An email from Bob Blogosphere: I want to interview you about the A-Z April blogging challenge. Meet me in my office at 11 am.

Bob Blogosphere, the most famous man in the blogosphere wants to interview me? I glance at my watch. It’s almost 11 am now.  I click my mouse a few times and before I know it, I’m standing outside the Blogosphere News Building. I push through the revolving door, step into the elevator, and shoot to the top floor.

Miss Bell is sitting outside Bob’s office. “Go right on in,” she tells me. “Bob’s expecting you.”

I push open the heavy door and step inside. Bob is sitting behind his huge desk. He glances quickly into his mirror and smooths his already immaculate hair, then he turns and treats me to a dazzling smile. Bob is as perfect as ever.

“Sue! Sit down,” Bob orders. “I’m writing an article for the Blogosphere News about the A-Z challenge. Big news at the moment!  I need someone to interview.”

“The blogging challenge?” I ask.

“Yes. How’s it going?”

“Great,” I say. “I’m enjoying myself immensely.”

“Enjoying yourself? No, that’s not what I meant,” says Bob, shaking his head. “How’s the pageviews? Are you attracting readers? Do they like your posts? Are they commenting?”

“Well, I had a stream of new readers at the start of the challenge,” I reply. “But most of them disappeared after a few days. Not that it matters. One or two are still with me, and I’ve got some lovely friends who've been encouraging me along.”

“But isn’t the A-Z challenge about networking?” asks Bob. “Aren’t you supposed to be attracting new followers?”

“I guess so,” I reply, “but new followers aren’t everything. I’m enjoying the challenge of writing lots of new stories.”

“I’m not sure you understand,” says Bob. “What’s the point of writing so much if no one is reading? You can’t rely on the kindness of friends. You need proper followers. What are you doing wrong?”

I shrug my shoulders. We both sit in silence for a few moments and then Bob narrows his eyes and looks directly at me, “You haven’t been writing about all that sad stuff, have you?”

“Yes, I have actually,” I admit. “I started the challenge off with a grief story: Angels and Babies.”

Bob rolls his eyes. “That was a huge mistake. Probably scared everyone away!" Then he shoots another question at me: "And all that faith stuff? Have you been writing about that too?”

“Well, seems to have worked its way into quite a few of my posts.” Bob is slowly shaking his head, so I say in a rush, “I didn't mean to write about faith. It just sort of happened.”

“But at least you've been encouraging some religious debates?" asks Bob. He leans forward and rubs his hands together. "Are your readers arguing?” 

“Well, no,” I say. “No debates. No arguments. It’s all very friendly.”

“Then that’s your problem,” says Bob, slapping his hand upon his desk. “What did I tell you when I interviewed you last time? Unless it's controversial, no one is interested in that sort of stuff. Readers see the word 'Catholic' or 'grief' and they don't hang around. You need to write about something with more appeal: Big news stuff… something sensational… something everyone can relate to.”

“I do?”

“Yes,” says Bob firmly. “Have you visited Alex J. Cavanagh’s blog? Or Shannon Lawrence’s? Or Mark Means? Or Arlie Bird’s?”

“I have actually,” I reply.

“And what did you discover?”

“Their posts are very popular,” I admit.

“Popular? They get hundreds of comments on all their posts. And do you know why?” Bob lowers his voice and leans towards me. “They write about things people are interested in, like movies and history mysteries and superheroes and…”

I don't let Bob finish. “I can’t write about those things,” I protest.

“You’re just going to have to make more of an effort if you want to attract some readers,” says Bob.

And then something occurs to me. “Why am I here? Why aren’t you questioning Arlie or Shannon or Alex or Mark? Surely they’d provide you with better interviews?”

Bob looks down at his desk. “I tried to interview them. I left them emails.” He fiddles with his ear and then adds, “I guess they’re too busy. All those comments… Probably haven’t seen my emails yet.  But you…”

“You know I don’t get much mail. I’m not busy answering comments,” I say. “You knew I’d hop straight over at a moment’s notice.”

“Precisely!” says Bob smiling, once more in control.

It's all making sense. “Are you really going to publish my interview this time?” I ask. “You never did use my Elvis’ Wife interview.”

“Well,” says Bob, suddenly noticing a speck of dust on his jacket. “It all depends on whether…”

“On whether you get someone better to interview before the deadline,” I finish for him.

“Precisely!” agrees Bob. “I can see you understand. There’s still a chance Shannon or Alex will respond to my emails. I’ll just hold you in reserve.”

