A couple of weeks ago, our family attended a party, one of those wonderful affairs with all aged children and adults milling around, chatting and eating, laughing and playing.

At one point in the evening, Charlotte found herself next to one of the homeschooling fathers who very kindly engaged her in conversation.

Homeschooling Father: "What subject do you like best in school work and what is your least favourite."

Charlotte: "I love creative writing best. And.... well, I don't think there's anything I don't enjoy. I like it all."

Isn't this the sort of conversation that warms a homeschooling mother's heart?

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  1. Since we started unschooling, I think that our children would say something similar. In the past, though, they may have said, 'I don't do the things I don't enjoy.' We have a few stubborn scholars in this house!:)

  2. Once a friend asked me how homeschooling was going. I replied, "Great. We only do things we enjoy!" I've been musing on that. Do we just avoid the less pleasant things and indulge ourselves by learning only the good stuff? No. I think everyone has a great love of learning, and anything is a potential source of enjoyment.


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