I promised Gemma-Rose I would knit her a cardigan. I decided I had to knit quickly or write less so that I'd have it finished before the cold weather arrived. I don't seem to have written less so I must have knitted more quickly than normal. The cardigan has been knitted and sewn together and looks beautiful. At least Gemma-Rose thinks so. She loves her cardigan which makes her look like a bowl of strawberry ripple ice-cream.

But there is just one small problem...

But first, I promised Beate I'd post some photos:

I used this pattern book.

And this pattern.

I knitted the cardigan in Lincraft pink mix Cosy Wool which wasn't the recommended wool.

It has a zipper up the front.

And it matches several of Gemma-Rose's skirts perfectly.

But now onto that one small problem: the collar rolls over. Help! Does anyone know how to fix that? I suspect it will improve when the cardigan is washed. Do I need to do something called 'blocking'?

I am very surprised I completed this cardigan so quickly. Usually I am hopeless at finishing things. Could I be gaining a new reputation? Am I getting better at fulfilling little girl promises? Anything is possible!

I have bought some more wool and I am knitting another cardigan. Gemma-Rose is delighted.

This time it will be a multi-coloured cardigan: pink and brown for the front and back panels, beige for the sleeves and a green collar. (A rolling green collar, I suspect.)

So I managed to find time for both knitting and writing. But there is something else I need to find time for. Imogen and Charlotte are still waiting for me to finish reading Charles Dickens Bleak House. (They finished reading it months ago.) I think I may have solved that problem too. I discovered I can listen to audio books online. So...

I go to Librivox and search the catalogue for Bleak House, choose the right chapter... settle in my chair with my knitting and start listening...

"Girls, I will soon have Bleak House finished. We will soon be able to watch the BBC DVD mini-series you've been waiting to see since Christmas." Another promise almost fulfilled.

Now what else is on my to-do list? Do you also have trouble juggling everything you'd like to do?

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  1. What a beautiful cardigan! Gemma-Rose looks very pretty in it:-)

    I have lots of things on my to-do list - drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, soap-making, gardening... It's going to take a long time to get through it all. Maybe, I don't juggle so much as having long expectations - it'll all get done eventually:-D

    1. Vicky,

      Thank you!

      Some of the things on my to-do list can wait forever but some really need to be done soon or not at all... like knitting cardigans for the girls before they grow out of them. It won't be long before I no longer have little girls. I used to say, "If Sophie grows out of this before I finish it, I can always give it to Gemma-Rose." I was caught out last year when Gemma-Rose grew out of the spring cardigan I was knitting before it was finished. I have no more little girls to pass things on to.

      I agree though that some things can certainly wait. All the things I would like to do for myself. There will be plenty of time in the future. There are far more important things to do right at the moment.

  2. It's gorgeous! As for the rolling, I'd think it's because it's knit flat, I'll either rib something or use the pointenelle edge to keep it from rolling. In your pattern, they are using decorative stitches around the collar, right? I've never done that, so I don't know if it's the key to the laying flat. I'm bad about not blocking - it does keep the size right, but I don't think it would stop the rolling. Hopefully someone who does it, can help ;-)

    I did finish the purple socks, will have to take a pic - no time atm, I'm supposed to head out the door.

    1. Beate,

      Chatting to you about knitting is keeping my motivation up. No more unfinished pieces of knitting sitting abandoned in the basket. Thank you!

      I have knitted this pattern before and added the blanket stitching to the collar, and the collar still rolled up. But I used a different type of yarn. Perhaps I will try adding the stitching anyway and see what happens. I didn't at first think it was worth adding the extra detail as it won't really be seen but if it solves the rolling problem it will be worth it!

      I can't wait to see your purple socks! Don't forget to post the picture when you have a free moment.

  3. Really Lovely...I don't knit, but my daughter does. I would love to see her knit a cardigan! Keep up the great work! Funny, as your days get colder...ours get warmer...

