Yesterday was my birthday and I felt so very special. My children organised an adults' dinner party for me and some of my oldest and closest friends.  Everyone cleaned the house; Imogen cooked the food; the big kids served and later washed the dishes. I wasn't allowed to do a thing.

I went to bed last night thinking I must be the most blessed woman in the whole world. Did I mind turning 50? No! What a wonderful moment in my life. I shall remember this birthday forever.

It was such a fantastic celebration that I couldn't stop thinking about my day, even when I fell into bed exhausted. Last night, I couldn't drop off to sleep and ended up getting only 2 1/2 hours sleep before it was time to get up again for Mass.

There are so many things I want to share with you.

I want to describe each of the delectable dishes Imogen cooked, and we devoured.

Then I could retell the numerous and slightly gruesome rat stories we shared amidst lots of laughter.

We fired questions and answers at each other: were there still things we didn't know about each other after 16 years of friendship? Not much!

I would like to tell you all about the thoughtful gifts I was showered with. I was thoroughly spoilt.

And I would describe that warm feeling that overflowed my heart. Was it love or gratitude or joy, or all three?

I would list all my family and friends that made my day so special. What a long list that would be.

But my brain is so tired and fuzzy and I can't really think straight so I will cheat. I am going to steal my daughter Gemma-Rose's story and post it as my own. I hope you don't mind.

Mummy's Birthday
It was Mummy's birthday. Imogen made pancakes for breakfast. They had sugar and honey on them. They were delicious. Mum had hers in bed.Sophie and me made some birthday cards for Mum, and a birthday banner. Duncan hung the banner on the wall.
Then it was present time. We all went into the living room. Mummy bought herself a nice pair of boots. We wrapped them up in newspaper because they were in a very big box and we didn't have enough wrapping paper.I gave her a necklace with matching earrings. She got lots and lots of chocolates. Charlotte gave her a rose bush. It looked like a stick. Sammy one of our fat cats, tried to sit on it. Aunty Vicky gave Mum a bangle with a watch on it. It was very nice. I liked it. Mum immediately took off her other watch and put her new one on.We had pizza for lunch. We also had a birthday cake. It was very chocolatey. It had mini M&Ms on top. And it had chocolate squiggles on top too. It was nice.In the afternoon we prepared for Mum's birthday dinner party. We laid the table, lighted lots of candles and found some nice music. Imogen and Callum finished making the dinner.

Then the guests came. We said hello, then we went and watched 'Despicable Me'. Imogen, Callum, Duncan, and Charlotte were the servers for the dinner.The guests stayed for a very long time. But finally they went home and we all went to bed.

I enjoyed Mum's birthday.
Thank you, Gemma-Rose for sharing your post from Windy Island.
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  1. I was thinking of you yesterday and was hoping you would have a Blessed and Happy Day. May God continue to fill you with Joy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Love Leanne

  2. Happy Birthday Sue! Gemma-Rose recount of your birthday was beautifully written! You have a lovely family who obviously cherish you so much! You're very blessed!!

    Your birthday is April 30th? I will always remember that because it is also my son's birthday. We had his birthday celebration yesterday and my camera was not working... no pictures sad to say!

    Hope you have a wonderful Divine Mercy Sunday!

  3. Thank you Leanne for thinking of me and for your birthday wishes. They mean a lot, dear friend. God bless.

  4. It is so lovely to see you have visited my blog again, Victor. Thank you for your birthday greeting. It is appreciated!

    I left a comment on your blog the other day but then I couldn't remember which post I attached it to, or even if I sent it properly! Anyway, I just asked if your book "Visions" is available as an ebook. I am enjoying your posts. You have a wonderful sense of humour. God bless!

  5. Hi Noreen. Wow! Your son's birthday is the same as mine? Connections like that are always for a reason. Happy Birthday to your son!! How old is he? It is also my grandmother's birthday. She died a few years ago and a beautiful teenage friend of mine, who was also born on 30th April, decided she would become my birthday friend and remember my grandmother too each year. It's a great day for a birthday.

    I'm sorry your camera wasn't working. My camera batteries were flat so I didn't take any photos but my girls were snapping away with their cameras! God bless!

  6. Wow! Sounds like your family went all out to show you how special you are to them! I loved reading Gemma-Rose's take on your birthday :)

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Hi Mary! Yes, I felt so special.

    I love reading about things from my children's point of view. "The guests stayed for a very long time". It didn't seem that long to me. The night disappeared so quickly. And kids record little details that I overlook. "Mummy bought herself a nice pair of boots. We wrapped them up in newspaper". I am sure I shall treasure stories like this one in the future when I really am old.

    Is your daughter a writer, Mary? I wonder if she writes stories like Gemma-Rose. God bless!

  8. love the story. happy birthday

  9. Thank you, Kim! Claire's birthday must be any day now and your husband's and Patrick's... Did you decide on the party theme? Perhaps I am late and the party is over? Always good to hear from you. God bless!

  10. Hi Sue,

    Thanx for leaving a comment on my Blog. Unfortunately it did not post properly and I did not get it.

    However, to answer your question: My book "Visions" is not available as an EBook. It is published and printed in the USA and available from Amazon and other good booksellers. Links to Amazon on my Blog.

    I have also published two other books which ARE available in EBook format. You can get both of them FREE from my Blog - links on right hand side of Blog.

    "Golden Drops" is a collection of short stories about Father Ignatius, a Catholic priest.

    "Feline Catastrophes" is a humourous collection of short stories about life with my cat.

    I like humour because it is good for us. When we laugh we release dolphins within us which tickle us from the inside and make us feel better.

    God bless.

  11. Hi Victor, so kind of you to visit again and answer my question. I have downloaded "Golden Drops" - thank you! I will also read your cat book. We have three cats with magnificent and very individual personalities. I am sure I will enjoy your feline tales. I will have to order your "Visions" book. It usually takes a while for books to get from the US to here (Australia) but I will have to be patient!

    "When we laugh we release dolphins within us which tickle us from the inside and make us feel better." I love this. So true. God bless!

  12. Happy birthday! Thank you for visiting me at my blog!

  13. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, Colleen. And reading about your books. I'd love to read them. I'm discovering so many interesting Catholic books. Thank you for the birthday wishes! God bless!


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