I wrote the story Thomas' Chair for my grief blog, Stories of Grief, Love and Hope, however it isn't exclusively a grief story. It is also an Elvis family tale. I think if I hadn't said 'here ends this blog', I might also have posted it here.

Here is the beginning of my latest Thomas story:

We have a long pine table in our kitchen, and around that table there are ten matching chairs. On a normal evening, eight of those chairs are occupied. The other two chairs belong to Felicity and Thomas. Of course Felicity only sits on her chair when she comes home on holiday and Thomas has never sat in his chair because he never actually came home. He has never needed a chair.     Read more...
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  1. This is a lovely story. And I'm so glad you're posting here again. Thank you.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you, Victor!

    It is hard to say goodbye and make a complete break from blogging. I'm so glad you followed the link and shared my story.

    God bless.


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