I have an idea, and a very special request to make. But first I’d like to tell a short story. 

I began my post  A Normal Pregnant Mother with these words:

“When I entered the ultrasound room I was full of excitement and anticipation. But when I left that room an hour later, all the delights of pregnancy had drained away, leaving me a very frightened woman. My unborn baby had an ‘abnormality incompatible with life’.

In the following days and weeks, I attended appointments with my local doctor, an obstetrician who looked after difficult pregnancies, specialists at the hospital, more ultrasounds.”

And one of those appointment was with a counsellor who also helped with ‘difficult pregnancies.’ I wasn’t sure I needed a counsellor but I agreed to see her for one session. During our time together, the counsellor told me about one of the other mothers she was helping:

“She was pregnant with conjoined twins. She aborted them last week.”

I think about that mother often. And when I do, I don’t think ‘abortion’. I think ‘frightened.’ It was so easy for me to step into that mother’s shoes.  I was so very frightened myself.

I imagine many women abort their unborn babies because they are frightened. Maybe they think they will not survive the experience of giving birth to a baby who will die. If their children live, perhaps they think they will not cope if there are disabilities. Fear… What would I have done if I hadn’t had the gift of my faith?

Like many people, I pray for the unborn. I pray for their mothers. I pray that they will protect their babies, regardless of any difficult circumstances. I pray for the end to abortion.

But I don't pray outside abortion mills, or walk in pro-life marches. I could do both if I travelled to the city. But I don’t. I sometimes think about this: Am I doing enough? And rightly or wrongly, I have concluded we all have our particular work to do for God, and mine at the moment is my children and doing what I can to support the bereaved. And praying for Noreen…

Noreen, my oldest blogging friend, works so hard trying to bring the plight of the unborn, to everyone’s attention. She does pray outside abortion mills and she does march in support of the unborn. She does so much more too. Noreen shares her work on her blog Rosary Mom.

Noreen has been telling me how little interest there is in her pro-life blog posts. Everyone rushes over to view her arts and crafts. But if she writes about the unborn… not many people want to know. And that is so discouraging. The fight to end abortion is proving to be a long hard battle. I am sure Noreen needs all the support she can get to continue her part in it. It's hard work; it's draining work; it's emotional work. 

So I have had an idea. What if we all prayed for Noreen and her work? Some of us aren’t in a position to do anything practical to help fight abortion. But we can all say a Hail Mary for Noreen each day. It would be our way of helping the unborn. I know we all get so many prayer requests. Everyone wants us to add just one more intention to our long lists. But please consider doing this.

The only problem with having brilliant ideas is that sometimes I am the only person who thinks they are brilliant. I thought about this before starting this post. What if everyone reads this story, and then just moves on? Perhaps I shouldn’t risk sharing my idea. “Go write a funny story instead, Sue! Or write a post about blogging. They're popular.” That would be so much easier to do. Those posts would probably attract more readers too. But no, I will write and I will post because some things are much more important than popularity (which isn't important at all). And I'm going to put this blog button in my side-bar to remind me to say a prayer whenever I log onto my blog.

I hope you will stop and share some encouraging comments. And please visit Noreen at Rosary Mom.

I sometimes wonder what happened to the mother of the conjoined babies. Did she have more children? Did she ever forget her twins? I doubt it very much. I bet she thinks of them all the time. And I bet her heart aches.

Mine does too. But I have a gift. I have my faith. Maybe you do too. If so, perhaps we can say those Hail Marys together.
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  1. This is a wonderful idea, Sue:-)

    I shall add Noreen's work for the unborn to my prayer list.

    I visited Noreen, after your last post, and you were right - she is a very lovely and special lady. I hope this helps her mission.

    God bless, Sue:-)

    1. Vicky,

      Thank you so much for adding this intention to your prayers. I'm glad you visited Noreen. You now have a beautiful new friend!

      God bless!

  2. Only yesterday I read a "Letter box column" in a magazine, discussing abortion. I think a part of the answer also is the answer why people don't want to know more - or indeed anything - about abortion. A part of the answer said: "You're right, we have to fight for free abortion, now and for a long time yet. Strong forces all over the world, wants nothing better than to control the female sexuality." (My translation, "Søndag" nr. 4 2013, p 94).

    We'll have to keep on praying for so many (willingly) ignorant people all over the world. They do not want to look at the baby at all. They have taken apart love, sex, and babies, and do not want anything to have consequences. That abortions have consequences, sometimes mentally debilitating consequences, is never spoken about in our corner of the world.

    Holy Mother of Guadeloupe, Protector of the unborn, pray for us.

