The other day Victor left this comment on my post Guardian Angel Friends:

Years ago my mother-in-law knitted a doll of me ... it was filled with bits of wool and/or cloth and looked quite life-like. She'd been knitting other dolls for Christmas presents for the family. There was a Father Christmas doll, a dog doll and ... for some reason or other, a doll that was me. I wonder where that knitted Vic is. Must look for it around the house. No doubt it's kept somewhere for safe-keeping.

Victor's words reminded me of a knitted dolls story written by Imogen. Last year, Imogen and Charlotte wanted a perfect gift to give to their big sister Felicity when she married her beloved, Graham. They decided to make something very special... Please share my daughter's post...

Charlotte and I debated over what wedding present to give for a long time. Nothing normal would do for us. This was our first wedding in the family. The present had to be special to match, which meant that we'd have to make it ourselves.

Out came the knitting books, the needles, the wool. We consulted patterns, surreptiously bought new wool and beads, and knitted like mad. No one else knew of our project. We never spoke of it. But every spare moment, we'd grab our needles and knit, knit, knit.

As the deadline drew closer and closer, I started to panic. Still so much to do. How would we ever finish in time? But we wouldn't give up. Not after so many weeks of solid knitting. We battled on.

Mum came into the secret only a couple of days before the wedding. She contributed a gold box and a reel of gold ribbon. But the present wasn't done yet! I went into overdrive, knitting faster than ever, finishing the final piece on the way to the wedding practice the day before the big event.

Wedding morning dawned, and Charlotte sewed the last pieces together. We put the present in the box, and wrapped it in gold ribbon. Done! And only just in time.

It wasn't until the reception that we actually gave the present. Felicity took our large gold box and attempted to undo the ribbon. Then she handed it to Graham to undo the ribbon. Uh oh, I'd done it up too tight. Stepping forwards I released the tight knot and stepped back again.

Felicity lifted off the lid, moved aside the tissue paper and...

"Oh they're lovely." She lifted out, piece by piece, a woollen replica of the wedding party. The professional photographer snapped photo after photo. Everyone oohed and aahed as they identified themselves.

Next time there's a wedding, I want to make another special present. But the things I've learnt from this? Always start months ahead, and never give up.

Please share more of Imogen's stories on her blog Dancing with Dragonflies

Imogen and Charotte used a Jean Greenhowe pattern

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  1. How absolutely lovely they are Imogen and Charlotte! Your sister must treasure them since it's obvious what time, attention to detail and love went into making them. I wish I knew how to make them!

    1. We thought up lots of ways to make the basic doll look more like the person they represent. I can't take any credit for Graham's beard. That was all Charlotte's work.

      If you ever get the Jean Greenhowe pattern, you'll find that they're really easy to make. I'm not particularly good at knitting, but I was able to knit the fairly easily.

    2. Thank you. Felicity certainly was surprised when we gave them to her at the reception. When she opened the box she never expected to see a knitted version of the wedding party. Imogen and I were working on them right up till the moment Felicity and the bridesmaids arrived at our house on the morning of the wedding.

  2. Those are totally adorable! A lovely gift to be treasured - and all the memories to go along with it :-) I think we might try the party snack patterns....

    1. Beate,

      You should have seen Felicity's face when she lifted the lid and saw the dolls. She was so surprised and delighted. Home-made personal gifts are always treasured more than shop bought ones. I guess it is because so much love, effort and thought goes into making them.

      Party snack patterns? Are these Jean Greenhowe designs?

  3. Replies
    1. Priest's wife,

      It is so lovely to see you again on my blog. Thank you for stopping and saying hello.

      The dolls are sweet. I agree! I hope they will be a lovely reminder to my daughter of her wedding day. I see your wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of the month. I hope you have a very happy day remembering your own special day.

      God bless!


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