“I’ve awarded you the 2012 Blog of the Year Award.” Aren’t those lovely words? I smiled when I read them. I would like to thank three beautiful friends ... Patricia, Nancy and Mary... for wanting to give me this award. You are all very kind and encouraging.

There are various rules I have to fulfil to accept the award. The hardest of these is to list my own favourite blogs to pass the award onto. Favourite blogs? I have plenty! But list them?  I always worry I’ll leave someone out, by accident. I hate lists.

So I have decided to ignore the rules which means I will probably forfeit the Blog of the Year award, but that's okay. Instead, I want to acknowledge my favourite bloggers my own way. Now probably they’d prefer a real award instead of my made-up one. No... maybe that's not true. My friends are very kind. I am sure they’ll smile and take my little daisy home-made award in a spirit of friendship.

Maybe you'd like to hear about some new blogs to visit? I thought I'd post about my favourite bloggers, one at a time. No need to worry about leaving someone out by mistake. I have lots of time and lots of daisies. I can write about everyone!

So today I’d like to tell you about… Patricia.

I first met Patricia on the Apostolate of Hannah’s Tears blog where I’d posted a grief story. It's very rare for anyone to stop and comment on these posts, so I was very grateful when Patricia left some beautiful and encouraging words. I told you I had kind friends!

Patricia and I have been exchanging comments ever since… long comments... We chat away like old friends. I have never met Patricia but I know she has a gentle voice. I can ‘hear’ it in her words. She always takes time to share and encourage and laugh. Yes, Patricia has a wonderful sense of humour.

Patricia blogs at I Want to see Jesus. She invites readers to…

Come join me on my “adventure in God,” – to quote the great Carmelite mystic, St. John of the Cross.

There’s no other adventure to compare!  That’s a promise!

So please visit Patricia, read her profile and get to know her a little, and stop and say hello. I am certain she'll greet you like an old friend.

Patricia, I hope you will accept my little daisy. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for thinking of me when choosing your 2012 Blogs of the Year.

PS: I have just heard Patricia is currently suffering "excruciating and truly disabling" pain. Please pray for her.

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  1. I love this, because not only are you and Patricia two of my favorite bloggers - you remind me very much of each other!!! You both have SUCH WARMTH.

    I hope all is well with the wildfire situation there, Sue. I spent time in your beautiful land in 1995, visiting friends in and south of Perth. What beauty (in the land, but mostly in such friendly people). I add prayer to my hope that all shall be well.

    1. Nancy,

      I am glad you like my idea because I would like to send you a daisy next time. You have paid me a wonderful compliment linking me with Patricia. Yes she is such a warm and friendly person. I feel like we have been friends for a long time though we haven't really. We just hit it off the first time we exchanged comments. I could say the same about you!

      We've just heard there's a bushfire burning not far away but it is reported as 'being controlled' so I hope it won't jump the highway and make its way up here to our village. We can only watch and wait... and pray!! Thank you so much for your prayer. That reminds me about Patricia. We shall have to say many prayers for her too.

      Thank you for your comment. God bless!

  2. You have a beautiful heart, Sue :) I think that's something both you and Patricia have in common. Sometimes it's good to break the "rules", isn't it?

    Praying for Patricia and you and your family too. Thanks for the update on the fires.

    1. Mary,

      Thank you, Mary! Blog awards are so nice to receive because they are encouraging. I didn't want to ignore the fact that you, Nancy and Patricia had been so kind to me, but... I got so stuck making my list of favourite blogs. Breaking the rules solved my problem!! Glad you don't mind.

      Thank you very much for your prayers. I've been thinking about Patricia all day. I do hope she is feeling better.

      God bless!

  3. Oh Sue, thank you so much for my daisy! I love daisies, and will always keep this one in a special place in my heart. You are just too kind to write so many lovely things...in my very own post on your blog! Now that's the best award I have ever been given!

    I laughed about our "long" comments. That's something I can agree with! And..I still plan to respond to your "letter" comment on my blog, because I just love chatting with you.

    I think I've mentioned to you before that I kept coming across your grief posts and was so deeply touched by this woman who loved her child so deeply, so endlessly and so fiercely. What a big, beautiful heart you have, dear Sue.

    I'm so glad you broke the rules; I'd much prefer a daisy to another star :)

    I can't wait to read what you write about those two characters, Nancy and Mary. I love them both to pieces!

    But you still earned the blog of the year award..maybe we can design one with daisies, just for you. :)

    Thank you too so much for your prayers for my pain problem. Thank God, I am much better tonight. But please keep praying that it doesn't come back.

    I'm so sorry about the bushfires. I'll certainly pray that they remain controlled and that God will protect your family and property, as well as that of all those in the affected area.

    I think I'll go place my daisy in a beautiful vase for now, so that I can admire it and remember your kindness.

    I'm so grateful God led me to Hannah's Tears, so that I could meet such a wonderful new friend. I look forward to many more chats...love and hugs!

    1. Patricia,

      I am so happy your pain has subsided! It is so difficult to give attention to anything else when we have that kind of pain. It seems to fill the whole world. I will keep praying!

      I am also happy you like my daisy. You don't have to physically take it and put it on your blog. In your heart is the perfect place! It really was my pleasure to write a post about you. Now I am looking forward to more daisy posts. What will I say about Mary and Nancy? I have some ideas... it's not difficult to think of things to write. They are both such lovely people.

      The Hannah's Tears blog is a wonderful apostolate. Therese is a very special person. I felt very honoured when she asked me to be an author there. I am sure many people visit this blog, but not many stop to chat, so I was surprised but grateful when you did and yes, now we are friends!

      Once again I have enjoyed chatting. Thank you for your prayers concerning the fires.

      God bless you!

  4. Oh Sue, I hadn't even realized I could steal the daisy off your page and put it on my sidebar. I would love that!

    I can't wait to read what you write about Nancy and Mary either, but it won't be difficult. They are so delightful!

    Thanks again for my daisy. Who knows? This may catch on...the Sue Elvis Award to blogs you love. Hmmmm.

    1. Patricia,

      Oh no! We can't have the Sue Elvis awards. We'd have to make up some rules and then I'd have to break them, because I'm no good with rules. Much easier just having some daisies, and telling some good stories about some wonderful bloggers. Side-bar daisies might turn this into an official looking award so you could keep yours in your heart!

      God bless!


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