    1. Uglemor,

      You are so right. There are so many willingly ignorant people. And they think abortion is a simple matter of free choice, when it's not. Yes, there are consequences, not only for the babies but for the parents. I am sure the mother I wrote about suffered for her action.

      About a year or so after Thomas died, a friend of mine also lost a baby. I embroidered her a sampler in memory of her baby. When it was delivered to her, she sent back an unexpected gift for me. It was a large framed print of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For a long time I didn't realise that Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Protectress of the unborn. The picture is one of my treasures.

      Thank you so much for stopping and leaving this comment.

      God bless!

  3. Sue, what a great post, and I will definitely include Noreen in my prayers. I just want to share that when I first started blogging, I wrote a pro-life post, and I think I had gotten only one comment after a few days. It was odd...I felt so alone. So, I visited Noreen's blog and left her a comment telling her how I felt. She responded immediately, and said, "I'll be right over to support you." It helped so much to have her friendship at that moment. She shared about not having many comments on her blog either, when she wrote about abortion. God bless Noreen and her wonderful work. Thanks for the reminder, dear Sue.

    1. Patricia,

      Don't we feel encouraged by other people's support? It does help having understanding friends when we are fighting for some cause, or working on a big project. I am so glad you and Noreen were able to help each other. Thank you very much for responding to this post and request for prayers! You are kind.

      Patricia, I am really behind on my blog post reading. At the moment, I seem to be overwhelmed with things that need doing. Life is very busy! Please forgive me for looking like I am not interested in your posts. I am! I will be over to visit you soon.

      God bless you!

    2. Sue, don't be silly. I know that your computer skills are severely impaired by that wretched case of CIO you have been battling. And after I laughed at you...why that might have even caused a relapse! :)

      Seriously, I've been so behind on posting that I haven't even been able to keep up with who has been visiting. And...I have those times too, when I can't keep up with my favorite blogs (or my own!), and worst of all, days pass before I can even respond to thoughtful comments.

      So get well soon, and I know I'll see you over my way all in good time. Big hugs to you! xoxo

    3. Patricia,

      Thank you for your understanding! I hoping to get a few things out of the way over the weekend so life can return to normal.

      See you on your blog soon!

      God bless!

  4. Sue, I think this is a wonderful, inspired idea. It occurs to me that many who read this post might pray right at that moment, and hopefully will continue doing so, and may not ever let you or Noreen know they're doing so (some of my readers - whom I know 'in person' - never ever comment because they simply don't know how). Who knows what group of pray-ers might come from this? I shall, by the grace of God, be one of them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join in Noreen's work this way.

    1. Nancy,

      How did I know you'd stop and write something encouraging? Thank you!! You are quite right that not everyone will stop, but that doesn't mean they won't pray. I always hesitate before asking for a response from readers and think: What if no one does respond? Though I had a good feeling you and Patricia would! Thank you! And thank you for your prayers for Noreen. I am praying for you too.

      God bless!

  5. Replies
    1. Julie,

      Thank you so much. Your prayers are appreciated very much. And thank you for following my blog!

      God bless!

  6. Count me in! I'll be praying for her too. She sounds like a very special lady with a huge loving heart. I'm always inspired by people who work tirelessly for the unborn. I feel privileged to know so many. Like you, I struggle with feeling that I'm not doing enough. But then I am always reminded that prayer is our most powerful weapon against abortion. I have two little boys to take care of, a household to run and a husband to love and support. There doesn't seem to be much spare time or opportunity to do more than that. But with posts like this to remind me, I'll try to keep praying.

    Thank you also for your lovely reply to my last comment the other day, I forgot to reply in the end but I appreciated your kind words as always!

    God Bless you always and thank you for the beautiful pro life work you have done today. :)

    1. Jacinta,

      I am hoping Noreen will take our prayers with her whenever she is doing her pro-life work. She is a very special lady! Yes, prayers are a powerful weapon.

      Jacinta, you must be so busy with your family. I remember what it was like. You wouldn't have much time for anything outside your duties as a mother and wife. I appreciate you spending some of your precious free time reading my blog, and leaving friendly comments!

      " thank you for the beautiful pro life work you have done today" And thank you for your encouragement and support. I am glad I wrote this post!

      God bless you and your family!

  7. I will pray with my hole heart. Great idea!

    Just popping over to Rosary Mom.

    1. Charlotte-Mary,

      Thank you so much! Noreen will appreciate your prayers very much. She'll also enjoy meeting you on her blog.

      God bless!

  8. This is a great idea, Sue! I'll join you too!

    1. Mary,

      You are always so generous with your friendship and support. Thank you! I hope Noreen will feel encouraged.

      Mary, I keep you in my prayers each day. God bless, Sue


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