The other day I was nominated for an award… a completely different award... an award that not only made me smile but laugh out loud… for a long time. It’s a new award going around, invented by a unique blogger with exceptional gifts… and I am one of the first people to receive it. Now isn’t that special?

But before I tell you more, I’d like to say…

It is always wonderful when someone leaves a message to say they have nominated my blog for a blog award. I think:

Someone is reading my posts!
Someone is enjoying my posts!

And I feel very encouraged and go off and write a whole new batch of stories with renewed enthusiasm.

But awards can be few and far between. What usually encourages me to keep blogging are comments. Blogging is one way affair until someone stops to say hello. As soon as someone leaves a comment, a post becomes a conversation. And that’s when the fun really begins. I love hearing from readers. I think all bloggers do. Regular commenters become friends. Ideas are shared. Opinions are swapped. Encouragement, joy, smiles and fun start flowing.

There was certainly a lot of joy, smiles and fun the other evening when I received a comment from Victor. He blogs at Time for Reflections. Before I tell you what the comment said, I should tell you about Victor. How shall I describe him? I will use his own words:

Victor Moubarak was born at an early age as a baby a long time ago in a far away northern land where men were strong and big and tough and women told them what to do.

He soon realized he was born into poverty when his mother carried him around in a supermarket plastic bag instead of a pram. 

Like many children Victor learnt a lot from his parents. They taught him at an early age the love for adventure. He used to come home from school and find that they had moved house. Undeterred Victor never knew the meaning of failure; he always had to look it up in the dictionary. 

As a young man he determined to do well in life and decided to get on the stage … the first one out of town. He joined a traveling theater and performed many times as the front end of a pantomime horse; but he decided to quit whilst he was ahead. 

In his life Victor has faced many ups and downs, especially when working as an elevator attendant in a Department Store. He was quick to learn however the usefulness of books and always carried with him a large volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica. It was particularly useful for standing on and reaching the top button in the elevator.

His hobbies include sitting down, writing and painting. He has written a few books to be found on his website and blog and he is currently busy painting an old chair and the garden gate and fence.

Yes, Victor is a very unique person and he has this wonderful sense of humour which he uses to spread smiles across the blogosphere.

Victor left me a comment to say he’d nominated me for a Lobster Award. I have been nominated for a few awards, but never a Lobster Award. I couldn’t wait to find out what I’d won. You really must visit Victor’s blog and read all about Lobster Awards for yourself. (You will smile.) I will just give you a taste:

This magnificent and rarely presented Award is only given to those tireless and hard-working Bloggers who, despite the many vicissitudes which life may throw in their way, despite the magnitude of the task ahead in their daily grind that is this vale of tears, despite every obstacle, every hardship, and every discouragements and temptations to just click and move on to another Blog; they still find time to visit your personal offering and to regularly leave a message there in the Comments Box.

An award not for a blog author, but for all those faithful readers who take the time to write a comment! What a fantastic idea.

It is not difficult to stop and comment on Victor’s posts. His stories are so delightful. He is a unique blogger. And Victor always replies to comments. And he always makes me smile. So for me, this award was easy to win. All I had to do was comment regularly and that's just what I enjoy doing.

I think my regular commenters have to work very hard, much harder than Victor's. I have quite a variety of stories on this blog and not all of them appeal to everyone. But that doesn’t stop my commenters. Even if they have never experienced grief or are not homeschooling or don’t have a family just like mine or all three, there are some commenters who will still stop and find something to add to the conversation. They don’t think, “This has nothing to do with me,” and pass on to another blog. No. They will take the time to find the right words to write a comment. It can't always be easy. Aren’t my commenters truly wonderful?

Now it is my turn to pass on this award to all my readers who regularly take the time to stop and comment on my posts.

Victor (Can I give you your own award back? You are such a faithful commenter yourself, you are sure to end up with a side-bar full of lobsters!)

The trouble with making lists is I am sure to forget someone. I am sorry if I leave anyone out by mistake. I appreciate everyone who stops to comment, not just the readers on this list. Everyone deserves a Lobster Award!

Please visit Victor's blog, Time for Reflections. Be sure to read about his books, and follow him so you don't miss any of his wonderful posts. Oh yes! Don't forget to leave him a comment!

