Odd 1

I flew through the supermarket grabbing bits and pieces off the shelves, and throwing them into my shopping basket. I was in a hurry: my husband Andy was waiting for me in the car. 

I headed up the last aisle and spotted an ‘On Special’ sign next to a display of facial mosturisers. I stopped, held a jar at arm's length and squinted quickly at the label, and read something about wrinkles miraculously disappearing after 28 days. Now I normally wouldn’t bother with such wild promises, but as I said, I was a woman-in-a-hurry, and I really did need some moisturiser. I threw the jar into my basket.

Later, with my glasses perched on my nose, I read the moisturiser label properly. Yes, there it was in clear print: Expect your wrinkles to significantly decrease after one day’s use. By the end of the month, you will have a whole new face. It sounded good.

I decided not to tell anyone about my new moisturiser. There really was no need. After 28 days I was expecting all my family to shout, “Wow Mum! What have you done? You look terrific. You have a whole new face.”

After 28 days, no one noticed a thing. It’s been two months now. I guess that new face didn’t arrive.

Odd 2

It was Saturday morning. Andy took the girls to the swimming pool, and I debated what I should do while they were away. Should I write a blog post while the house was quiet, or should I do some housework?

I decided to be virtuous and clean the lounge room. I dusted everywhere, even under the statues and around the picture frames. I used furniture polish and buffed everything to a nice attractive shine. I then heaved out the vacuum cleaner and carefully sucked all the dirt from the carpet. I even moved things and cleaned underneath. I worked for hours.

When I’d finished, I looked around with satisfaction. I didn’t have a blog post written but the lounge room looked absolutely perfect. Everyone’s bound to notice, I thought. There’ll be no need to tell everyone what I’ve been doing this morning. As soon as my family comes through the front door, they’ll say, “Wow Mum! We can see how you spent your morning. The lounge room looks fantastic!”

Everyone arrived home. No one said a word about my cleaning. No one noticed all my hard work. Perhaps I should have written that blog post after all.

Odd 3

There are a lot of willing chefs in our family. I never have to cook dinner, but one afternoon I thought I’d take a turn.

I chopped and whizzed and stirred and before I knew it, a potful of bolognaise sauce was simmering on the stove.

I didn't expect anyone to notice it was me who cooked dinner. I didn't expect any fuss. Anyone can whip up a potful of sauce, even nine year old Gemma-Rose.

Later at the table…

“Mum cooked dinner tonight!” said Imogen.

She cooked it all by herself,” said Gemma-Rose, “without any help.”

"She even cooked the pasta," said Charlotte.

"She served up dinner as well," said Sophie.

“Hey! You've done well,” said Andy.

They were all so amazed. Did they think I didn't know how to cook? 

“I can cook,” I said. “Who do you think did the cooking around here before you girls were old enough to do it? I cooked for years and years… I'm not entirely useless.”

After that reaction, it will probably be years and years before I next go into the kitchen and cook another meal. I think I'll leave cooking to the girls.

Odd 4

"We noticed you wrote another blog post, Mum! It was fantastic!"

An End

I've decided not to bother with cooking or cleaning or moisturizers that make wild promises. 

Instead, I'm off to write another blog post.

I wonder if our cats notice what's going on around here. Do they keep their eyes on me?

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  1. Ah ha! There is ONE person on the face of the earth who thinks just like I do! Onward and Upward, Bloggers.. it's "what we do!" Another good story from Sue... love it.

    1. Nancy,

      When in doubt about what to do...write a blog post! It's just as well my family are bloggers too. They understand. Writing comes first!

      Thank you for reading!

  2. It's funny what everyone notices, isn't it? Maybe, it's because there's a lot more to see when the house is untidy. I always notice when the bathroom bin begins to overflow but I don't give it a second glance when it's tidy.

    At least, everyone notices your posts! Would you rather be remembered as a literary genius or as someone who used to make rather tasty spaghetti?!!

    Yes, another good story!

    God bless:-)

    1. Vicky,

      "It's funny what everyone notices, isn't it?" Before I became a blogger I used to notice all kinds of things that worried me, mostly mess and untidiness about the house. Now that I spend so much time inside my head thinking about writing, nothing else seems very important. The only things I try and notice are conversations and events that can be used for blog posts!

