Callum is telling me about his work schedule for the coming week.

“I only have a short day on Monday because of the public holiday.”

“Public holiday? What are we celebrating?”

“The Queen’s birthday.”

“It doesn’t seem that long ago since the last Queen’s birthday holiday. Do you remember? The girls insisted on making a cake to celebrate. But that morning, I discovered I’d gained 2 kilos in weight.  I needed a good excuse not to eat any of that absolutely delicious looking cream sponge birthday cake with strawberries… so I decided to become a republican.”


“Yes, everyone knows a republican would never celebrate the Queen’s birthday. A republican would refuse to eat even one crumb of a Queen’s birthday cake," I explain. Then I add, "I wrote about it in the blog post, "Why I'm Not Celebrating the Queen's Birthday."

“Why don’t you write another Queen’s birthday story,” suggests Callum. “You can tell everyone how you lost that extra two kilos.”

A sheepish look appears on my face. “Well, actually… I never did lose that two kilos. I started exercising and somehow I gained weight.”

“Muscle!” Callum consoles me. “Muscle weighs more than fat. You’ve become more muscular.”

I like this explanation. I like it very much. It means I no longer have to be a republican. I can be a royalist instead.

A royalist? Well, I don’t actually spend much time thinking of the Queen and following the latest news of her extended family… but I do like cake. And I know two girls who are planning to make another delicious ooey-gooey Queen’s birthday cake to celebrate the public holiday. This year I want to eat a huge slice. And if that means becoming a royalist, I am willing to become one.

I am thinking about all the muscles I have gained since I became a runner. A sheepish look appears once again on my face. I remember a fat legged mother story. Shall I tell it to you? Maybe next time…

I hope you are enjoying the Queen's birthday holiday!


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  1. Thank you Sue.

    Not only do you whet my appetite for chocolate cake ... but you also keep me guessing about the fat legged mother!

    Thank you.

    God bless.

  2. Victor,

    The Queen would enjoy her chocolate birthday cake I'm sure. Unfortunately she's not here but we are, so we will have to eat it without her. The cake is waiting in the kitchen and looks delicious!

    Does everyone in the UK celebrate the Queen's birthday today too? And are you having a cake in her honour?

    The fat legged mother story? Oh yes, that won't make me look very intelligent but it did give me a good laugh!

    God bless!

  3. We celebrate the Queen's Birthday and last weekend we celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

    No ... I don't have a chocolate cake. We'll buy one today.

    So ... about the fat legged mother?

    God bless and keep smiling.

    1. Victor,

      I'm not telling you about the fat legged mother. You'll have to come back and read the post!

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying your cake, again, Sue:-) And, I've heard muscle is heavier than fat, too - though, I'm itching to hear the fat-legged story! Don't leave us in suspense:-D

    God bless:-)

    PS. Somehow, I can't imagine you as a Royalist - unless the Queen you're talking about is Our Lady...

    1. Vicky,

      Oh dear! Now you are anticipating a very interesting fat legged mother story and it probably won't be that exciting at all! It is sure to be a big let down.

      No, I am not a Royal watcher. However I do believe that our system of government would suffer if Australia became a republic, but that is getting into politics and I'm not comfortable writing about such things. No political debates!

      Yes, Our Lady Queen of Heaven...I'm a royalist after all!

  5. As usual! So very read about your running causing you to gain weight. Sigh. What is wrong with our bodies that they do that? Some Catholic bloggers have been saying lately that Queen Elizabeth is the Christian leader of England, perhaps by default, but even so.

    Like many Americans, I am avidly interested in the royals across the pond. However, I'm not so well organized that I would bake a cake for her anniversary.

    1. Amy,

      I was thinking about you yesterday and then today I see your comment! Thank you for stopping by to say hello.

      It's just as well I didn't take up running to lose weight! Actually I feel good now that I'm running. I like feeling strong and having some stamina. Pity about those two kilos though.

      We only have a cake on the Queen's birthday because my girls like baking them. They would celebrate any occasion if it meant we can have a cake. I don't mind. I love cake too.

  6. I need to start running. I think it is the starting that has me boggled. Sigh.

    1. Amy Caroline,

      I started running on Christmas day 2011. I hardly made one length of the playing fields and when I returned home I collapsed. Yes, it was hard work! I was going to give up before I'd even really started but my girls encouraged me on. Now I look forward to running with my children. We are a team! I wrote some blog posts about running. Three of the running posts are "That I-Can-Run-Forever Feeling", "Part of the Team" and "Part of the Pack". I will put the links in the side-bar just in case you'd like to share them!

      Amy, if I can run so can you. I suspect you are much younger than me. It's just getting through the first month or so until you can see some progress. I hope you take up the challenge and we can share more running stories!

  7. Good for you Sue! I can't imagine running - bad knees. But would like to start walking regularly again..

    1. Beate,

      I'm sorry to hear about your knees. I often imagine what it would be like to have an injury that prevents me from running. I am very fortunate in my health. Trying to keep flexible and supple even in my old age! Perhaps you can walk with your children. That's always fun!


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