She rarely turns on her computer. No, I am free to tell her story.
That was weeks ago and I am quite sure Sarah has never found out about my story. Every time we have got together I have remained silent, and Sarah has never given me any indication that she knows I have been blogging about her. Perhaps no one followed my suggestion:
Tell her how much she livened up a dull post. Tell her you wish you had a friend like her to write about. Tell her I love her.
And this gives me courage to write a second Sarah story.
I have never kept pigs like Sarah, or goats; I love hopping across the blogosphere having Internet adventures while Sarah is very down-to-earth and lives firmly in the real world; my roses always die and never look like Sarah’s prize flowers. But there is something that Sarah and I share (besides a precious friendship) and that is writing. It was Sarah who encouraged me to write my very first article.
But first I must tell you about a newsletter called Keeping in Touch.
Many years ago, Esther had the brilliant idea of starting a newsletter to keep the various homeschooling families in Australia connected and informed. Four times a year, Keeping in Touch landed in mailboxes causing mothers everywhere to drop whatever they were doing, grab mugs of coffee and sink into armchairs to devour the latest edition.
Years went by. Some families came to the end of their homeschooling adventures and others started out. And for all this time, Keeping in Touch continued to entertain, support and bind everyone together. The job of collecting articles and editing was passed on from family to family.
About 12 or 13 years ago, it was once again Sarah’s turn to edit the newsletter. Before the publication could be finished and sent off to the printer’s, an editor for the next edition had to be found. The easiest way to find a new editor was to ask a friend. So Sarah asked me. I protested, “I’ve never edited anything before Sarah. I wouldn’t know what to do. Anyway, we don’t have a computer.”
Before we knew it, we had a computer. Sarah’s husband updated his, and Sarah quickly passed on the old one to us. I must admit we enjoyed learning how to use the computer and how to set out a publication. We were now editors. But not writers.
Then one day Sarah said, “Why don’t you write an article for Keeping in Touch, Sue?"

 I protested, “I’ve never written an article before, Sarah. I wouldn’t know what to say. I will sound silly. No one will read it.” I had a million excuses why I couldn’t write something for Keeping in Touch. But Sarah wouldn’t give up.
“If you can write a letter, you can write an article.” And somehow I found myself writing my very first story. I wonder what I wrote about… I have forgotten…
But whatever I wrote about, it couldn’t have been that bad. No one complained or criticised or demanded I never write another thing. I must have written a second article…and then a third. Sarah had set my creative talent loose. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. For years I filled pages of Keeping in Touch, bombarding the kind and very accepting readers with my ideas and thoughts.
Somewhere along the line, Keeping in Touch stopped landing in mailboxes. Technology caught up with us and the newsletter took to the Internet, being published and placed online at the Cardinal Newman Faith Resources website. If you visit you will still find back copies in the Downloads section.
Then the sad day came when Keeping in Touch came to an end. Our lives had become very busy. No one seemed to have time to write and edit. Our quarterly dose of news, bright ideas, information, empathy and support disappeared.
I missed reading the very entertaining articles by my fellow Catholic friends. There were some very talented writers involved with the newsletter including my friend Sarah. A sad thought occurred to me: would I never read another article by her again?
And then I had an idea. What if I created a blog and posted all the best of the Keeping in Touch articles mixed in with new contributions? A whole new audience could share and enjoy the talent of my friend and other authors. And so the Australian Catholic Families blog came into existence.
The blog is for all Catholic families, not just homeschoolers, and for all parents not just mothers. And although the authors are Australian, the topics might appeal to anyone regardless of where they live.
So far I have posted articles by nine different authors on a variety of topics. Some articles are from the archives and some are new. Anthony started us off and then Erin quickly offered us a post, followed by Leonie, Vicky, Gae, Fr James Tierney, my husband Andy, me and…Sarah.
 I don’t think Sarah realises she is a blogger. As I told you in a past post:
Whatever (Sarah) is doing, she is far too busy living life to have time for Internet adventures like me.
I don’t think Sarah has visited the ACF blog. Does she know it exists? (I think I told her.) Does she know everyone is enjoying her articles all over again? (I think I mentioned I might share them with you.)
 If you see Sarah, tell her how inspiring and entertaining her articles are. Tell her to write more. Tell her to continue sharing her stories with us.
Oh yes, and don’t forget to tell her how much I love her.

I will jump up and down with excitement if anyone offers an article for the Australian Catholic Families blog. We are looking for articles on family, spiritual and homeschooling topics. If you have an idea please start writing or perhaps you could share something you’ve already posted on your own blog.

PS Why is "Pigs, Tears and Friends" so popular? I think it is popular because of Sarah, and though Anthony doesn't disagree, he also suggested its appeal is due to the photo of the very attractive pig. So I am using a pig photo again!!

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  1. Hi Sue, a big thank you to Sarah for encouraging you to write! You have a wonderful talent for writing that I so admire! I will check out the ACF Blog.

  2. what a wonderful thing to have such a supportive friend

  3. Yes, a supportive friend is a real blessing. I am sure you will enjoy Sarah's writings when you visit the ACF blog. Thank you for your comments!


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