The students at my husband Andy's school are rehearsing for the mid-year concert. Someone says, “The teachers should do an act too. Let’s meet after school and talk about it.”

Andy is busy with an after-school sports session, so he misses the meeting. The next day, the other teachers can’t wait to tell him about the plan...

“Andy, you’re just going to love the idea we came up with.” Mrs W stops to stifle a giggle. “We thought we could have…. “ She giggles again. “… Andy Elvis singing Elvis!” She collapses into a fit of laughter but manages a few last words: “What do you think?”

 Andy Elvis singing Elvis? Andy doesn't hesitate. "OK," he says.

“OK? What?… you mean you’ll do it?”


So Andy comes home and announces the news to us. “I'm going to wear an Elvis costume and I’ll sing Blue Suede Shoes. The other teachers will dance in the background wearing brightly coloured swirling skirts. I’ll have my very own backing group.”

"Wow! You'll be a superstar, Dad!"

Andy searches the Internet for a backing track to Blue Suede Shoes, and before very long, he has the words memorised. He treats us to a preview and we are suitably impressed.

Then one day at school...

Andy announces, “I’ve been practising singing the Elvis song."

“Singing? You’re going to sing. We only expected you to mime along with a recording…” The other teachers are surprised.

Andy looks scornful. “Mime? No. If I going to be Elvis, I’m going to do it properly. I‘m going to sing.”

“You can sing?”


“Can you sing a verse for us?”

“What? Here? Now?”

So Andy stands in the doorway of the classroom, grabs his imaginary microphone, curls his lip and opens his mouth: “One for the money, two for the show…” Everyone’s mouths drop open in astonishment.

“You can sing!” Of course, he can.

“You sound like Elvis.” Of course, he does.

Andy grins. He has amazed everyone.

A few days later, Andy drives to the hire shop to pick up his costume. He is given a voluminous sapphire-blue shirt, studded with fake jewels. It has a zippered opening. Will it cover your chest? There are huge matching blue flared trousers. Will they stay up? He has a wide leather belt, dripping with chains. It looks like you won’t need the belt extension! There is a chunky gold chain to wear around his neck, and massive dark sunglasses to hide behind. No one will even know it's you.  Finally, a black wig complete with side burns. You'll have hair for the first time in years! All Andy needs is a pair of blue suede shoes.

The shop assistant looks at her paperwork. “We have your name down as Andy but we need your surname too.”

“It’s Elvis.”

“Elvis? No. We need your real surname.”

“My real surname is Elvis.”

“Really? No!” The woman raises her eyebrows in disbelief. “ I’m afraid I’ll need to see your driver’s licence.” Andy hands it over. The shop assistant glances at it and then cries, “Wow! You are Elvis! I am soooo excited. Wait till I tell my daughter we had Elvis in the store today! Wow! This will make a good story. She’ll never believe me!”

Andy grins.

So Andy returns home with his costume and of course, we insist he tries everything on and parade for us. Andy Elvis disappears into the bedroom and Elvis Presley returns. The girls’ eyes open wide. Is this strange, hairy, sun-glassed, blue-clad vision their father? For a moment, they are too stunned to speak. Then…

“Make sure you don’t lift up your arms too high, Dad, otherwise your tummy will show.”

“Your trousers are slipping down.”

“Does that zipper come up any higher? We don’t want to see your chest.”

“Can you see through those glasses? They’re very dark.”

“You’ve got hair! Lots of it!”

Andy looks at himself in the mirror and sighs. “I’m obviously Elvis Presley in his older, fatter days.”

 No one has any idea what Elvis Presley looked like in his younger or older days. “You look great Dad!”

“Will you sing Blue Suede Shoes for us, Dad… pleeease?”

“Let’s get the camcorder out and record Dad singing.”

“And we must take some photos.”

So Andy poses. He curls his lip and tries to look hot... or should that be cool? He can't help smiling. We laugh as we snap away, capturing memories for the album. 

