A week or so ago, Sararose, a teenage friend of mine, left this comment on my blog: “Hi Sue! I have tagged you on my blog - please do it!” I hopped over to Sararose’s blog and found out she’d kindly passed on a Versatile Blogger Award to me.

- please do it!” How can I resist?? So here I am accepting the award with gratitude. Thank you, Sararose. I feel honoured you read my blog and think it worthy of an award.

In order to accept this award I have to tell everyone 7 random facts about myself. Is there anything I haven’t yet revealed? I seem to do an awful lot of talking about myself while writing my blog posts.

I have been sitting here thinking and thinking… and this is what I’ve come up with:

1.       When I was a child I dreamed of having a maid. I used to watch The Brady Bunch and I thought it would be rather nice to have an Alice of my own to look after my house. We were talking about this the other night. Looking back, I can’t understand why Mrs Brady needed a maid: She didn’t have any little children, she didn’t work outside the home and she wasn’t even homeschooling. I am trying to remember what she did with her days. Anyway, I never got an Alice of my own but I have got lots of very helpful children, which is even better.

2.       Would you have guessed  I am a fussy hair person? Every morning I wash and blow dry my hair until every strand is in place. If it rains, I panic. I hate that wet-hair-clinging-to-my-head feeling. I don’t enjoy swimming much, partly because I'm not a strong swimmer, but mainly because it involves getting wet. When we go away on holiday, I'd rather stay in a motel than camp out, because tents don’t have an outlet for my hairdryer. Actually I’m trying to be more relaxed about my hair. Sometimes when I’m feeling especially adventurous and want my children to think I am a fun mum, I suggest a walk in the rain.

3.       After I left school, I lived in Wales for three years. I completed a science degree at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Aberystwyth is a small seaside town on the west coast of Wales. During my first year there, I lived in a university hall opposite the sea. The hall was huge and old with a maze of rooms. One room was boarded up and never used because it was said to be haunted by a ghost. On wild nights the sea water would sweep in huge waves up over the promenade and pound against the hall’s shuttered windows.

4.       I'm not a hot weather person. The heat makes me feel heavy-headed and lethargic. When I was a child I lived in Brisbane where the summers were very hot and humid, and the winters were never really cold. I didn’t seem to notice the heat in those days. I ran around in the sun and collected so many freckles on my fair skin that I was teased: “One day you’ll turn into one huge freckle.” I try and avoid the sun these days and so my freckles have faded. Did you know that the Welsh word for ‘freckles’ can be translated as ‘sun kisses’. Isn’t that beautiful? My face was kissed by the sun. So much nicer than having a freckled face.

5.       I’m not a cold weather person either. The coldest winter I can remember occured when I was living in Wales. The snow was falling heavily as I travelled by train back to Aberystwyth, after the Christmas holidays. That was the last train that made it into the town for the next few days. Snow piled up on the train tracks. It also piled up in the streets. The snow ploughs scooped it all up and deposited it in huge piles on the beach creating an eerie scene. The temperatures fell so low the salt water in the harbour froze. With no train and boat access, fresh supplies of food couldn’t be transported into town. I had a coin-operated electricity meter in my room, which needed feeding with 50p coins, if I wanted to use my little 2 bar heater. Most times I wore three jumpers and sat under my feather quilt in order to stay warm.

6.       Years ago I used to be a breastfeeding counsellor. I went to meetings, counselled mothers, rose through the ranks and ended up training other counsellors. I felt important. I felt needed. It was a hard decision to resign, when I realised I didn’t have enough spare time to continue, after our fifth child was born. But after a day or two of being 'only' a homeschooling mother, I forgot all about counselling. I was too busy with my children. I still felt important. I still felt needed. But I also felt loved. There’s no better job than being a mother.

7.       My favourite place in all the world is my bed. Now it’s not a very comfortable bed. It has a hard mattress which we never seem to get around to replacing. My pillow is hard as well. But every night when I climb under my quilt, I think how fortunate I am to have a warm place to close my eyes and rest, and recover from the busyness of the day. Wouldn’t it be sad to be homeless, out on the streets with only a cardboard box for a bed? I thank God and drift off to sleep knowing I am safe. And once I have posted this, that's where I'm heading: off to my bed.