I sigh. Had I really expected Bob Blogosphere to be interested in my little blog? I stand up. It appears the interview is over.

But Bob has one last piece of advice for me. “You’ve still got a few letters to go before the end of the month. Use one of them to write something popular. Go on. Give it a go,” he encourages. “You’ll see. The comments will come flooding in. It'll be a challenge.”

Bob has said the right word. I love a good challenge. I stand in front of his desk, deep in thought and then say, “’S’… I could try writing a superhero story of my own. S is for Superheroes.”

Bob smiles his perfect smile. “Perfect! I bet your readers will love it.”

Before I know it, I’m back at my blog. I pour myself a glass of red wine, reach for a few squares of chocolate and then sit back to think…

  • Will I be able to write a superheroes story?
  • Will anyone come to read it?
  • Will anyone stop to comment?
  • Will it be popular?
  • Do I even care about popularity?
  • And will Bob Blogosphere publish my interview in the Blogosphere News or will he find someone better to write about?

Please stay tuned to find out!

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  1. I just wrote a comment that seems to have disappeared. I'll try, again.

    1. Vicky,

      I love readers who don't give up but try again when their comments disappear. Thank you!

  2. Oops, that worked!

    As I was saying, don't be sucked in by that Bob Blogosphere! He's a fiend! All those mega-bloggers - they write at their readers, instead of talking with them. You can't have a conversation in the comments box.

    There may be few of us but we love you, Sue! Isn't our love worth more than fame and fortune and Bob's seal of approval?!!!

    1. Vicky,

      I guess when there's heaps of comments it takes a long time to answer them all, and conversations are less intimate. Fame and fortune? It's Bob who worries, not me! I'm always grateful when anyone stops to say hello. Thank you for your second comment! Love you too!

  3. I'm writing another comment to keep Bob happy!

    1. Vicky,

      Bob will be impressed! Now he might stop nagging at me.

  4. If we all write 5 comments, you'll soon be a mega-blogger!

  5. Replies
    1. Vicky,

      Did you notice I answered every one of your comments separately? Now I have ten comments. Well, on my way to becoming a mega-blogger. Thank you for being so kind!

  6. Huh, people actually put that much thought into it? I just write whatever rubbish comes into my head (which should be completely obvious from the shameful way I'm stretching the whole letter matching post rule).

    1. Kellie,

      I haven't got your knack for writing interesting posts off the top of my head. I have to admit I do have to think carefully about my stories. You are very good at coming up with appropriate titles!

  7. When I saw you were going to post about Bob Blogosphere under Q, I began looking forwards to today. And you did not dissapoint me. Bob Blogosphere is true to type,(and so are you). I always imagine Bob Blogosphere as a younger sibling to Gilderoy Lockhart, who was a squib. He did not make it to Hogwarts and had to find himself a career in our world. You paint pictures with those words of yours, and deserve a heap of followers ;)

    1. Uglemor,

      I am so glad you enjoyed my Bob Blogosphere post! He makes me smile but I wasn't sure anyone else would like him too.

      I have to admit I had to look up Gilderoy Lockhart. I didn't know who he was! We haven't read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies. I found out that Kenneth Brahagh plays this character. Branagh is one of our favourite actors. We know him as a Shakespearean actor. I shall have to go to Youtube and see if I can find a clip of him as Gilderoy Lockhart!

      Uglemor, you are very kind and encouraging. Thank you so much!

    2. You haven't read Harry Potter - insert appropriate shocked sound here ;). Well I hope it's not all that "they're not good for Catholics to read"-talk that has been circulating what's keeping you away. If it is, you have to hurry and improve your Danish. My husband wrote a brilliant article about the books and how Christian (if not specific catholic) they are. The movies are not as good as the books, but then which movie is, when you have read the books first (with the exception of Brideshead Revisited, I am always disappointed when seeing a book made into a movie).
      We came late to the Harry Potter-books, I had just read one as I heard an interview with an English speaking actor in the radio. "He would be the perfect Gilderoy Lockhart", went through my head - and it was an interview with Kenneth Brahagh when he accepted the role.

      I'm afraid to be bringing a bit of discussion to your blog. Bob Blogosphere would maybe appreciate. If you don't, feel free to delete this reply.

    3. Uglemor,

      Sorry to shock you! I have heard all the talk about Harry Potter being anti-Catholic but I don't have an opinion as I have never read the books. I haven't banned the books or anything, but the girls haven't shown any interest in Harry Potter. They read mostly fantasy with dragons and elves and such like. I guess this could be considered controversial by some too. I have known people object to The Lord of the Rings!