    1. Karla,

      I noticed your daughter's beautiful knitting on her blog! Imogen wants to knit a cardigan or jumper. She is just a little bit apprehensive, wondering if she will have the staying power to finish it. Last year the girls knitted themselves vests using thick wool and a very simple pattern. They were finished in several days and the girls were so pleased with their efforts. It was very satisfying work.

      I wish our days were getting warmer like yours! I actually like spring and autumn best. It's beautiful at the moment with cool mornings and evenings and warmer days. The trees are looking spectacular in their autumn colours.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Sue,
    This cardigan is beautiful! And so is Gemma-Rose! I don't know how to knit and it just seems so complicated. Learning to knit has been on my "to do" list for years - goes to show how much I procrastinate.

    I have trouble juggling both the things I like to do and the things I don't like to do. I think there are too many things I WANT to do but not really enough time to do them. I did start my garden though, which was on my "to do" list, so that's something.

    1. Mary,

      You and Michaela will have to learn to knit together!

      Yes, there are a lot of things on my to-do list I'd rather not do either! Life is full of so many interesting things and experiences, there's just not time to do everything I'd like to. I am still trying to finish an online art course I started, there's sewing I want to do, mending I'd rather not do, ironing... and usually when a free moment comes all I do is the usual - write!

      Perhaps you can post some pictures of your garden on your blog. I loved seeing the one of your new house!

  5. Hi Sue - I typed a long answer this morning, but the computer ate it, so I'll try again ;-) The sweater is so beautiful and Gemma Rose looks lovely in it. As for the rolling collar, I'd think it's because it's knit flat. I will usually use ribbing or a pointenelle edge to keep that from happening. The picture looks like they use some decorative stitching along the sides, which may server the purpose of it lying flat. I'm not good about blocking - I just don't do it - so hopefully someone who does it will answer you. It doesn't seem that it would work on the curling, it just helps with retaining the proper size (I think.) My purple socks are finshed, maybe I'll get around to posting a pic. I want to start on a Moebius scarf, but need some other needles for the project....

    1. Beate,

      Maybe the computer didn't eat your comment after all! I was probably just slow at publishing it. You wrote it while I was sleeping. It's the start of our day here and usually I turn on the computer after we've been running and done the morning jobs. Anyway, I am pleased to get TWO comments from you. I am enjoying both of them.

      You will have to tell me what a Moebius scarf is. I've never heard of them.

      Thank you for returning and commenting again. Sometimes I get frustrated when my comments disappear and I wonder if I'll have the patience to start all over again.

    2. You're so kind! That was weird - I posted, it asked for me to sign in, I did, and then the comment thing reappeard, but was blank - there was no "Your comment will be posted..." Don't you just love cyberspace ;-) I once did that on an e-roup and my comment showed up several months later! Here's a link to the moebius cast-on, which really inspired me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVnTda7F2V4 and here is a pattern: http://catbordhi.com/patterns/cashmere-moebius-cowl-2/ I'll probably keep it simple though. I've some skeins of mohair someone had given me, not sure if it would work.

    3. Beate,

      Thank you for the links! I now know why 'moebius' sounded familiar. It's the mathematical moebius strip. What an unique idea for a scarf. I shall expect to see some finished photos! It sounds like you enjoy experimenting. I usually just follow a pattern, varying the wool or colours. I don't think I'm a good enough knitter to start modifying patterns!

      I wonder what happened when you tried to comment. Weird things seem to happen all the time. Anyway I ended up with THREE comments so, although you may have been frustrated, I am happy!

    4. Okay, time for confessions ;-) http://catholic-mommas.xanga.com/762183520/unfinished-projects/

    5. Beate,

      Thank you for confessing. I feel so much better now! I loved looking at all your projects.

  6. I don't know whether you've tried blocking at this point, but I block everything I knit, it just gives a more professional finish. If you blocked it with the collar pinned down it could do the trick. I do so love the cardigan though, and you're right, the colours are perfect for her.

    1. Kelly,

      Blocking... Yes, I suspected I should have done this. I am going to have to find out more. No idea how to do this! I'm rather a lazy knitter. I leave out all the complicated bits! Thank you so much for hopping over to this post to offer some suggestions. I appreciate it!


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