So what do you think, Sararose? Will my seven random facts do? I hope so! Here is my award:

Before I finish, here's an extra fact:

That's me in the photo. A beach ball manufacturer saw that photo and wanted to use it in an advertising campaign. My grandmother said, "You can use it but that's not one of your balls." Sadly the manufacturer lost interest in my photo. Me and my ball weren't made into a poster. I didn't become 'the beach ball girl' and I never became famous. 

Please visit Sararose's blog, This is ME Speaking.

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  1. It's so good of you to join this tag and tell us about yourself. You forgot to say that you're a nice person though.

    Perhaps someone should invent a new Meme/Tag where others tell seven facts about the person tagged!

    God bless.

    1. Victor,

      I don't really know if '7 facts about me' makes a very interesting post but it is kind of you to read it! I'm sure I am like everyone: a mixture of good and bad. It is always easier to emphasise the good when writing. We tend only to reveal what we want others to know about us.

      What would we all say about you, Victor if we had to come up with 7 facts? I wonder if we'd say the same things such as you being a good writer, funny, likes hats with feathers, weird dress sense, accident prone, generous, kind... There's 7 facts!

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. I loved your facts, Sue! It brought back memories and some things I didn't know. Do you remember when I came to stay with you at Aberystwyth in the school holidays? I remember how you wanted an Alice! Now, 7 facts that I can confirm about you? Funny, honest, modest, generous, thoughtful, kind and loving - that was easy! Could have done more! xxx

    1. Vicky,

      I wonder which of these facts you didn't know. I do remember you coming to stay at Aberystwyth. I really wanted to show my little sister my new home and town. Do you remember if you enjoyed the weekend?

      Your seven facts about me are so full of love and have made me feel very special. I now have lots to live up to. I love having you for my sister. Thank you! Love you!

  3. Ok, love sun kisses! That makes me feel so much more attarctive, lol. And I am NOT a hot weather person either. I absolutely melt. I become pathetic, cranky, and plain miserable. I llike the idea of summer, but when it arrives I tend to hide in my house next to the air conditioner vent so I don't scare my family with swollen feet and a very gumpy attitude.
    I try to explain to my Portuguese husband that my ancestors were from northern Europe and he must be patient with me when the thermometer starts to climb. lol

    1. Amy Caroline,

      You have sun kisses too? Then I'm sure you are very beautiful.

      Yes, I also like the idea of summer, after experiencing the cold of winter. The first few warm days are so lovely. We can get outside and the flowers start to bloom... and then all too soon, it gets HOT! Luckily we usually only have a couple of weeks of unbearably hot weather each summer. I try and stay home with the blinds closed and wait it out. Last summer though, the hot weather didn't arrive. We didn't use our a/c even once. It was a great summer!

      Isn't it funny how the weather really affects our mood? Do you live somewhere where the summers are long and hot?

      Thank you for sharing, Amy Caroline. At this very moment we are sitting in front of the heater trying to stay warm but my thoughts are with you in summer!

  4. Hi Sue,
    Great post! I loved reading those little insights into you and your life.

    Oh, and about Alice. Alice was Mr Brady's housekeeper long before he met and married the new Mrs Brady. She kept house and looked after his boys while he worked. She was such a "member of the family" that there was no question of letting her go when he remarried...so, now you know why there was an Alice! :0)

    1. Karla,

      I suppose posts like this one help us to get to know each other a bit better. Perhaps you can do a random fact post too!

      Thank you so much for reminding me about Alice. I remember now! It all makes sense. I still wonder what Mrs Brady did all day...

      God bless!

  5. I love the picture, Sue! The seven facts, too. I enjoyed reading about the "sun kisses". My daughter has a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks (especially during the summer) and I love them!

    I agree with you when it comes to weather - I don't like too hot or too cold... I like just right. (yeah, just like baby bear :)

    1. Mary,

      Gemma-Rose has such fair skin with just a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. Like you, I love sun kisses on my little girl!

      Isn't it strange how rare 'just right' is?

      Thank you for sharing my facts.

      God bless!


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