Ever since the photo editing website Picnik closed, I have been experimenting with different methods of making collage blog headers.

I made the header on this blog using the downloadable programs Picasa 3 and Paint.net. I followed Elisa's entertaining and helpful instructions on her blog Elisa LovesI had some difficulty fitting my photos into the Picasa template just as I liked. It was a bit frustrating. I couldn’t adjust the photos within their cells and so heads threatened to be cut off. But eventually I managed to find an arrangement I was satisfied with.

When it came to adding the words, I just couldn’t get the text function to work, (somehow I think Elisa is much better at this kind of thing than me!) so I saved my collage to my computer and then uploaded it again into the BeFunky photo editing site. In a matter of minutes, I'd added the text and my collage was finished ready to put on my blog. 

I made the header for my blog The Elvis Homeschool Journal in a similar way.

Then the other day, after making some Facebook covers at PicMonkey, I wondered if I could use the same website to make a blog header.

I went to the collage section of PicMonkey and chose a three row Jigsaw template: the top and bottom rows were for the text; I divided the middle one into more cells for my photos.

This is what I ended up with. (The white top and bottom rows are difficult to see but they are there, ready for the text.) I saved the collage without words to my computer.

Then I uploaded the collage to the PicMonkey photo editing section and added the text and voila! I ended up with an easy, quick, effective blog header made using only one website!

But… The choice of text fonts on PicMonkey is limited and I rather like the fonts over at the BeFunky site so…

I uploaded my wordless collage from my computer to BeFunky and added the text there, to give me a second version.

I haven't given step-by-step instructions but it's easy to work out. Making a blog header is just like making a spectacular Facebook cover photo, with words added in a second step. If you have problems I am happy to help. 

One last tip: don't forget to make your collage the right size for your blog. My collage is 1130 pixels wide and 430 pixels deep.

Now that I have shared my excitement over PicMonkey, I can get back to writing some proper blog stories!

And if you haven't read my latest post on The Elvis Homeschool Journal blog, please visit.

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  1. It looks great! Did it take long to work out? I wonder if it takes patience to get it right? (yes, I'm lazy!)

    1. Vicky,

      I took me a little time to work out to insert extra cells into the template but I eventually got there! It was just a case of trial and error. Once I knew what I was doing, I made the header in a matter of minutes. The most time consuming bit was locating suitable photos on my computer.

      If you have any trouble, email me!

  2. Love pikmonkey myself, so are they letting us do blog collage now?

    1. Erin,

      Yes, Picmonkey is great! I remember when Picnik first closed, Picmonkey had a notice on their site saying, "collage coming soon!" I went back and had a look the other day and it had arrived!

      I wonder if eventually the site will have some free basic features and offer premium accounts for access to all the more advanced features. At the moment, it isn't possible to store photos in an account. I had to keep uploading and downloading and I couldn't come back at a later time and access the photos I'd previously uploaded. I hope you understand all that! I can't seem to explain anything without making it sound complicated!

  3. Hi Sue,

    My technologically challenged brain went through your steps and Elisa's and I'm unable to do it. Ugh!

    1. Noreen,

      How far did you get? I am sure we can work out the problem between us! You'll soon have a collage header and be smiling!


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