Two and a half years ago, I created my blog. I spent hours and hours, maybe even days and days, playing around with the design. Finally, I sat back with a satisfied sigh. My blog looked great. All it needed was some content. All I had to do was write my very first post. But what was I to write?

I remember reading some advice in a how-to-blog book: “Your first post? You’ll look back and cringe at what you’ve written. But you have to start somewhere. Just write something. Your posts will get better.”

Days passed. I put off writing that first post. But I couldn't keep away from my empty blog. I was sure it looked fabulous. I logged in just to admire it. I wondered... Did anyone know about its existence yet? Had the Google search engine found it? I typed in Sue Elvis Writes. Nothing. I tried the next day and the next day, and the one after that. Finally, I contacted Blogger Help and explained the problem. A short while later, an answer arrived in my inbox: “Your blog will never show up in the search engine if you don’t write a post. Start writing.”

Start writing? The moment had arrived. I could put it off no longer. I sat in front of the computer screen, gulped a few times and then began typing. Hours later, my post was written. All it needed was a title. Feeling extremely creative, I called it Hello. I pressed ‘publish’ and sat back, wiping the sweat from my brow. I‘d done it. I’d written my very first blog post. My words were out there in the blogosphere where anyone could read them. I felt a bit scared. I felt a bit excited. I was a blogger. I grinned.

And then disaster struck. My very first blog post disappeared. It just flew off away through the blogsphere and kept on going, never to be seen again. Gone. I sat and stared at the computer screen. I couldn't believe it. I willed my post to return, but of course, it didn’t.

So I sighed deeply and started typing once again.

A long time later, I’d written my second blog post: Hello Again. I pressed ‘publish’ and sat back, this time being very careful not to touch anything that might cause my post to abandon me once again.

I think back to that blogging book I read, and the words, “Your first post? You’ll look back and cringe at what you’ve written. But you have to start somewhere. Just write something. Your posts will get better.” Those words were absolutely true. My first post, which was really my second, is nothing special at all. So it rather surprises me that this post is my all time second most popular post ever. I just don’t understand it. Thousands of people have read this post. Obviously thousands of people weren’t impressed because I haven’t got thousands of followers. I’m just wondering why they read it in the first place.

So Hello Again sits there in my side-bar, attracting more and more unsuspecting readers, becoming more and more popular by the week. Should I delete it? Or should I leave the imposter there in my archive to keep me humble?

I sometimes wish I could go back and rewrite that first post. But what would I say? Would I make myself sound more interesting? Could I be mysterious or controversial? Witty or clever? A superstar, a trendsetter... not just a mother? What sort of posts would I promise? Deep and meaningful? Light and funny? Moving and passionate? How would I convince potential readers my blog is different from all the rest, that it's worth reading?

 If I'd known that my very first post would hang around in the limelight so long, instead of letting itself get buried as it was supposed to, I would have thought more deeply about such questions. And I would have chosen a better post title... Me? I Am Elvis' Wife. (Would that have worked?) But perhaps it's not too late. Maybe, just for fun, I will rewrite my post after all. 

I wonder if you remember your very first blog post. What did you write? Is it one of your favourite posts, or do you like me, wish you could go back and write it all over again?

Update: I did rewrite my very first blog post. And I did call it Me? I'm Elvis' Wife. I wonder if it is better than the first.

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  1. Your post made me visiting my first post again, because I had only a vague idea what it was about^^

    1. Hi Miu,

      I wonder what you said in your first blog post. I'd love to read it. I will come and visit!

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Today's post made me laugh out loud...especially, "I logged in just to admire it." Oh how I remember those days!!! Can I tell you that my own family does not even "follow" or "comment". Oh sure, they've got me bookmarked, but my mother is scared to put her "name out there" with anything attached and my own sister keeps forgetting her blogger password. *sigh* I have gone back and looked at my very first makes me laugh at how scared I was of blogging. I still remember getting my very first that was an exciting day!

    1. Valerie,

      Could you have admired your first blog design too? I am glad you understand! I felt so proud of myself. I'd learnt so much about links and templates and gadgets... I couldn't believe I'd actually created my very own blog. Someone kindly asked if I'd like some help, but I managed all by myself. Yes, it was very exciting!

      I know my eldest daughter pops in to read my posts (and check up on her irresponsible mother!) but I don't think anyone else from my family reads my blog. My sister Vicky might still read occasionally but I'm not sure about that. I suspect most of them get too embarrassed by my stories to come anywhere near my blog! It sounds like your family are just worried about being visible or have technical problems. They probably don't get embarrassed like my family do!

      First follower? Oh yes, I remember! And my first comment. My first blog post lasted long enough to get a kind comment from a friend. Then the post disappeared. It took off with my one and only comment. I think it was worse losing the comment than losing the post.

      I am sitting here smiling as I think about those early blogging days. Thank you for sharing your own experiences.

      God bless!

    2. Of course, my daughter Imogen reads my posts too! We share all our writings. We don't leave comments on each other's blogs though. That seems silly when we can talk about face-to-face!

  3. I am smiling and smiling. I'm one of those who recently read "Hello Again," finding it a perfect introduction to the Sue I'd already met here in your later posts. I LOVED reading about how your first post disappeared (although I wish it hadn't !!), and I can just imagine myself staring at a screen looking at Blogger's "advice" to ... start writing. Oh.