      A literary genius or a great spaghetti chef? A literary genius please!! But somehow I don't think blog stories fall in the category of literature...

  3. Oh yes housework's just one of thouse thing you never notice when it's done, only when it's not done. One year my husband painted all the green wooden parts on our former stable. He, and I expeced it to look gorgeous when he was done. And what happened? It looked so normal, we did not notice it at all! Then we spent much less time building a playhouse for the children. That did not went unnoticed.
    The morale: Go knit some stuff for the children, make a play house or write something. Don't waste too much time on housework inside or out.
    Lovely post about those things, we all know deep inside, but never notice enough to express in words until they jump in our face.

    1. Uglemor,

      I love your suggestions on how to spend time. I bet the playhouse was really appreciated. Yes, I shall keep knitting and writing. Unfortunately neither Andy nor I are very handy with tools so I don't know if we could make a successful playhouse. Andy did make a rather nice compost bin from a couple of pallets though. I could just imagine such a thing in your garden.

      I won't feel guilty about not spending much time on the housework. Instead I shall hop over to your blog, and read your latest post and stop to say hello!

    2. Hello again. Actually I have made a compost form pallets ;) so your imagination is quite good.
      Yes let the dust mice have their party while we blog. I love reading your alfabetic posts.

    3. Uglemor,

      You did make a compost bin from pallets? I must be getting to know you properly! Andy made two of them. They're the best bins we've ever had. And cheap.

      I'm ignoring the dust. Onto the next blog post!

  4. Sue-

    I remember YEARS ago watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show all about this. They hid cameras in people houses and changed a few things- the wife did her fingernails, she got a new lamp, stuff like that- to see if her husband noticed.

    It was funny that the men didn't notice many of the changes. I would guess our children are even less observant about such things as cleaning and our appearance.

    Cleaning is, of course, a necessary evil sometimes but the fruits of our blogging last much, much longer than the results of a morning spent hard at work cleaning. If ever I get the chance to have an afternoon to myself, I am going to happily write, write, write the time away! :)

    1. Kari,

      I guess not noticing is very common!

      One afternoon, I ironed Andy a whole rack of shirts. (I hadn't done this in a long time) and he noticed and thanked me profusely. Since then I've ironed again a few times and replenished his supply, and he's never said anything about it. I don't know if he thinks he's still wearing the shirts from the first ironed batch. Perhaps one day he'll realise that it's taking him an awful long time to work his way through them!

      "the fruits of our blogging last much, much longer than the results of a morning spent hard at work cleaning." I like that very much!! I must admit I do like a tidy house. Life seems to go much smoother when our environment is organised and we can find things. But there are limits. It really is not worth making our home into a show house.

      I am off to happily write, write, write the morning away. I think it will be a good morning!

  5. Sue,
    You kill me...you're absolutely hilarious. The moisturizer story...the whole new face in a month and no one noticing! Love your style!
    Do your kids notice when you take them places though, if you're NOT the epitome of fashion? My almost 13 yo will say, "Um, Mom, are you wearing that?" (as we're walking to the car to meet friends at the bowling alley or to take him to youth grp at church. where, mind you, I'm not even getting out of the car, so does it really matter? LOL)
    But yet, when they go out for a bit and come home to a gleaming kitchen floor you can see your reflection in...nope. ( ! ) Too, too funny though, the way you express it!

    Takecare, Sue and have a great day!
    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Chris,

      I would have loved a whole new face! I guess it doesn't matter because those we are most important to me, never notice things like that anyway. But then again, maybe it did arrive and no one noticed. As I never look in the mirror I haven't noticed either!

      My kids do notice all the important things like the effort I put into taking them places, or helping them do things. Fashion? My boys wouldn't know the first thing about fashion. My girls and I have great fun with our clothes because we all don't care about fashion, and dress to suit ourselves. We sew clothes together, and discuss such things as how to make our legs look longer. (We are all short!)

      Thank you for sharing your stories and making me smile!

  6. I think I've got the moral of the story...

    *kicks off shoes, ignores the dirt and dust all around the house, writes a blog post*


    1. Mama J,

      You have summed up my post perfectly! Doesn't that sound a great way to spend a day? Thanks for your comment!


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