A couple of years ago, I went to the funeral of a friend’s baby and I grieved. I grieved for my friend’s lost son; I grieved for my own lost baby; I grieved for all parents who have ever buried a child. The sorrow that had been hidden in that safe place, deep inside me, made its way back up to the surface and overflowed. It engulfed me completely.
I have another friend C, who is suffering too. She is right there on the cross and there seems to be no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel. My heart has been so heavy today; I can feel her pain. I want to help her, to encourage her in her struggle but I feel so useless.
I was in the line processing towards the Cross, this afternoon, waiting for my turn to place a kiss upon the wood. A wave of sadness overwhelmed me. And just like at my friend’s baby’s funeral, I could feel afresh all the pain I have ever suffered. I could feel my pain and all my friends’ pain. Could I feel Jesus’ pain? Our own sorrows (heavy as they are) must be only a dim reflection of the suffering undergone by Our Lord. I returned to the pew with a huge burden of grief upon my heart.
We gain compassion through suffering. We have an idea of what someone else is feeing because we have known pain too. Our hearts can ache even though the pain belongs to another person.
I think about Jesus suffering on the Cross. He knows pain and suffering like us. How perfectly He must understand what we are going through, how we are feeling. How His heart must overflow with compassion on our behalf. On this Good Friday how close He must be to those who are also suffering. My understanding, my heart ache, my compassion must only be a dim reflection of His.
I kissed the Cross. My eyes filled with tears. I thought:  I didn’t want to suffer. I don’t want my friends to suffer. I wish Jesus hadn’t had to suffer for us. But He did. And we do. But we are not alone. We are sufferers united, united by pain but also by Love. And love changes everything. We can suffer anything for love.
We celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord on Sunday.
C, you are loved; you are understood; you are not alone. Keep hoping; keep trusting; keep going. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a resurrection. How could there not be? You are united to Love.
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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you (again) for sharing your heart, Sue.

  2. I wanted so much to share something I felt this afternoon, but the right words are hard to find. Writing can be so difficult sometimes, can't it? Thank you Leslie for sharing my story and stopping to say hello. I hope you have a very joyful Easter with your family. May God bless you!

  3. Thank you Sue. I needed to read this. God bless you this Easter.

  4. Thank you, Natalie. I wasn't sure if I should publish this story. I am glad you shared it. Have a very blessed Easter!

  5. Oh Sue, my heart hurts for you both! I can't imagine losing a child. A mother's great cross to bear! May your Easter be filled with blessings and God's grace.

  6. Yes, Noreen, it is a great cross but we still have our lost children and still love them and will be reunited with them one day. Some women suffer the cross of not being able to have children. Maybe that is an even greater suffering. My friend, I pray that you have a very joyful Easter!

  7. This is full of wisdom.

  8. Thank you, Amy. I don't feel wise. To me, these are just awkward words which try and express what I was feeling as I thought about C and her need for encouragement. It is very kind of you to read and share and take the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it. Happy Easter! And please visit again!


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