    My first post, ever, "explained" what breadboxes had to do with letters (at that time, I thought blog names had to be "explained"). It was actually one of the posts I had the most fun writing! Like dipping timid toes into the edge of a vast, wise sea...

    1. Nancy,

      So you're one of those unsuspecting readers who's keeping my awful Hello post alive!! Thank you for making me feel a little better about that first post. I did a bit better when I created my later blogs. I had great fun with the first post on my Stories of an Unschooling Family blog. Much more entertaining. But we learn with experience...

      But Nancy, you seem to have got things right from the start. I absolutely love your first post about breadboxes and letters. That's a post worth remembering! I was thinking about that post as I was writing this post, wishing I'd done as well.

      "Like dipping timid toes into the edge of a vast, wise sea..." Oh yes! That's exactly what it was like.

      Thank you for smiling with me.

      God bless!

  4. Okay, I was already laughing about the Christmas Pudding...this post had me in tears I was laughing so hard! Love the bit about google's response to you...hilarious!! Hmm...maybe just for fun I will post my 1st blog post on my blog.

    1. Elizabeth,

      So glad we can laugh together!

      The response about Google? Oh, I was so embarrassed. I turned red just reading the email. And then I thought about my question and answer being posted up there on Blogger's help forum where everyone could see it...I imagined all those readers thinking, "What a newbie! She knows nothing! Didn't she realise she needs to write some posts? What does she think blogging is all about?" I was too afraid to post any other questions after that.

      PLEASE post your first post again. I will come and visit and enjoy. We make friends along our blogging way, and hardly anyone has read all the posts on every blog. We must be missing out on lots of hidden treasures. I've got another idea for digging out a few forgotten posts. I will post about it soon!

      Thank you for your comment.

      God bless you!

  5. Elvis' wife? You are so funny, Sue :) That would have bought you a million followers easy. And then you would have spent the next few years trying to get rid of them.

    I can't believe your very first post disappeared! How unfair of the blogmonster to do that! Usually he waits at least a few weeks...

    I had to smile at "I logged in just to admire it." I did the same on mine. (Not because my blog looked all that great but simply because Miss Computer Illiterate had a blog at all. This amazed

    1. Mary,

      You know, I am going to write that post called "Me? I'm Elvis' Wife", and see what happens! It will be a bit of fun. I got so much response to my post "Andy Elvis Presley", because of the title, I'm sure. Sometimes it is very interesting having Elvis as a surname!

      Mary, I have no idea why that first post disappeared. I was so heartbroken after all the effort, and then it took my first comment with it. I could easily have given up blogging before I'd even really started. Good thing I'm made of sterner stuff and started writing that second post. Actually, after writing that post, writing posts hasn't been a problem. Knowing when to stop is a bigger concern!

      Miss Computer Illiterate... I used to have this name too. Blogging has been such a great learning experience. I can now do things Andy and most of my friends can't do. That feels good!

      God bless you!

  6. Sue Elvis, I'd very much like to have read your very first blogpost, as I must admit to being one of those readers keeping your second post alive, reading it from time to time. I too remember writing my first blog post, and even better, getting the first comment ever - yours :) I also had the impression that first post had to be an introduction to the persons behind the blog, but I just wrote about baking a bread, intending to bring introductions in a later post - which never happened.
    "I'm Elvis' wife" Is a hilarious title. It surely would have brought you a lot of one time visitors, but not many followers.

    1. Uglemor,

      You've read my second blog post more than once! Wow!

      I wonder what I said in that first post, the one that got deleted by mistake. In those days I wrote my posts directly into Blogger. Now I write in Word and then cut and paste into Blogger, which I guess is much more sensible. If anything goes wrong, I still have a copy on my computer.

      I just went and 'read' your very first post. Actually I didn't really read it as it must be one of the few posts you didn't write in English as well as Danish! I tried to read the post using Google Translate but that hardly made sense compared to your own excellent English. I am so glad you take the trouble to write in both languages. Thank you!

      I remember how my comment was your first. I was so thrilled. It felt very special being the first person ever to comment on your blog!

      I think you are quite right that the word 'Elvis' will attract visitors to my blog, but when they see where they have arrived, they will soon turn around and leave again! I guess it is inevitable I will get some visitors who intended to go to an Elvis Presley site and got lost on the way.

      I couldn't resist: I wrote a post called "Me? I'm Elvis' Wife". I hope you will share it. It's very silly.

    2. Writing in Word and then copy-pasting here. Thanks, you just made my life much easier - why didn't I think of this. Our internet connexion is unstable, and I've had several blog posts, or large bits of them, disappear.
      And yes my first blogpost is silly to say the least translated by Google, I just tried. It was your commenting which made me write in both languages.
      "Me? I'm Elvis' wife" is funny. How do I share it other than having you on my blog roll, or is my non-native English making me misunderstand something here?

    3. Uglemor,

      I really appreciate your English translations. I imagine it is a lot of extra work for you but I do enjoy reading your posts.

      I didn't choose my words very well. When I said I hope you will share my post, I only meant I hope you read it! I wasn't asking you to share the link! Sorry about that. English is strange sometimes. It is so easy for misunderstandings to occur.

      God bless you!

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