When my eldest child was a toddler, I visited the local parish priest to find out more about the Catholic Faith: “I’m not saying I’m going to have our children baptised as Catholics. I just want to make an informed decision,” I told the priest. He took me in his stride and didn’t seem at all fazed by this overwrought, prickly, defensive, young mother. With a kind smile, he reached into his cupboard and then handed me an orange book called appropriately The Catholic Religion. I thanked him and then beat a hasty retreat with my prize: the book I hoped would tell me everything. I rushed home, impatient to begin reading. From the first page, I entered a new world, a world I never knew existed, a world that included God.

About the same time, a friend who was doing the RCIA course lent me a Catholic book. I can't remember the title but I remember devouring that book too. I wanted more, but I had no idea where to find the right books. All the religious books in our local bookstore looked a bit dubious with such titles as Why We Don’t Need God, The Great God Conspiracy...  I wanted to find God, not reject Him.

What I found was a friend. I found Helen who led me to the Church at a time when I was drifting further and further away. And she introduced me to the great treasures found in Catholic books. Helen had shelves overflowing with religious books and being so very generous, she encouraged me to take armfuls of them home to read. She could see I was starving... starving for spiritual reading. I read and read and read…

These days I am very fortunate to have my own Catholic library: books we all read again and again.

Colleen of Thoughts on Grace and Mary of The Beautiful Gate have both asked me to share my three favourite religious books. A good book is one that is read and re-read many times. These three books of mine, with their worn covers, certainly look well loved:

1.       I Believe in Love by Father Jean d’Elbee
2.       Abandonment to Divine Providence by Father J.P. de Caussade
3.       Treading the Winepress with Christ in His Passion by William Stephenson

Instead of telling you more about my favourite books (I am sure you have already heard of them), I’d like to share some books written by a few of my Catholic blogging author friends.  All those years ago, when I was hungering for Catholic books, I never imagined that one day I’d actually know and become friends with people writing excellent  Catholic books.

I have all but one of the following books in my library. Perhaps you'd like to read them too.

Books by Victor Moubarak
Time for Reflections
Feline Catastrophes
Golden Drops - The Wisdom of Father Ignatius
Golden Droplets

Victor's stories are delightful. Some are extremely funny, others are thought-provoking.

Visions is only available as a paperback book, but the others are all ebooks. Some are available as Kindle books. All Victor's ebooks are also available as free PDFs.  See Victor's blog Time for Reflections for details.

Books by Ellen Gable Hrkach
Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship

The first three books are page-turning, extremely enjoyable, Catholic fiction books. 
Ellen blogs at Plot, Line and Sinker

Books By Suzie Andres
Homeschooling with Gentleness: a Catholic Discovers Unschooling
A Little Way of Homeschooling: Thirteen Families Discover Catholic Unschooling

Suzie doesn't have a blog but there are a number of posts about her books here on this blog and on others.

Books by Dana Doyle

Dana's first book, God Messaging is a collection of inspiring stories of the Holy Spirit's promptings in her life, and how they have guided her spiritual journey.

A Cardinal's Chorus is a resource for parents, homeschoolers and anyone who is teaching the Catholic Faith to children.

Dana blogs at Catholic Working Mom

Books by Colleen Spiro
The Third Floor Window: a True Story of Secrets, Survival and Hope  
First Things First: a Personal Retreat Journal
Blueberry Muffins: Everyday Stories of God’s Love

The Third Floor Window is the story of Colleen's journey of healing from child sexual abuse

Colleen blogs at Thoughts on Grace

Please visit Colleen's blog Thoughts on Grace and Mary's blog The Beautiful Gate for more favourite religious books. 

And please share your own favourites!

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  1. Sue, It was so kind of you to mention my books in your post today! I know we're not supposed to treasure the things of earth, but one of my earthly treasures is my own library of Catholic Books. I'm always happy to loan them, as I don't think we're supposed to keep good reading to ourselves!! I really use my books though - I highlight, underline and mark pages. Do you do that?

    1. Dana,

      It was my pleasure to mention your books. I have all three. I am halfway through your latest one and will write a review when I am finished.

      A library of Catholic books is indeed a treasure! My friend shared all her books with me and really made a difference to my Faith. We need books! I buy books instead of other things such as clothes and music and food. No, that's not true! I do buy food!

      Usually I don't write in my books because I share them with other members of the family. But I sometimes write notes in exercise books - bits I especially want to remember.

      Thank you for sharing my post and I hope your books sell well!

  2. Sue, thank you so much for mentioning my books! You've got a great list here! One of my all-time favorite apologetic books is Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating (which I see in your photo). God bless you!

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Thank you for the link on Facebook!

      It is a real pleasure sharing your books here on my blog.

