Do you ever find your children standing looking over your shoulder, anxious to see what you’re doing? Mine are always quietly watching and absorbing. They observe carefully and they think deeply, and then they come to the conclusion that anything I can do, they can do too. In fact, they assume that anything I can do, they can do even better than me. And before I know it, they’ve worked out exactly how to do what I’m currently involved with. Soon I’m no longer the only knitter, writer, photographer, cook… or blogger in the family.
Blogger? Yes, my four youngest daughters are bloggers. Somehow we’ve turned into a family of bloggers with a multitude of blogs. There we sit, each at our own computer, thinking and writing and editing, and writing some more. Eventually, ‘Publish’ is pressed and then there is anticipation and excitement.
“Did you read my post? What do you think?”

"You've written a new blog post!"
“I love your post!”
We sit and share and enjoy each other’s writings. It’s a family affair.
Just recently, Callum joined the blogging world too. Is writing contagious? Is blogging contagious? Yes!
Callum and I are sipping coffee in the café, having some mother-son time.
“How’s your blog going?”
“Slowly. I haven’t posted much yet. But I do have a few ideas…”
“Do you mind if I share some blogging guidelines, things I’ve picked up?”
Now I know sons don’t normally want advice from their mothers, but we are relaxed and enjoying each other’s company, and so Callum is in the mood to indulge me.
I recite my guidelines for a blogging son:
1.       Write about things that really interest you, things that you are passionate about. Write about what you know. Your posts will be interesting.
2.       Be yourself, that’s good enough. Don’t write what you think others want to read. You  don’t have to be someone else.
3.       Share honestly and your posts will ring true and you’ll make connections with others.
4.       Never use posts to complain and whine and whinge, especially about other people.
5.       Never write anything that will embarrass someone else.
6.       Never post embarrassing photos of anyone.
7.       And most important of all, never complain about your mother or embarrass her or post photos of her that make her look old.
Callum gives me a sheepish grin and says, “What will happen if I do the last one?”
I fling out my arm in a mock swipe. “What do you think will happen? Look after your mother. It’s in your own interests. You’ve got to live with her!”
We often talk about family loyalty.  And how important it is we show a united front to the world. We don’t whinge and complain about each other in public. We don’t pull each other down. We need each other, our family, our safe refuge from the troubles of the world.
“I think I’ll write about fixing things, Mum. You know how we tend to throw everything away when something goes wrong? Well, it’s so satisfying making something work again. I get a real buzz working out all the problems with my computer.” Callum’s eyes light up.
I love sharing with my son. I’m glad we can talk blogging. Shall I tell him he’s just given me an idea for a blog post? Will he mind if I write about our mother-son time? No. He’ll grin widely and say, “I thought you would, Mum.”  Callum is a blogger. He understands. As long as you remember to be kind…
 …life is a blog post!

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  1. Dear Sue,
    I understand totally.
    We have three daughters who blog and 2 sons too.
    I agree with your guidelines especially the last one.
    It does provide an atmpsphere of thought and family loyalty is a big thing here too.
    Kindred spirit families

  2. Thank you Gae! Your free time must be so precious at the moment and I'm so pleased you used some of it to share a story with me. Kindred spirit families? That's a beautiful thought. God bless.

  3. I have a story for Callum regards fixing things. My brother bought a Kitchen Aid mixer for his lady. She was rather horrified to return home one day to discover he had pulled it apart. His response as to why!! "To see how it worked!!!" when he had to put it back together he needed help. He went online and found a whole forum devoted to men who had pulled apart their wives Kitchen Aids to see how they worked!!!
    When he bought her an overlooker and showed signs of pulling IT apart he was very firmly told "No"
    So plenty of 'fixers' out there;) not perhaps the reason Callum is fixing items though:)

  4. To Blog or not to Blog
    That is the question.
    Whether it is nobler in the mind
    To keep one’s thoughts to oneself
    Than reveal them to all
    On screens large and small.
    And by doing such
    Suffer the slings and arrows
    Of outrageous readers
    Who’d rather Block you
    Than read your feeble Tweeters.
    Or to bravely face your qualms
    And courageously Blog on
    Regardless of your audience
    Be it great or be it small;
    Just Blog on into eternity
    And have yourself a ball!

    Victor (Shakespeare) Moubarak

    God bless.

  5. I noticed a lot of your family blogs - you, your children, and your sister :) I just realized yesterday that your sister has more than 1 blog. I've been following along on her portraits and find her blog fascinating. Not many artists share their work as it progresses so her blog is very unique (as is yours).

    I hope you're enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, Sue!

  6. Erin,

    I love your 'fixing' story! It is such a learning experience pulling something apart to see how it works. And if it doesn't go back together again so it works, and someone gets very irate, hopefully the leasson is "I will never do that again"! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Victor Shakespeare, is there no end to your talents? I don't suppose you have written a book of poetry as well as your fiction books?

    I wonder if you are a Shakespeare fan. We are! Blogging isn't our only family passion. Just mention Shakespeare and everyone comes running, eager to share.

    God bless!

  8. Hi Mary, I'm pleased to see you here. I've been missing commenting on your blog. I can't seem to do it. I'll hop over and try again today.

    Yes, I find Vicky's progress reports on her drawings fascinating. I didn't realise that drawing is such an involved process, with so many decisions to be made along the way. It's like magic watching the drawing appear. Thank you for visiting and sharing her artwork. I know she appreciates the interest. I will pass along your kind comment. I know it will make her day. God bless!

  9. Hi Sue,

    I like Chaucer more than Shakespeare - went to school with him! I wrote several unpublished poems.

    I've responded on my Blog on how to publish a video.

    God bless.

  10. Hi Victor, thank you for the video hints. I will pop over to your blog and read!

    Wow, you don't sound that old! I guess if you went to school with Chaucer you read his work in middle English. We tried that but enjoyed the modern English versions better. God bless!

  11. How funny Sue. Your son is a generous and loving boy!

  12. I like the tips that you gave to your children - good advice. I think it is so wonderful that you all share this blogging thing. I try to limit myself to about an hour on my computer & posts a day. Sometimes, my family gets jealous and wants my attention. They don't fully understand my passion for writing.

  13. Thanks Noreen! I really enjoy the opportunity to have a coffee with Callum and catch up. He buys the coffee and treats me which is rather nice. Now we have blogging to talk about too. I wonder what interests you share with your son. God bless.

  14. Hi Dana, I really admire how you restrict yourself to an hour a day on the computer, and how your family comes first. I guess I just get carried away when I am writing. Fortunately, my children are usually writing and blogging at the same time! God bless.

  15. That's funny; two of my kids just followed my lead and started blogging as well!

    1. Shelly,

      I hope you all enjoy blogging together! My five daughters all blog and we are always reading each others' stories and discussing ideas for posts. It's a lot of fun.


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