Today I have a Christmas present idea I think Gemma-Rose would really love. It is simple. It only takes a few minutes to make. It is inexpensive. And it’s impressive! It’s a gift an older sister could easily make for a younger sister.

So what is this wonderful idea? Paper dolls!

When I was a child, I had a huge box of paper dolls that I kept under my bed. The box was so full it overflowed with paper bits and pieces that ended up everywhere. I must have driven my mother mad with all the mess. After having 5 paper-doll-loving daughters of my own, I can understand my mother’s frustrations. But there is no doubt these dolls are fun. They provide hours and hours of cheap entertainment. And I do have such wonderful memories of my own paper doll days.

So this is what I did today…

  • I found some suitable paper dolls online to download.
  • I printed the paper dolls onto glossy photographic paper.

Voila! That’s all there is to this gift, unless you want to make a beautiful hand decorated folder to hold all the paper dolls.

These are the paper dolls I chose to print:

  • Betsy McCall: there are lots of pages of these dolls online. They were originally produced from 1951 to the 1990s. The style of doll and the fashions change over the years. Each page of dolls is accompanied by a story involving Betsy and her friends and family.

I like the Serendipity paper dolls because
  • The dolls on each page have the same body shape, so all clothes can be shared between the dolls.
  • The doll pages can be printed in two versions: B&W for colouring in, or full colour for instant play.
  • The dolls are so cute.
  • The dolls were designed and produced by my daughters Imogen and Charlotte!

Have a look at their nativity dolls. They have even drawn a very acceptable camel.

So if you have little daughters in your family (or nieces or friends) perhaps this is a suitable Christmas present idea. What do you think?

I can already imagine the smile on Gemma-Rose’s face when she sees this gift!

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  1. Super cool! Thanks for sharing this Sue - I know two people who will love it ;-)

    1. Beate,

      Most girls love paper dolls, so I guess I couldn't go far wrong with this idea. Even my older girls still like designing clothes for the younger girls' dolls.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. These are so pretty, Sue! Melanie would love them. Immy and Charlotte are so clever - are they still making their paper dolls?

    God bless:-)

  3. Vicky,

    Imogen and Charlotte enjoyed creating the paper dolls. They haven't designed any new dolls for some time. Imogen updated their paper doll blog yesterday. Maybe when NaNoWriMo finishes they'll add some new content.

    Let me know if you print off some dolls and if Melanie likes them!


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