I was at my Dashboard earlier today and I noticed something very interesting. I have a new follower. Now how did that happen when I don't have a gadget? It is all rather mysterious. Someone far cleverer than me has worked out how to do this. Those magnificent people are Lou and Andy. Welcome friends! I am so pleased you have joined us.

A new follower made me think: what is the point of removing the followers' gadget if someone can still follow? So it's back.

If you don't know the gadget story please share Hello God. You will find out I am a weak and silly woman.

But that was days ago. Now I am stronger. Now I have a brand new attitude. It's simple really. Each day, I'm going to say "Hello God" first and leave blogging to later.

So if you've been hanging out, waiting for the return of my gadget (well, someone might have, you never know) please go ahead and press 'follow' and tomorrow morning (after I've spent time with God and got all my priorities in order) I will notice. I will jump up and down just a little because it is nice to have a new follower. I will get a warm and happy feeling. It's all about connections and sharing and making new friends.
 Thank you. Lou and Andy.

Oh, by the way, I have published my second post on my new blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family. It isn't specifically a homeschooling story. It's called "Come in and Meet My Family". So hop on over, knock on the cream front door, come in and meet all the people who inspire my stories. You'll be very welcome.

You wouldn't like to add a special touch to my post, by writing one of your amusing comments, would you, Victor? I think your comments are much more entertaining than my stories!

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  1. Well I would push the follow button if it would add to your numbers but since I am already following, it will just stay the same. I hope you get some new followers though.

  2. I got that warm and happy feeling anyway, Therese. It is just nice to share with friends. Thank you for following!

  3. Hi there: it's Lou from Lou and Andy fame! Haha. I am so glad u got excited I aam following u. I got your blog off someone else's blog. We homeschool our 4 boys and love reading others tales of the adventure. We have our own blog too: thewilsonstrekacrossoz.blogspot.com I think that's it!! Haha.
    Bless you abundantly. Love ur blog.

  4. Hi Lou, I'm so pleased you stopped to say hello. I'm looking forward to visiting your blog and meeting your family. Thanks for the link. I think you have a Callum like me! Please join in with the comments whenever you like. I love hearing from all my blogging friends. God bless!

  5. Hey that ginger cat looks like mine from my book "Feline Catastrophes". Only my cat uses the computer keyboard as a litter tray. I think it's a critical comment on my writing skills.

    Whenever I clean the keyboard before starting my Blog I hear the cat walking away and laughing quietly under his breath.

    There's nothing wrong in wanting followers. Christ started with twelve. And look at His numbers now.

    He asked us to go out and preach His news. And that's what we do with our Blogs. If only one person happens to pass by and read what we write and turn to God ... well, what an honor for us.

    God bless you and your good works on your Blog.

  6. Hi Victor, so pleased to see you here! I am thinking I should copy and paste your comment and then publish it as my post, and move my post to the comments section. Do a bit of a swap. Think how many followers I would get if I did that!

    Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, it's all work for God and I am hoping I can do even a small thing for God, a thing that can make a little difference to someone. May God bless you.

  7. Victor, for some strange reason, my Blogger allowed me to publish your comment but it didn't want to know about mine. The only way I can comment is as Anonymous, so that previous comment was written by me!

  8. Thanx Anonymous for your kind words. I'm assuming you're Sue. Whoever you are ... thank you and may God bless you.


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