So you want to blog but you don’t know what to write about…

How about a family journal?

Expand that idea a little and offer to share your experiences as a mother.

If you have a faith, share that as well…

And if you homeschool, you will have plenty to write about.

Maybe you could branch out and create a separate homeschooling blog just for your homeschooling stories. One day you might realise you have lots of homeschooling resources to share. Why not create a second homeschooling blog for all those useful links?

If you are creative, you could share all your projects. You could include them on your main blog, but perhaps you’d like to make a special blog just for all those inspiring ideas.

Of course, there are some things that are too personal to post on a public blog. Teenage daughter number three might not like her newly braced teeth put on public display. And you may not feel comfortable telling the world your child received a fantastic grade in her last piano exam. So you’re going to need a private family blog for all those proud moment bits of news that grandparents and aunts and uncles just love to hear about.

If you have survived a special life experience, you may like to write about it in order to connect with and help others in your situation. Perhaps a separate blog dedicated to this important mission might work.

And someone else who has a similar blog just might ask you to contribute to their blog too. Being an author of someone else’s blog is a great honour, and it has benefits too. You can concentrate on writing and there's no need to worry about the administrative details of the blog.

A friend might like your writing style and ideas and ask you to contribute to her blog.

Or you could create a blog and ask lots of like-minded people to join you as authors. You'll be helping others by creating a blogging network.

If you have been writing for some time and have lots of interesting archived articles, you could post them all on a blog. Someone somewhere might enjoy your past writings, and find them helpful. They’re better out there in the blogosphere where they can be shared, rather than hiding deep in a computer file.

What if you have written more than a few articles? A book perhaps? You could create a blog to promote that book, or even post the whole book on a blog of its own.

If you haven’t written a book, you might like to write about someone else’s book. Create a new blog dedicated to your favourite book or author and help promote and spread the word.

If you have children, help them create their own blogs. You never know when they might ask you to be a guest author.

Do you know a worthy cause that might be helped by a blog? Approach someone and let her know you are willing to create a blog for her. This option doesn’t really involve much writing so if you like designing blogs, sorting out problems and taking care of the administrative details, rather than worrying about post content, this could be just the blogging job for you.

And if all these suggestions aren’t enough for you, how about creating a photo journal blog? You can sort through all those thousands of photos in your picture files and post them in themes. You could even play about with some editing software and get creative.

I forgot one very important type of blog. You’re going to need an experimental blog where you can try out different blog designs and gadgets without messing up your real blogs.

If you don’t count other people’s blogs where you could be a guest author, that leaves 13 different blogs you could create. Lots of choice. No shortage of ideas. But how are you going to decide what type of blog suits you best?

Well… you could create all 13 blogs and experience each one. Try them all out and see which ones you enjoy most. Blogger is free, you know. It’s a viable option. It takes only a few seconds to create a blog.

What’s that I hear? No sensible person would ever create 13 blogs.  Perhaps not, but did I ever say I was sensible? I am certainly not!

Did you hear my Andy Elvis Presley post won the Catholic Bloggers Network Big Clicks award for August, in the Family Journal section? Should I have shared that proud moment bit of news on our private family blog, instead of here? No. This way I can encourage you all to follow the link and get involved with the Catholic Bloggers Network... for of course, once you have created all those wonderfully interesting blogs, you'll want to share them with other bloggers.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers! These photos are of our special father and husband, taken today.

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  1. Congratulations on your award, Sue! That's really great!

    Do you really have 13 blogs??? Maybe, you could post some blogging and writing tips and share your expertise? :-)

    1. Vicky,

      Thank you! I think the interest in the blog post was the subject matter, rather than my story. Who could resist a post with a title containing Elvis Presley's name, or one accompanied by a picture of an Elvis impersonator?

      Yes, I have had 13 blogs. Actually, I've just remembered a 14th blog. A couple of these, I have deleted, and a couple are listed under a different username.

      Blogging tips? That is a lovely suggestion. The best tip I can offer (despite what I said in my post) is to be sensible and not create 14 blogs!!!

      It is kind of you to leave a comment. I haven't been very good at commenting on other blogs recently. You are very generous!

  2. Let me guess that you are also one of those writers who has lots of halfway started notebooks or blank books around the house : ).

    I have more than 13! But I've been blogging since 2005. I had a blog for listing books I read, a blog for study notes, one for Bible devotions... I hardly write in any of them any more, but I like to look at them occasionally. I guess I am not sensible either.

    1. Willa,

      You are so right about the notebooks. On Saturday I just had to go and buy a new notebook. When I returned home, I remembered I already had several notebooks blank or barely started! One more to add to the pile...

      Not sensible people have lots of fun, Willa! I'm glad to hear I'm not alone.

      I really enjoyed creating all those blogs. But blogs are more complicated than notebooks. No one knows I have all those barely started books (I guess they do now!) so I can quite happily live with them. But blogs... it doesn't feel right to have blogs with very little content. I feel compelled to add posts to them all which makes life very complicated. They all feel like unfinished business. I wonder if a blog ever feels finished... I guess writing books would be a whole lot easier. You write the book and it is complete and you can move on. I've been thinking a lot about that recently. Maybe I should concentrate on books and not blogs!

      Thank you for your comment!

    2. I've thought of that too, Sue! (Maybe I should spend my energy writing books instead of blogs).

      I think that the ongoing and open-ended nature of blogging can be a sort of plus, though, and I do like the art potential. My notebooks usually aren't so pretty as my blogs, because I am not much of an artist, and if I mess up, it's hard to fix it.

      Blessings on your writings -- books, blogs and other : ).

    3. Willa,

      I love the art possibilities too! I like trying out new blog designs, editing and adding photos... an attractive blog journal is certainly easier to put together than one in a notebook. I'm always afraid to even start drawing in my notebook because of the potential to make mistakes!

      What kind of book would you write, Willa? Yes, books aren't open ended but a sequel can always be written!

      God bless!

  3. Great ideas for blogs and blog posts!

    1. Colleen,

      I know you have a few blogs that would fit my descriptions!

      Thank you for reading my post.

      God bless!

  4. It is interesting how often the subject of blogging has shown up on the blogs I follow (and write) lately! Maybe it is something in the air that has us all thinking about our blogs and their purpose.

    I remember you once saying that you decided to blog for fun and not for any other reason. I think, every once in a while I need to get back to that mentality. When I lose sight of the fun of writing my blog,it ceases to BE fun, but when I remember my blog is my own and really is for my own enjoyment first and foremost (and hopefully to glorify God in the process), it is a lot more fulfilling!

    Hope you are doing well. I have enjoyed all of your blogs that I have been privileged to read, and I hope you will continue- at least with some of them! :)

    1. Kari,

      I've also noticed the number of posts about blogging! These posts also seem to attract a lot of readers. Everyone must, at some time, deal with similar issues.

      Yes, I did say I blog for fun. But just recently I haven't enjoyed my blogs as much as I have in the past. This probably means it is time for some reassessment. I think: should I delete all my blogs? But every time I come to that decision, I can't quite do it. I'm trying some reorganising of my blogs to reignite the enthusiasm. Focussing on redesigning blogs rather than writing is a nice change. Also, I think it would be good to go off and do something different for a while and not think too much about blogging.

      Kari, I always enjoy sharing with you. I really would miss you if I deleted my blogs and disappeared. Thank you for always supporting my blog.

      God bless!


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