You might know we are homeschoolers. That’s no secret. But I have something to admit. Something I’m going to admit in a whisper. (I seem to do a lot of whispering.) We’re unschoolers. Look, I‘ll be brave and just come out and shout it: We are Catholic Unschoolers.
Friends, do not worry. No need to panic. We haven’t suddenly become crazy and turned down a dangerous street. We’ve been unschooling a long time. We’ve just never told anyone.  
We didn’t set out to unschool. It just sort of happened. We did our own homeschooling thing, what we felt worked for our family and then one day… hey! We found we’d entered the unschooling world.
I’ve been blogging for some months now, sharing my stories of Catholic family life. You’ve met my dear husband and all our children. You’ve very patiently listened to my musings on everything from parenting, the Faith, marriage, conversion and even grief. But I’ve hardly written a post about homeschooling.
That is all about to change. I am coming out into the open. I am going to share a side of my family previously hidden. And how am I going to do this? In a newly created blog: Stories of an Unschooling Family.
“You’ve created another blog?” one of my children asks in amazement. Yes, just call me the Queen of Blogs. They are mushrooming and multiplying and filling my dashboard and overflowing…
I could have just shared my homeschooling stories here but how easy it is to create yet another blog and have somewhere special dedicated only to family learning.
Whether you homeschool, unschool , school, or don’t do school, please visit my blog and say hello. I hope my stories will entertain and maybe you will discover something you can share. That would be so good!

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  1. You're unschoolers?!!! No!!!!

  2. Now I know why I've been drawn to your blog:) :) Checking out your learning blog, sharing mine with you
    we were unschoolers for a long time but are slightly more formal at this season.

  3. Don't be so shocked, Vicky!!! I bet you have your own secrets to share.

  4. <>
    Erin, thank you! I am looking forward to sharing with you. I am so glad you stopped by to read my secret.

  5. Dear Sue,
    I think we have gravitated this way a lot too.
    I think it just mushrooms as you go. I posted a bit on this in my Homeshcooling and relataionships post.
    Will drop over soon.
    God Bless

  6. Thank you, Gae. So much to share with dear friends! I must read your post. Keep resting. Hope to hear about the arrival of Dumpling soon.

  7. No, no secrets to share, I'm afraid, Sue - I think you already know all the disasters we had before we finally discovered the delights of unschooling! x

  8. Diasters? I don't believe you!

  9. Hi Sue, you've grabbed my attention with that term "unschooling" and my immediate interpretation is "no school at all? or at least not following a curriculum?" I'm coming over right now to check it out!

    Have you heard of RAnn's Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival link up? I linked up there today and you might be interested in doing so also.

  10. Hi Noreen. We don't do 'school' but there's plenty of learning going on in our house! It's not a case of doing nothing at all, just a different style of learning. I would be so thrilled if you followed our adventures on my new blog and found out more.

    Thank you so much for the invitation to link up. I've never done anything like that before. A bit shy, maybe? I'll come over and find out more.

  11. Hi Sue, No surprise really, but I am pleased you shared your post, and isn't it nice that although we are different in our schooling, we have so much more in common.
    God Bless you all

  12. Thank you, Leanne. Perhaps labels are a problem sometimes. They can seperate us into groups when really, as you say, we have so many things more important in common. It's not about which method of schooling is right or wrong. Rather, we have choices and we can do what we feel is best for our own family. And still we can share our lives with others who are doing things a different way. Diversity is positive because it allows us to learn from each other. God bless!


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