Yesterday we were driving to town. It was the fourth day in a row that I’d travelled along the one and only road out of our village. Imogen was seated next to me, gazing out the window and not saying a word.
“Aren’t you going to talk to me while I’m driving? I’m rather fed-up of going along the same route day after day.  I need some good conversation to distract me.”
I thought for a moment and then admitted, “At least we’re not travelling along a busy city street, stopping and starting at all the lights, fighting our way through heavy traffic. I guess this is rather a pleasant drive compared to that. ”
I looked out the window. I looked properly. How could I have become bored with this journey through such beautiful countryside?
Tall walls of sandstone rise on each side of our van, casting us in shadow.  I drive through the cutting and wonder about its history. It’s a feat of engineering and we are lucky we have this road which climbs gently up the hill to our village. We pass through a gum tree tunnel, tall branch tips touching overhead, dappled sunlight descending upon us. And there is the chuckle of a kookaburra. Now the road seems suspended in mid-air for a few seconds, as the bushland on either side of us falls away. More cutting…and out the other side. We’re rolling along between tree studded paddocks. I twist my head to get a good look at the grazing black cows with their broad white belts around their fat middles. I notice the deciduous trees clinging onto the last of their red autumn leaves. The van winds past the two holiday cottages which are being constructed on the edge of a dam. A new fountain sends spray high into the air, and I think about what it would be like to sit on a verandah that juts over the water. There are cotoneasters covered in bright orange berries and a flock of red and blue parakeets are feeding greedily. I make a mental note to check their names in the bird book. To our right, an ultra-light plane comes into view and then the small historic airport where it must have started its journey. A wombat lies by the side of the road, and I feel glad I have never hit one… And then a moment later we arrive in town.
We live in such a beautiful area, a place where tourists come for their holidays. And I usually drive along without any sense of awe or wonder, thinking only of the mundane. I guess it has all become rather commonplace. I have seen it so many times before. It doesn’t register. I look but I don’t see.
I wonder:  How many other things haven’t I looked at properly recently? How many other things am I failing to see because they are always there?  Sometimes it is only when things are taken away that we truly realise what we had. And then it is too late.
So I am looking and I see:
Little arms wanting to hug me when I  am too busy to really notice; the care which Andy shows towards me each morning, as he brings me my breakfast; the softness and warmth that touches my skin as a cat snuggles onto my lap; the steaming hot water that wakes me up at the start of the day; our own home, our safe refuge from the world; the smiles that greet me when I return home from town; my warm and cosy bed at the end of a tiring day; forgiveness after making a mistake; Jesus waiting for me to come and receive; love and Love...
I'm sure I could never count all the blessings that surround me. But perhaps I can stop more often, and not only look, but see.

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  1. Such a blissful post!
    I hit a possum in the dark, last week, for the first time. It was so sad! The kids said that at least it wasn't a child and I guess that's something to be really thankful for.
    I'm off now to see what I've not been seeing around here, lately!

  2. I've been trying to pay more attention to "the present moment" and trying to be more grateful for all my blessings, too. Sometimes I think it's because of the RUSH! RUSH! attitude so prevalent in the world today that we have lost sight of what's right in front of us. Excellent post, Sue!

  3. Sorry about the possum Vicky! Let me know what you see!

  4. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Mary. I think you're right about the RUSH RUSH attitude. There's always somewhere else to get to, or something else to have, we fail to realise just how blessed we are right here and now. Thank you so much for stopping here and taking the time to read my story!

  5. It's sad how we're always rushing busily ahead.

    And, if you don't mind me saying so, Australians are always in a rush to get there first. They're 24 hours ahead of the whole world and on New Year's Eve they always celebrate the New Year ahead of everyone else.
    Must be the Foster's lager !!!

    God bless you.

  6. Great post! I loved reading it. Your blog background is so pretty! I could decorate my whole house in that fabric. =) Glad to have found your blog. I'm the same way, I like to picture people on the yahoo group. =)

  7. Hi Victor, I'm always pleased to see you have visited and shared a story.

    I had to smile yesterday. While a lot of people in the northern hemisphere were busy debating whether the end of the world was about to happen, us Australians knew the prediction was a lot of rubbish. For us, the 21st May had already arrived and as far as we could tell, everything out there was the same as normal! I guess we get to experience all the good things first eg You're still in Lent while we're celebrating Easter. But then again, our fun is coming to an end when yours is just beginning. Funny thing time. I'm more aware of time differences now I am a blogger. God bless!

  8. Hi Elisa, I'm so excited you visited my blog. Thank you for stopping and leaving a comment.

    I love all the choices in blog backgrounds. There are some very talented people out there creating the most gorgeous backgrounds. Every now and then I just have to try out a new one. I guess it's a bit like redecorating the house and moving the furniture around. Except a whole lot easier! God bless.

  9. Hi Sue,

    I think Australians should promote the slogan:

    Never worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has already happened in Australia.

    God bless.

  10. I like that Victor! You always brighten up my blog with your amusing comments.

  11. Great post! Love Victor's comments too!! LOL

  12. Thank you for sharing my story, Colleen. I do appreciate your visit!

    I think Victor's comments are much more entertaining than my posts. If I could persuade him to comment on all my posts, I would have thousands of readers! God bless.


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