“Mum, we’ve registered for NaNoWriMo,” says Charlotte.


“National Novel Writing Month,” explains Imogen. “We’re going to write a novel in 30 days… 50 000 words! You could join in too, Mum.”

I think about it. Could I spend November writing a novel? Do I want to write a novel? What would I write about?

I hear about a book by Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo. I download a copy of No Plot? No Problem! Soon Immy, Charlotte and I are absorbed in the book. I am thinking about the possibilities.  I am starting to feel excited. Yes! This could be fun.

My daughters visit the NaNoWriMo website and register.

“My user-name is Elizabeth Bennet,” announces Charlotte. “And Immy is going to be Jane Bennet.”

“I refuse to be Mrs Bennet,” I say quickly and we all smile.

I am still thinking about user-names. I'm having trouble coming up with the perfect one but I’m not worried. I still have nine days in which to register. Nine more days before November arrives. Nine more days before NaNoWriMo begins. Nine more days before I open my computer and type the first words of my 50 000 word novel.

And nine more days before I hang a notice above my blog saying: “Gone to write a novel!” I guess it could be quiet around here for a few weeks.

"Have you decided on your characters yet, Mum?" asks Charlotte.

"I'm going to write about five sisters," I reply. 

"What are the sisters going to do?"

I have no idea but that's not a problem. I'm setting out on a writing adventure where anything could happen; the possibilities are endless. Where will my five sisters be on the last day of November? I can't wait to find out!

Will you join me? Will you take up the challenge? Will you also have a novel written by the end of November?  

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  1. I've been finding NaNoWriMo all over the blogosphere lately and just before stopping in, I signed up. Not sure how this will work OR if I will really get a novel written. I have never really considered writing a novel!! BUT, the chance to do so is there!!! So, we'll see! I will be pondering a plot for the next 9 days or so!

    By the way, I found you from the UCyahoogroup and the most lovely, Ms. Suzie Andres... I am enjoying reading a bit here and there to see what is going on in Australia!! It is fun to see a life down under. Late here... off to bed! And good luck on your novel!! :)

  2. Hi Elm,

    Wow! You're going to write a novel too!!! We shall have to share stories at the end of November.

    I am a bit behind on the UC posts - about 600 or so posts behind! It's a wonderful group. So many beautiful women including Suzie. Suzie (as well as my daughters) has been encouraging me to register for NaNoWriMo. She is going to write a novel too! Seems like we are all going to have a fun November.

    Thank you for reading my stories. You'll find Suzie in a couple of them including "Andy Hit a Polar Bear".

    I hope you are inspired with some exciting novel ideas.

    God bless!

  3. This is great. Congratulations.

    I look forwards to reading your novel.

    God bless.

  4. I signed up for this quite a while ago - and now I'm wondering if it was a good idea! Will I have time? That's my main question. How to wedge it all in... I'd love to hear other's plans/thoughts on that.
    Have a great day,

  5. Hi Sue!
    I might particapate in it. I'm not sure. I know what I would do (letters to sisters) but I'm not sure if it would be a good idea. I have to prepare for m concert. anyway I could write a novel and just not publish it for the NaNoWriMo . . . theres's an Idea!
    well, it was nice seeing you and the girls at camp!!
    Lots of Love from Sara xox (Brid)

  6. Hi Victor,

    I wonder if my novel will be worth reading! I guess by the end of the month I should have a first draft. It might take more time to make something of it.

    God bless

  7. Lisa, now you are signed up you must give it a go! We can share the experience.

    Have you read "No Plot? No Problem?" In this book Chris Baty talks about ways of finding time to write. I can't quite remember but he might have said that we need to find 1 1/2 hours a day to in order to write 50 000 words in a month. I should find enough time if I don't spend much time blogging or browsing the Internet. I probably won't read any books that month either.

    Thank you for stopping and saying hello!

  8. Hi Sara,

    Yes, you could write a novel whether you sign up or not. I guess if we register we make a commitment and we are more likely to write the novel.

    Your idea sounds interesting. You will have to share your novel if you decide to go ahead and write it.

    Lovely to see you at camp too!

  9. You and your family do such fun things! I will have to mention it to my son and see if he's interested. When he was little, he would write little books and draw pictures for fun. That was sweet but somewhere along the way, writing became less of an interest for him.

  10. Noreen,

    It's great fun to do things as a family! The girls and I are all exchanging novel ideas and getting excited. I thought of a title while I was drifting off to sleep last night. Now I just have to think of a story to go with it! Perhaps you could try writing a novel too. Then you can stop saying you're not a writer (which I don't believe)!

    God bless.

  11. I sure wish I had the time to join you! Sounds like an adventure! My life has been way too hectic for my taste lately. I've been trying to meditate for 10-15 minutes a day to (calm my nerves) and to just be with Jesus. Even that has been challenging. I'm not going to give up though!
    I look forward to hearing about what you come up with! Best of luck on your novel!! (to your girls, too!)

  12. Dana,

    I've been thinking about a few things you've said on your blog recently, including taking time to pray when life gets so very busy. Such a necessary thing to do.

    We have been very busy too. My eldest daughter was married yesterday so the last few weeks were full of preparations. Today I am sitting here, with bags under my tired eyes, feeling exhausted. But everything went so well. Such a great day of joy.

    There hasn't been much time for writing recently or anything else other than The Wedding. But... 1st November is almost here. We are all really looking forward to spending time together writing our novels. I will let you know how we get on. Maybe next year you will join us!

    God bless.


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