Did you read yesterday's post? I said, "Tomorrow The Team are off to the annual homeschool camp. Tomorrow afternoon there will be a sports carnival and we're hoping to compete... I will take my place with all the other daring mothers... I am going to fly towards that finish line... There is no way I am not going to finish tomorrow's race. The rest of The Team are expecting me to be spectacular.

I was full of excitement and confidence. I was going to be sensational.

Well... I have to confess... (can you see my red face?)... I didn't go flying over the finish line after all. I wasn't even slightly spectacular. I didn't actually start the race. I missed it altogether.

I was there at the playing fields before the carnival began. I assessed the course. I worked out the distance we had to run. I discussed running shoes with a fellow mother and assured her mine were close at hand. I was getting all excited and then... it rained. 

The rain fell so heavily we all abandoned the playing fields and headed inside to the recreation room. Well, most people made their way to the recreation room. I decided to go and get a cup of coffee. The rain looked like it would fall for hours. I was sure I'd have plenty of time to have a drink and a short chat and return to take my place with all the other mothers. But...

I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while. We had a lot of news to catch up on. We talked and talked and I became distracted. I forgot all about the race. 

"Mum, where were you? You missed the race. We couldn't find you anywhere."

"The rain stopped? The race went ahead?" I remember yesterday's words: "I must make sure I don't get distracted. I don't want to miss the race completely. If I'm going to fly over the finish line, I do actually have to be at the start line at the right time." Oops!

I am feeling rather disappointed with myself. How could I have missed the race? And then I think of something...

"Perhaps it's just as well I didn't run. I might have slipped on the wet grass and gone splat like last year."

"One of the mothers did slip over," says Sophie.

I am feeling better... I have avoided another splat. 

But then I think of Vicky, Pam, Mary and Elm who all stopped by to encourage me on. All those wonderful cheers and I didn't even start the race. I feel rather embarrassed. Then I remember something Mary said the other day: "God knocks me off my throne daily." 

I think I have just been knocked off my throne too.

Mary also said: "We all have our splat stories ;) What fun would there be in life without humor?" A spectacular run or a good laugh?

I laugh.

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  1. Too slow to reach the start line? Is there a prize for that rare achievement?

    Or, maybe, you could win a talkathon?

    Nevermind, Sue,we know you would have nailed it - if only you could stop talking just for a minute!

    Love you:)

    1. Vicky,

      Last year I didn't have my running shoes. This year I talked too much. Next year I will be spectacular! Unless of course something else goes wrong.

      Love you too.

  2. Oh, how the best laid plans of our OWN go astray! Such a funny post, Sue! I have to say that if it were raining I can't imagine joining the other runners... and sometimes getting caught up with old friends is so wonderful. I do hope that your girls were not too disappointed and I would think that reconnecting with an old friend may have just made her day. Perhaps your race was one of friendship instead of fast moving feet!

    1. Elm,

      You said, "sometimes getting caught up with old friends is so wonderful." You know, I was thinking the same thing. I had a really wonderful chat with a very special friend. I rarely have the opportunity to do this. Maybe that was more important than the race. Sometimes our own plans do get pushed aside for more important things.

      Thank you for your comment and making me feel better!

  3. Yes, we all have splat stories! Getting knocked off my throne happens rather frequently!

    1. Colleen,

      Mary's words are very wise. Don't you just love how she expressed it?Getting knocked off my throne! I am glad to hear I am in good company as far as splat stories goes. I guess it would be very lonely up there, all alone on my throne.

      God bless!

  4. Sue,
    The way you word things always makes me smile :) I'm sorry you missed the race, but the mental picture this painted had me laughing so hard!

    It occurred to me (as it seems to have crossed elm's mind too) that maybe you did the very thing you were supposed to do that day.

    Plus, a great sense of humor is a huge blessing and you have this in spades! God bless!

    1. Mary,

      I really don't mind any more about missing the race after reading your words and the other kind comments. I am sure my post wouldn't have been nearly so interesting if I had successfully run the race.

      I had it all worked out, didn't I? But yes, God took control again. I am also sure I was meant to have that particular conversation yesterday.

      A sense of humour? I have to laugh at myself. What else can you do when you fall off your throne? I know you use your sense of humour a lot too. It certainly helps. Can you imagine how God laughs at us?

      God bless!


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