Tomorrow The Team is off to the annual homeschool camp. Tomorrow afternoon there will be a sports carnival and we're hoping to compete.

We competed last year... I have some embarrassing memories. Imogen urged me to join the mothers' race: “Come on Mum. The race is about to begin. You are going to run, aren’t you?” Despite not being dressed for running, I took my place with all the other daring mothers on the starting line. The race began... I never saw the finish line. Somewhere in between, (maybe 5 metres out) my feet slipped from underneath me and I went flying towards the ground, hitting it in a magnificent and embarrassing splat. Of course it wasn't my fault. I blamed my very unsuitable not-designed-for-running boots.

This year I am going to be better prepared. I have packed my trusty running shoes.

Today, The Team and I had our last training session before the Big Race. On the way home from our early morning run, we talked race tactics. Now normally I would keep our tactics secret (we don't want to give the competition an unfair advantage) but I happen to know all the other race competitors are already at the camp. None of them will be reading my blog tonight. Everyone will be far too busy talking. They haven't seen each other in a long time. There's a whole year's worth of news to catch up on.

So onto our secret tactics:

"If you fall over, just get straight back up and keep going. If you're injured, don't look until you're safely over the finish line. Ignore any pain. We'll deal with it later."

"Tie your shoe laces very carefully in double bows. You don't want to lose a race just because you tripped on a shoe lace."

"Don't get boxed in by the other runners. It's better to start on the outside, get ahead and then move back inwards. Shoving might also work but it isn't allowed."

"Don't let anyone get too far ahead of you. If they are sprinters, keep wearing them down. Don't give them a chance to get a breather."

"If there's a cross country event, enter. The Team has stamina."

There is no way I am not going to finish tomorrow's race. The rest of The Team are expecting me to be spectacular.

I've just thought of something... I haven't seen some of my friends for a whole year. I have a lot of talking to do. There's a lot of news to catch up on...

I must make sure I don't get distracted. I don't want to miss the race completely. If I'm going to fly over the finish line, I do actually have to be at the start line at the right time. 

So tomorrow afternoon I will take my place with all the other daring mothers. I'll be wearing my running shoes tied in double bows. I hope to start from the outside position. I am going to look along the row of mothers and assess the competition. Then when the starter's gun goes off, I am going to fly towards that finish line. 

And this year I'm not going to go splat!

Last year's embarrassing moment can be found in my story, The Splat.


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  1. I can't see how you could lose - all that training and endless enthusiasm! Anyway, if all else fails, you can always fall back on those pointy, competitive elbows (hehe!).

    Good luck, Team Elvis!!! We're cheering you on, through cyberspace:)

  2. Good luck Sue!! Will be cheering from the states. And we need photos!

  3. Good luck, Sue! And remember, we all have our splat stories ;) What fun would there be in life without humor? St. Teresa of Avila fell in the mud and exclaimed to God, "If this is how you treat your friends no wonder you have so few!"

    I'll be cheering you on too! God bless!

  4. Cheering you on!! Good luck to all the ladies on Team Elvis!!! :-)

  5. Thank you everyone for your encouraging cheers. They were so appreciated. I just wish I could tell you I had a spectacular run. What happened? Please read the next post to find out what happened.

    God bless you all!

  6. I just read this and the post from the next day!!! What a funny one you are!

    1. Amy,

      I had to laugh at myself as I couldn't exactly boast of my achievement. I have been thinking that if I'd run a spectacular race I might have been insufferably pleased with myself. That might not have made such a good blog story!

      I am glad you thought the posts were funny. Thank you for sharing them!


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