A final message from Victor for all award winners:

Proudly copy the Lobster Award logo above on your Blogs and in turn feel inspired and encouraged to nominate others who visit and leave regular messages in your Comments Box.

The rules for nominations are simple:
1   Nominate someone who regularly visits your Blog and leaves a message in the Comments  Box.
2   Tell them about their nomination.

Thank you, Victor.

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  1. Thank you Sue for all the nice things you say about me. I feel humble and you make me blush.

    I like visiting your Blog because it is so varied and a great read. But, as you say, it is the two-way conversation between reader and writer that makes all the difference. Almost instant feedback as one might say.

    What I find heart-warming amongst my readers is that they so often find the time to be encouraging and supportive. Each one of them is precious to me and deserving of the Lobster Award and more besides ... my prayers too.

    Thank you again Sue, and I must confess ... I nearly didn't write anything at all today on your Blog ... Ehmmm ... eh ... (Whisper - someone put a lobster on my chair with dire consequences).

    God bless.

    1. Victor,

      I understand when you say, "What I find heart-warming amongst my readers is that they so often find the time to be encouraging and supportive." That's exactly what I find too. Just like you, I value my commenters very much.

      Thank you for all your support Victor, and your prayers too.

      Those lobsters must be multiplying at an alarming rate. Take care not to sit on any more!

      God bless you.

  2. I'm jealous LOL...but...alas, I do not comment enough to merit award :) I have had such a love/hate relationship with blogs since they came into existence. I LOVE them, the concept, the glimpses into others' lives, the learning...but....I just am NO good at keeping up with them, even my absolute favorites. I am trying to learn from Pam though :)

    1. Amanda,

      I'm sure we all have difficulty keeping up with all the wonderful blogs we like to read and support. There is just not enough time to do everything we want to. I understand that completely and when you do get time to stop and say hello, I appreciate it very much. I value every one of your comments. It has been wonderful making friends with you. You do merit an award! Please take a Lobster Award for your blog. I will visit and expect to see it in your side-bar.

      God bless you, Amanda and thank you so much for supporting my blog.

  3. Sue- What a very unique and special award. Thank you so much for honoring me with it! I will take a little time to think about it and then pass the award on as soon as I have my list of recipients all figured out.

    Thanks again and God Bless, Kari

    1. Kari,

      I appreciate you supporting my blog. It is always lovely to read your comments. I am so glad Victor invented an award that lets bloggers say thank you to their readers. Wasn't that a lovely idea of his?

      List of recipients? It's hard making a list. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I guess I'd like to give this award to anyone who has commented, regardless of how many times.

      God bless!

  4. Hi Sue,
    I love this award! I laughed so hard when I saw it the first time! God bless, Victor!

    Thanks for passing on the award to me. Don't be surprised if I send one to you too :) (That is, if I ever get off my lazy rump and start blogging!)

    The story about Victor is hilarious! God definitely gave him a double dose of humor!

    1. Mary,

      I laughed so much too. Victor certainly has a gift for spreading joy with his sense of humour.

      Mary, thank you for reading my posts and stopping so often to comment. I love seeing you here on my blog.

      You HAVE to start blogging again, Mary! We'd miss you very much if you didn't. I guess you are still setting into your new home, so no hurry!!

      God bless!

  5. THANK YOU! Sue. Best award ever. I am so honored you chose me. Now I have some thinking to do...

    1. Pam,

      Yes! It's a great award. I always love seeing you've visited my blog. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting so often. I really enjoy the conversations we share.

  6. Hi, Sue: Thanks again for awarding this to me, too.:) It is very special. I'm having trouble copying the image to my blog. Argh!! I don't know why, but I've tried a couple times, and now I think I need to move on. I have another post I've been thinking about so I'll probably just leave this one out.:( I'm sorry. Do you have any tips on getting that image on my blog post? I tried the URL and copying the image and neither of those things worked.

    1. Hi Grace,

      Try right clicking on the image and saving it to your computer. Then upload it as a picture into a gadget in your side-bar (or post). This worked for me. But sometimes Blogger doesn't work quite as expected! Don't worry about writing a post about the award. If you want to come back to it later, there's no time limit, otherwise move on!

      Thank you for supporting me and my blog. I always love exchanging comments with you.


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