Then Andy sings as he swivels his hips and points his finger to the sky. Put your arms down, Dad! Your tummy's showing!  He quickly pulls down his shirt. Now he's looking cool again... or maybe just strange. But he sounds magnificent. He is Andy Elvis no longer. He’s Elvis Presley.

The girls go wild. “Dad! You’re fantastic.”

I have to agree. Who else would dress up in such a ridiculous costume? Who else is so much fun?

Later, I have an idea… Will Andy…? Can I… ? Oh, it is such a wonderful idea but will Andy think so too?

“Andy… how would you feel if I wrote a blog post called Andy Elvis Presley? I could add some photos of you in your costume. It would be soooo amazing. What do you think? Pleeease!!”

Andy doesn’t hesitate. He's used to me. “OK.”

“Ok? You don’t mind?”


Andy is a true blogger’s husband.

After the mid-year school concert...

“Wow! Mr Elvis, I didn’t know you could sing! You sounded just like Elvis.”

"Mr Elvis, you looked just like Elvis!"

“You looked magnificent!”

“My mum likes Elvis.”

“Look there’s Mr Elvis! He’s a superstar.”

Yes,  Elvis is a superstar and I’m married to him. Andy Elvis, that is. Aren’t I a lucky woman?

Because of Vicky's request, I have uploaded an audio file of Andy singing Blue Suede Shoes. The backing music isn't very good, nor does Andy have a microphone, so the sound quality isn't nearly as high as it was on the night of the school concert. But I still think he's a superstar!

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  1. I've been waiting for this post! Andy looks great! Didn't you have a video, as well, Sue? I'd love to hear Andy singing - it looks like he's really enjoying himself:-)

    And, yes, Sue, you're married to a real superstar!

    1. Vicky,

      Yes, there is a video but I think I have embarrassed Andy enough by publishing these photos. Do you really want to see him trying to keep his tummy covered up while singing and swinging his hips? The singing is good though! Maybe an audio file would be better.

      The school made a more professional DVD of the concert. I haven't seen it yet but I'd like to. Apparently Andy looked fabulous and everyone screamed as if he were the real Elvis. Actually, he is the real Elvis, but you know what I mean!

      Superstar? I just love how Andy doesn't mind looking silly so everyone can have fun. Not many people can laugh at themselves like he does.

      I hope you weren't disappointed after waiting awhile for this story. Thank you for sharing it.

      God bless!

  2. I'm not disappointed, at all, but an audio file would be great, Sue. It would be so lovely to hear Andy singing - if it's not too embarrassing for him, of course.

    1. Vicky,

      I will ask Duncan if he can help. He's good with video and audio files. He might be able to come up with something to share.

      It's lovely of you to want to hear Andy's singing.

      God bless!

    2. Oh, I'm so pleased! I love Elvis Presley's singing - I'm really going to enjoy listening to Andy's version!

      Thank you for sharing, Sue:-)

    3. Vicky,

      Duncan's working on it right at this moment. Check back later!

    4. I just lost my comment so I hope this isn't a duplicate.

      I love it, Sue! Congratulations, Andy - you were great!! I really enjoyed hearing you sing. You have a really nice voice.

      God bless, Sue and Andy:-)

    5. Vicky,

      Thank you. I will pass on the congratulations to Andy. He will be pleased to know you enjoyed his singing.

      God bless!

  3. Great story, thank you (and your husband) for sharing it. It made me smile.

    1. Multi-tasking Mama,

      Thank you for reading my story. I am glad you smiled! We certainly had a good laugh when we saw Andy all dressed up.

      Thank you for stopping and saying hello. I appreciate your comment!

  4. WOW WOW WOW !!!! Awesome..Andy you certainly sounded rather like Elvis- umm Presley...Thanks for being such a good sport Andy.


    1. Leanne,

      Thank you! He is a good sport, isn't he? Thank you for taking the time to listen. I will go tell Andy he is now famous!

