Sophie’s head disappears inside the washing machine. A moment later she emerges with yet another armful of wet clothes which she tosses into my basket.

“Where does all the washing come from?” I moan. “We wash every day and somehow the basket never empties. I still have a load of towels to do.”

I am frowning but Sophie is grinning. “Just think of all that grace we’re earning, Mum. Every day there’s more washing and another chance to earn more grace. A never-ending supply of grace.”

I think about this. Repetitive housework is a source of never-ending grace. I’d forgotten this. I’d been regarding it as a chore, boring work that I’d rather not do.

I notice Callum’s washing basket is overflowing with dirty clothes. I wonder when he’ll tackle this job. Then I say, “If you load your clothes into the machine before you leave for work, I’ll wash them for you.”

At the end of the day, there are two baskets of neatly folded clean clothes waiting outside Callum’s bedroom door. He returns home and discovers them, and a huge grin lights up his face, “Thanks Mum!” I am enveloped in a big hug.

“That’s OK. I needed some grace.” I smile. I feel good.

Soon Callum’s basket is overflowing once again. We have a huge pile of dirty clothes too. 

"Aren't we lucky, Mum?" asks Sophie.

Never ending housework. More grace waiting to be earned. 

It all makes perfect sense so why do I still want to sigh when I see the work piling up? Why do I sometimes groan instead of smile, and struggle to have the right attitude?

I guess that's because I am definitely in need of grace.

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  1. There's certainly lots of grace on offer around here! The amount actually earnt is directly proportionate to the amount of sleep I've had the night before:-/

    Funny how a deliberate smile or an apron can improve the attitude, don't you think?

    Great photo - I might copy it!

    God bless, Sue:-)

    1. Vicky,

      You are quite right about sleep. When I am tired I am not at all interested in earning any grace! I guess though this would be the time when grace would be most on offer...

      There are certain jobs we have to do. We really have no choice so I know I should make the most of each opportunity and do them with a smile and a good attitude. It's a bit like when I tell the girls how it takes the same amount of time to say a bad prayer as a good one, so they might as well do it properly! So saying that, I often fail... Theory is easy. Action takes practise.

      I'm sure you could take an even better photo of a pile of towels. This is a free image, not one of mine. I like the colours of the towels. Our towels look rather worn and washed out compared to these ones!

  2. What a lovely sentiment for Sophie to share! Give her a big hug from Texas!

    1. Beate,

      I passed on the hug and Sophie had such a huge smile on her face! Thank you. Children do delight us sometimes with their thoughts. They remind us of what is important.

      God bless!

  3. Hi Sue,
    What a wise child :) Thank her for me, will you? Every once in a while I need a reminder of why my laundry basket NEVER empties. It's a mystery to me that I can do laundry almost every day and yet the basket always seems to refill itself!

    God bless.

    1. Mary,

      We all have the same problem with our laundry baskets! I am wondering what it will be like when we no longer have any children at home. Our basket will fill up much more slowly but I won't have any helpers to hang all the clothes on the line! Actually I don't really mind doing the washing when there are helpers to chat to, and if it's a sunny day. It turns into a social occasion.

      I wonder if wise children turn into wise adults, or maybe we all lose our enthusiasm as we get older. Don't you just love the enthusiasm and the positive outlook of children? Sophie will smile when I tell her you liked her thought. Thank you!

  4. Hi Sue, love your pretty rainbow colored towels! That would put a smile on my face. Your daughter is indeed a smart girl!

    1. Noreen,

      I love the colours of those towels too. Those ones aren't a picture of our family towels though. Ours aren't quite so nice but they are still colourful. Every person in our family has towels of a different colour. So it's so easy to work out who's left his/her towels lying on the bathroom floor! I love piles of freshly washed and folded clothes. Not so keen on the ones in the dirty washing basket!

      Thank for your comment!

  5. Yay for Sophie! wise words from a wise young lady. just what i needed to hear. we so need to remember this. why do i keep forgetting? laundry, dishes, disputes, meals, writing... all things that seem to be a challenge for me these days - all grace. thanks!

    1. Missy,

      It is so lovely to see you on my blog! It's like having a friend come to visit!

      I hope Sophie retains her wise outlook as she gets older. Somehow we tend to lose our enthusiasm as we get older, or maybe things just become larger and more overwhelming.

      I did some Googling about grace and of course, Protestants do not believe we can earn grace at all. If that was true, all our sufferings and sacrifices would be worthless. That is a very sad thought.

      God bless!


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