Andy hasn’t been to the dentist for well over twenty years.

“Perhaps you should get your teeth checked while you’re on holiday,” I suggest.

“The dentist’s very nice,” encourages Sophie. “You'll get to wear the dark glasses…”

“And the chair goes up and down,” adds Gemma-Rose.

“Your teeth will be so clean and smooth when you come out,” says Imogen.

“And think how wonderful you’ll feel when you've conquered your fear,” I finish. I speak from experience. It wasn’t that long ago, I also lacked the courage to sit in the dentist’s chair.

Andy doesn’t look convinced but he knows he’s outnumbered. He’ll have to be brave and face the dentist. 

A few days later, one broken tooth is removed and one is filled and all of them are cleaned and polished. Andy feels like a new man. He comes home grinning. “Do you want to see my beautiful teeth?” he asks at least a dozen times before dinner. “My dentist said...”

Your dentist,” I protest. “He’s been our dentist longer than he’s been your dentist.”

Yes, Andy is a changed man who now has his own dentist and beautiful teeth.

“We might as well give you a complete overhaul while you’re off work,” I decide. “You need your eyes checked next. Your near-sight is going.”

“My near-sight? You make it sound like I’m going blind.”

“No, you’re just getting old. Anyway, you need to do something about it.”

So an appointment is made and Andy’s eyes are checked and yes, his near sight is deteriorating. We talk about the options. Of course, Andy could get multifocal lenses in his glasses or…

“You could get some contact lenses instead. You might look handsome without your glasses.”

Handsome? Andy looks thoughtful but then objects, “But do you remember how I kept losing my lenses last time I had some?”

“Those were hard lenses. These will be soft ones… They won’t fall out and they’re much more comfortable.”

So Andy is convinced and a trial pair of contact lenses is ordered. We return to the optometrist where Andy manages to insert them correctly. Having conquered this skill, he is allowed to take his new eyes home.

“This is so strange. Here I am driving along without my glasses,” he grins. Andy peers into the rear view mirror. “But who’s that ugly man? I don’t look like me at all.”

“You’ve got gorgeous eyes,” I soothe. “You look very handsome. Yes, I like your new look.”

On the way home, we stop to buy an inexpensive pair of reading glasses. “And you’ll need some sunglasses too. Just think: you’ll be able to wear sunnies again.”

It takes Andy a long time to decide which pair of wrap-around black sunglasses look the best but finally, he takes a pair to the check-out. After paying, he asks the helpful assistant to cut off all the tags so he can wear them home. He can’t wait to try out his new eyes in the sun. “This is great. I can see so clearly.” Andy is delighted.

So now Andy has beautiful teeth, gorgeous eyes and cool sunnies.

Andy will be teaching physical education to his class when he returns to school next week. Before Christmas I said, “You’d better get fit while you're on holiday so you can keep up with your students.”

Andy didn’t look too thrilled with the idea of exercise, but then he remembered the good-natured teasing he’d received at the hands of his fellow teachers, when he appeared in shorts last year. Could he surprise everyone and have the last laugh? So Andy agreed and he has been running with me and the girls every morning at 6 am. He has been endeavouring to turn his ‘chook legs’ into muscular legs. And he has succeeded.

“You’re looking so fit and in shape,” I say admiringly.

So Andy now has beautiful teeth, gorgeous eyes, cool sunnies and muscles.

“Men my age wear buzz cuts,” announces Andy one morning.

“A buzz cut? What’s a buzz cut? Isn’t that what you already have?”

“A buzz cut is a very short cut done with clippers but no guard.”

“But is it possible for your hair to be cut any shorter? You don’t have much of it.”

An hour later, Andy proves he has enough hair to give himself a buzz cut.

So now Andy has beautiful teeth, gorgeous eyes, cool sunnies, muscles and a trendy buzz cut.

Andy is looking in the mirror. He still can’t get used to his new appearance. He rubs his chin. “Perhaps I should have a real make-over…go the whole way… Perhaps I should shave off my beard.”

Now I am alarmed. No beard? He wouldn’t be my Andy without his beard.

“You can’t do that!” I protest.

Andy grins. “Just joking!”

So Andy has had a make-over, he’s a changed man. Well… not really. He may look a little different on the outside, but inside he is the same old Andy.

And that’s just the way I like it.

This post has the Andy-love-of-my-life seal of approval
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  1. I can understand the fear of dentists. I nearly got killed by a dentist once.

    I was driving down a narrow country lane and he drove straight at me on the wrong side of the road.

    Now I avoid dentists as best as I can.

    Best wishes to you all.

    God bless.

  2. Entertaining post, Sue! My husband has had a beard since he was 18 (can you believe it?) So if he said, "Honey, I think I'm going to shave my beard," I'm sure I would faint! And we also have never seen him in short hair (i.e. buzz cut). He's still got a full head of curly hair (now gray!) If he ever shaved his beard and hair, I'm sure no one would recognize him! BTW, Andy looks very handsome with his make-over! God bless, Sue!

  3. Hey Sue,

    I have a bi-focal contact in one eye and love it. Makes knitting and reading much easier. Here in the states they are about the same price-wise.

  4. Victor,

    What country were you in? Perhaps it was you who was driving down the wrong side of the road!

    Did you hear about the family cat that was taken from Britain to the US? On the first day it was allowed to go outside and roam free, it tried to cross the road. It looked the wrong way and soon was a happy cat no more. Sad story.

    God bless!

  5. Ellen,

    I think Andy would secretly love a full head of hair like James. His hair started falling out when he was in his twenties and I remember how anxious he was at first. Then he stopped worrying. He's a very accepting kind of person.

    It's funny how we get used to someone's appearance and how we don't want them to change. Husbands should never do anything too drastic without their wives approval! Though we'd still love them, regardless of their appearance, of course!!!

    God bless you.

  6. Hey I like the story about the cat. I wish I could put it in a cartoon.

    I have a few more cartoons to post soon.

    God bless.

  7. Beate,

    Bi-focal contact lenses? Wow! They sound wonderful. I will have to ask my optometrist about them. Yes, I can choose to see the person across the room or I can choose to read my book. I can't do both at once unless I peer over the top of my reading glasses!

    Thank you for stopping by and telling me about the lenses.

    God bless!

  8. Victor,

    The cat story was a true story apparently. All that money spent transporting and quarantining the animal and it went and got itself killed on its first day of freedom.

    I'm sure you could make a great cartoon using this story. I'm looking forward to seeing your other ones. Cartoons are a great way to get a message across.

    God bless!


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