  5. Entertaining, indeed! Great post, Sue! Thanks so much for sharing...

    1. Thanks Ellen!

      I'm glad you were entertained.

      God bless!

  6. That was so great! What a talented man your husband is and how fun of him to be so agreeable about the whole thing! Wish I could have seen his live performance!

    1. Kari,

      Andy is a lot of fun. I heard the live performance was spectacular. They made a DVD of the concert and I'm hoping to see it!

      Thank you for your comment. God bless.

  7. Replies
    1. Miu,

      With a name like ours, I suppose Andy had to impersonate Elvis Presley some day.

      Thanks for sharing Andy's story.

      God bless!

  8. Replies
    1. Victor,

      Thank you for your comment.

      God bless!

  9. Andy Elvis Presley is a real superstar and a true hero of everyday life as well. Many blessings to Elvis and audience ;)

    1. Uglemor,

      That is such a lovely comment. Thank you! Many blessings to you and your family too.

  10. LOL - that made my morning! Andy sounds great :-)

    1. Beate,

      I am glad you laughed! It was good to have a change of pace after my last serious post. I will pass on your compliment to Andy. Thank you!

      God bless.

  11. This is fantastic! I am SO glad you had a YouTube so we could hear him... wow, he sounds so much like the "Presley version of Elvis" to me - and I'm, umm.. old enough to know :). I was in grade school when the OTHER Elvis was popular and my older sister was listening to him. I especially got a laugh out of Andy having to prove his real surname. Bravo for a great performance, or as the girls listening would have "said" back-in-the-day "EEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHEEEE!!"

    1. Nancy,

      I'm glad you enjoyed Andy's story. I didn't have any older sisters who listened to Elvis. I was probably just a little too young to have been interested in his music myself. We are probably of the same era! I do remember the day Elvis died. Funny how we remember things like that.

      Having Elvis for a surname quite often causes a stir. At least people always remember our name!

      Thank you so much, Nancy for sharing my story and stopping to leave a comment. It is appreciated!

      God bless you!

  12. Oh my goodness, Sue. This made my morning. My dad has always been a huge Elvis fan, so I grew up on Elvis. Andy has got the facial expressions down in that first picture. Wow! It is incredible, too, how much he sounds like him. Andy Elvis Presley, indeed!

    1. Stephanie,

      I'm glad you enjoyed Andy's story! Andy seems to have a knack for impersonating people. He's good at accents too. He must have a good ear.

      Thank you for your comment!

  13. What an awesome guy, great sport!!! I was laughing at the story in the hire shop, hilarious!
    Well I discovered yesterday that my son 17, reads your blog! he called me over to his computer to listen to Andy....hang on just telling my daughter 19, and discovered she also does! and she listened to Andy too (she lives away from home)
    We all thought he was awesome!

    1. Erin,

      Wow! It's so lovely of your family to read my blog! You comment has made my day. Andy is great fun and he often makes us laugh. I shall have to write more stories about him. This post has whizzed up the most popular list!! Not that Andy has noticed. He never reads my blog!!

  14. He's the coolest husband, dad and teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Noreen,

      I agree! The funny thing is Andy doesn't realise it. He has no idea he is so popular in my own little bit of the blogosphere!

      God bless you!

  15. Lol!! Hilarious!! I enjoyed this post so much. :-)

    Your husband is a teacher? Mine is too...middle school head band director.

    1. Elizabeth,

      It is lovely to find out we have something else in common! Middle school? We only have primary and high school. I am guessing middle school is about 11-13 year olds. Would that be close? Andy has a year 2 class this year. 7-8 year olds. After teaching older children last year, he is really enjoying the younger ones. They are old enough to be reading and writing, but young enough to enjoy all those messy crafts. He's cutting and pasting and colouring in and having a ball!

      I was thinking about the annual school concert only last night. I wonder what the teachers will do this year. Something spectacular no doubt!


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