      I bought "Catholicism and Fundamentalism" a few years ago when my second son was investigating the Spanish Inquisition. I shall have to take it off the shelf and re-read it. That's the nice thing about having a personal library: being able to browse books and dip into some old favourites, any time I feel like it!

      God bless!

  3. Thank you so much Sue for mentioning my seven books on your Blog. As you say, all but "Visions" are available to download FREE from my Blog. "Visions" is available in paperback only from AMAZON and other booksellers - but not (yet) on Kindle.

    I am right now writing three other books at the same time. My brain sometimes hurts jumping from one script to another and ensuring I don't get all three mixed up. Hopefully they'll be available in early summer. I also hope to give them as FREE downloads (contracts allowing).

    God bless you Sue, and thank you once more.

    1. Victor,

      Your books are a real treasure, I am so pleased to hear you're working on three more.

      I'm working on a few projects at once too. Sometimes I think it would be much more efficient to finish one book before starting a new one. But not nearly so interesting!

      I am going to guess what your books are about: another Theodore volume? More Fr Ignatius? Another humorous collection of stories? Not having yet read "Visions", I don't know if a sequel is possible. Have you any ideas for another novel length story?

      God bless you

  4. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for sharing your favorite religious books with us. Out of the three you picked I've only read Abandonment to Divine Providence and I'm going to keep my eye out for the others you've mentioned here. We have a used bookstore in town and they have quite a large selection of Catholic books. I pop in there regularly because new books are constantly being donated. (The store has over 100,000 books - great fun for Michaela and I and cheap too!)

    Love the list of books from other bloggers too! I've read a lot of these but there are a few I haven't had a chance to read yet.

    Thanks, Sue!

    1. Mary,

      You MUST read "I Believe in Love"! Next time you are treating yourself to a Kindle book, consider this one. It's the best book I've ever read on St Therese of Lisieux's writings.

      You might find my third choice in your secondhand book store as I think it is OOP. I love used bookshops! Andy and I went to one on Saturday: we bought a few books and had coffee in the cafe. A great afternoon!

      Thank you for tagging me!

  5. Thanx for your kind words Sue.

    Sometimes I find stories get into my head and I can't type fast enough to put them on the computer.

    The three books do not include either Fr Ignatius or Theodore. Two are humour based. I find that humour makes me laugh because, as I may have said before, laughter releases dolphins within our bodies and they swim and tickle us from the inside and make us feel better. My doctor told me that dolphins within the body vibrate our chuckle muscles and that's why sometimes peoples' tummies jump up and down when they go Ho Ho Ho ... or Ha Ha Ha ... or some go Hi Hi Hi ... The actual sound doesn't matter as long as you vibrate from the inside.

    My third book is a standalone story, (not a series of short stories), and it is meant to be serious. I'm finding it difficult to write because the characters are not behaving as I want them too. There's plenty of re-writing right now.

    It's very difficult to write a sequel to Visions because of the plot in that story.

    God bless.

    1. Victor,

      I love your description of chuckling!

      I am so pleased to hear you're writing another full length novel. My characters never behave themselves either. They tend to take on a life of their own halfway through a novel. Then I have to go back and adjust the first half of the story to match in with how the characters turned out. The good thing about misbehaving characters is that they usually end up better than I expected and they do wonderful things I never imagined. Writing is an adventure. I start writing and ideas appear as I write. I love the way that happens!

      God bless!

  6. Children's Catholic books:
    Hi1da von Stockums Bantry Bay series and Mitchells Series...LOVE them!

    Great Teen/Adult books:

    The Shadow of His Wings

    Under Angel Wings

    Little Nellie of Holy God

    With God in Russia

    Surprised by Truth I, II & III (conversion stories)

    The Story of a Soul ( Saint Therese)

    1. Karla,

      I have read several of the books on your list. Of course, "The Story of a Soul' goes hand-in-hand with one of my own favourite books: "I Believe in Love".

      I will have to introduce my children to Hilda van Stockum's series.

      Thank you for sharing your favourite books!

    2. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do...I've been reading them aloud at lunchtime, a chapter or two a day. Even my Mom ( who, along with one of my brothers, lives with us) can hardly wait to hear what happens next. We are on the last of the Mitchell's books right now, "Friendly Gables."

      I will have to get a copy of "I Believe in Love." I have had several mothers recommend that title!

      Oh...a cute series of devotionals from Catholic Heritage Curricula are the "Devotional Stories for Little Folks."

      Of course we have loads of favorite fiction that are not Catholic...but that is for another blog-post!

    3. Karla,

      I love books that can be read out loud for everyone to enjoy together. We often sneak in extra chapters of our read aloud novel because we can't wait to see what happens next.

      You will just love "I Believe in Love". If you have a Kindle, there's an inexpensive e-version available.

      Perhaps you could write a blog post on your favourite fiction books. It would be great to share your recommendations.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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