Three years ago, I bought this book...

 Softies: 22 friends for you to sew, knit and crochet.

I especially liked this guardian angel designed by Sandra Monat.

I searched for fabric and felt and embroidery threads and soon I'd made this angel,

with sleepy eyes and a green nose.

I gave the angel to Sophie and she was delighted with her new friend.

Encouraged by my success, I decided to make a second angel from a piece of floral tapestry fabric,

with sleepy eyes and a red nose,

white hands and green feet. I was confident I'd soon have two beautiful complete angel dolls. But...

... somehow the orange wings never got sewn on. For three years, this soft guardian angel has sat waiting in my sewing basket until...

... today. I took the doll and the wings, a needle and thread, and in just a few minutes, the angel was complete.

I gave it to Gemma-Rose who was delighted with her new angel friend.

Two guardian angel dolls: Francesca and Madeleine.

Two happy girls: Gemma-Rose and Sophie.

Now I am wondering... Why didn't I sew on those wings three years ago? Surely I must be the slowest finisher-of-projects ever.

Perhaps you'd like to sew your own guardian angel doll using Softies: 22 friends for you to sew, knit and crochet.

Sandra Monat has her own blog Herzensart

and a shop where she sells her unique creations,

or you might like to buy an e-version of her pattern for a little guardian angel doll.

I bet it won't take you three years to make your own guardian angel friend.


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  1. I love these, Sue! I wonder if we could make them bigger and use them as cushions? They'd be lovely to snuggle up to.

    I have projects that seem to stall at the last stage, too - like a cardigan that's been waiting 6 weeks for the neck ribbing to finish it all off. I guess you did a lot of different projects in that time. You have a lot of interests and hobbies.

    Perhaps the girls could make their own guardian angels. Were they easy enough to do?

    Thank you for sharing the idea :-)

    God bless, Sue :-)

    1. Vicky,

      It would be easy to enlarge the patterns and make cushions. A great idea!

      Quite often it's the small but fiddly things (like neck edgings)that are our downfall when making things. I am well on the way to finishing the knitting part of Gemma-Rose's next cardigan. It's the sewing together bit I am not looking forward to. I hope the pieces don't sit in the basket too long before I make the decision to face them and sew everything together!

      I guess I should have a rule: finish one thing before starting another but I see some other project which I can't wait to make...

      I don't see why the girls couldn't make their own angels. As long as they can manipulate the sewing machine around the curves, there shouldn't be a problem.

      Now the colder weather is here, perhaps you'll suddenly feel like finishing that cardigan!

  2. Aren't they lovely those angels?

    Years ago my mother-in-law knitted a doll of me ... it was filled with bits of wool and/or cloth and looked quite life-like. She'd been knitting other dolls for Christmas presents for the family. There was a Father Christmas doll, a dog doll and ... for some reason or other, a doll that was me. I wonder where that knitted Vic is. Must look for it around the house. No doubt it's kept somewhere for safe-keeping.

    God bless.

    1. Victor,

      A knitted Victor? I'd love to see your doll! I wonder if you will find it.

      Imogen and Charlotte love knitting dolls. They have pattern books full of designs. When my daughter Felicity was married last year, the girls knitted a whole wedding party of dolls as their gift. Imogen wrote a blog post about it. I wonder if I can steal it and post it here. I shall ask her!

      God bless!


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