“What shall we have for dinner tonight?” I ask the girls.

“Well… there are lots of potatoes. We could have shepherd’s pie,” suggests Imogen.

Gemma-Rose gets out her fabulous orange top-of-the-line potato peeler and starts peeling, and later we enjoy a delicious shepherd’s pie.

The next day I ask, “Any ideas for dinner, girls?”

“We could make a chicken curry and add plenty of sweet potato and potato,” suggests Sophie licking her lips.

Gemma-Rose again peels a mountain of potato with her trusty peeler, and we enjoy a spicy chicken and potato curry.

Of course, I ask the usual dinner question the next day.

“How about fish and mashed potato?”  This is one of Gemma-Rose’s favourite meals.

“Have we got enough potato?”

Charlotte checks the pantry. “Plenty!”

Plenty? Haven’t we eaten our whole supply yet? I shrug my shoulders and Gemma-Rose starts peeling.

A few days later we are still eating potatoes. I vaguely wonder if there is a never-ending supply. But I shrug my shoulders without thinking too much more about it, and peel and cook and enjoy. Eventually we eat so many potatoes I can’t help thinking about them. Why do we have so many potatoes when I can’t remember buying any? Are they multiplying as fast as we are eating them? I can’t work it out.

And suddenly the answer pops into my head. Why didn't I work it out sooner?

When Duncan arrives home from work, I ask, “Do you know anything about potatoes, a never-ending supply of potatoes?”

Duncan grins.  A huge smile lights up his whole face. “I wondered how long it would take you to mention the potatoes. I’ve been buying them from a road-side stall that I pass on the way to work.” He laughs with evident enjoyment.

Duncan is famous for his surprises. He likes to arrange special moments for the rest of the family, ones that will bring a smile to our faces or some joy to our day. He likes to use his amazing power.

It is the evening and the girls are wondering what to do. Duncan appears. “You could watch this… and eat these…” He hands the girls a DVD and a bag of chocolates he’s bought for them.

“Oh Duncan! You’re such a wonderful big brother!”

 I walk into the lounge. On the table is a vase of lilies. “How long have they been there?” I wonder. I catch sight of Callum. “Did you buy me flowers?” I ask.

I can see him thinking about it: Did I? I sometimes buy Mum flowers . Yes, perhaps I did. “Well… um… yes,” he starts to say.

“No you didn’t!"  Duncan appears in the doorway. His voice is indignant but he has a huge grin on his face. He’s the secret flower buyer. It’s another of Duncan’s Magical Moments.

Andy and I and the girls spend the afternoon at my parents’ house. We arrive home hungry and tired and no one feels like cooking dinner. On the kitchen bench is a note: “Dinner’s in the fridge. Help yourself. Love Duncan.” He has surprised us again.

Duncan is second in line, one of our adult children. Many people assume he is shy. But inside that quiet exterior is a surprising person. Duncan finished his arts degree last year and although he has been working a few casual jobs, he hasn’t yet found full time work. It isn’t easy, especially as we live in a small community away from the city.

Does God have something special in mind for him?

We keep praying and trusting…

We hope it will be something surprising. We hope Duncan, who spends so much time arranging magical moments for other people, will receive one of his own.

Does anyone else have young adults who are trying to find their place in the world? 
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  1. I do and I'm loving this new relationship we have:):)

    1. Erin,

      I have been reading about your beautiful daughter's adventures away from home. I am so glad that everything is going well for her. You must be a very proud and happy mother!

  2. Yes! I love being the other of young adult and teen sons!Working through things and hanging out!

    1. Leonie,

      Sometimes I can't quite believe I am the mother of such BIG fine young men! I can just imagine how much you love mothering your seven sons. It always sounds like you have such wonderful close times together.

      "Working through things and hanging out!" I like that! I do a lot of talking about life's ups and downs over coffee in the cafe. I love the words, "Do you want to go for a coffee, Mum? We need to catch up."

  3. Duncan is so lovely, Sue - no wonder you are proud of him:) and, yes, I do have children trying to find their way, in the world (as you know!). One thought she would never get a job and is now working two jobs, during her final year of uni. Another gave up a job to concentrate on full-time uni and is praying to be able to get another one, when she finishes, next year. And, another has been working, for nearly three years but is hoping to find a place at uni, next year. It takes a lot of faith to trust when you want them to fulfil their dreams, I think.

    Oh, and I agree with Erin and Leonie - being the mother of young men and women is priceless:)

    1. Vicky,

      Duncan has a lot of beautiful qualities hidden by his quiet exterior. I am hoping someone will discover his talents and give him a chance. Why wouldn't God look after all our children and help them fulfil whatever they are meant to do? I keep trusting this is true and praying...

      Your big people are doing so well. I'm one proud auntie!

  4. Wow!! I want a Duncan for my house too!! I don't suppose you have a spare Duncan? :)

    Amy has been out of work for 2 months. She is untidy, has borrowed money I didn't have twice, and this morning we found our dog Abby had chewed through her walking harness... not her fault... because Amy didn't want to take 2 seconds to take it off of her, and closed her up in the crate still wearing it. I can't scold her, as she is spending the day at the beach with her friends. I can't call on her cell, as she is unemployed and didn't make her bill.

    I repeat. I want a Duncan!! Duncan's sound just wonderful!! Are you willing to trade for an Amy? I will be sure she comes with clean laundry!

    Love Susan, who has a beastly headache from being frustrated...

    1. Susan,

      I am sure you would miss Amy very much if we did a trade! Though I would love to meet your daughter and get to know her. All our young people have their not so good times. I just can't tell you about mine because I have promised not to embarrass anyone on my blog!

      Perhaps some travel would do Duncan good. Maybe one day he will land on your doorstep. He can keep you supplied with potatoes and flowers while he's sampling your delicious cookies!

      Lovely to chat with you on my blog!

  5. Duncan sounds like a lovely young man Sue!

    1. Pam,

      Duncan is a surprise package! Thank you for your kind comment.

      God bless!

  6. I like hearing about Duncan. If he's ever in the middle of the United States he can certainly come and visit us!

    1. Amy,

      Thank you for your kind offer. Sometimes I think a trip away would be so good for Duncan. I am sure he'd be a helpful guest, good at housework, good at entertaining children (all that big brother experience!) If only it wasn't so expensive to travel...


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