      I am not at all worried about bringing discussion to my blog! I am quite happy to hear other people's opinions, and yes, Bob Blogophere would approve entirely if we started up a bit of a debate!

      Now I have another reason to learn Danish. I know I am sounding very lazy, but perhaps your husband should translate his article into English so it could be more widely circulated. It sounds very interesting!

      I always love chatting with you, Uglemor. There's never any need to worry: Talk about anything!

      Oh yes... I might just borrow a Harry Potter book from the library next time I visit.

  8. I think that Bob is a bit of a pelican head ... no vision at all, but I do so enjoy listening in on your meetings with him. I am sure if you wrote about superheroes it would take an unexpected turn ... ooohhh, eager anticipation now.

    1. Lisa,

      Bob is a pelican head? Oh, I like that! I can just imagine saying, "Bob, you are a pelican head!" Maybe in a future story...

      You don't think I'll write a conventional Superhero story? You could be right! Actually you are right. That post has already been written! I hope it lives up to your expectation.

  9. Hey Sue,
    Awesome post!!
    I have a to-do list as long as my arm, a laundry pile that is going to evaporate into the drawers by itself and a stack of schoolwork to organzize for the coming day ( as do we all!! :) and what am I doing? Thoroughly enjoying your blog! Your style is so clever. Love it. It trumps all over things that call me to -do....
    I, too, hear you on the styles of bloggers.... I've only been blogging for a few mos; so this is all new to me--the reasons behind why ppl actually blog. I thought it all YOUR know, loving the writing or wanting to keep photos, memories, thoughts down digitally as opposed to or in addition to a scrapbook. But I see that's not the case rather often. It's easy too, to get sucked into the allure of having many followers, etc but as someone who has less that 2 dozen subscribers BUT yet has met many dear and honest friends in the blogosphere from whom I have learned much, it's clear that it's not all about the numbers.
    Now I have a silly Bob Blogosphere a character who was made up and he's this silly mythical "Big Brother" type or did you create this character for this post?:) :)

    Have a great day...

    1. Chris,

      I'm sorry I've kept you away from the laundry but that's kind of nice! I appreciate your generous words very much. They have made me smile. Thank you!

      When I started blogging, I must admit I got caught up worrying about followers and pageviews, until I realised blogging is not about numbers. It's about belonging to a community of beautiful people who all support and are interested in one another. I have made some wonderful friends online. Of course I also blog because I love writing!

      Bob Blogosphere is a character I made up. He came into existence when I was writing my post "Me? I'm Elvis' Wife". (You can find the link to that story under my header.) A few months ago we were discussing our very first blog posts. Mine is very popular which is rather embarrassing as the post isn't that good at all. I decided to rewrite my first post, and I called it "Me? I'm Elvis' Wife". It was all a bit of fun. I rather like Bob so I brought him back for another story. I am glad Bob isn't real. What an annoying person he would be!

      Thank you for your comment, Chris. You always brighten my day.

  10. I meant a laundry pile that's NOT going to evaporate...that's what I get for rushing!

    1. Chris, wouldn't you love laundry that put itself away? Evaporating laundry!!

    2. Love your replies to the comments! They're very entertaining as well as giving the feel of a "real" conversation!!
      And you are SO So right abt making true friends online in the blogosphere!
      I have made such lovely friends across the country AND in Europe and now Australia! Wow....who knew?

      I forget that I "liked" SEW on FB and I hardly ever go on my news feed to tell the truth b.c it just sucks too much time away but I did jump on briefly tonight and I saw your snipping post...gotta get over and enjoy that soon!

      Take care, friend~!
      Love ya

    3. Chris,

      The best part of a post is the conversation that follows, in the comments box! I am so glad you've stopped to join in. I have got to know some wonderful people just because we've swapped comments. I love those conversations where everyone comes back to check the latest comment, and to add a bit more. And I love my blogging friends. Now we are friends too! I am so pleased to know you, Chris.

      Thank you for 'liking' my SEW page on FB. I shall share my secret: I don't spend much time on FB either! The post notifications are done automatically. I just pop in every now and then. I did see your 'likes' today however. That was special. Thank you!

  11. Oh Bob, I'm going to argue with you: Sue should write more faith stuff! There. How's that for controversy? Maybe you should come over to my blog, I need to have a word with you...

    1. Anabelle,

      It looks like I'm going to have to introduce Bob to a few of my blogging friends. There's obviously a few things he needs educating about. I am sending him over to visit you. I hope you've got some good faith stuff ready. Oh yes! Show him that wonderful article you wrote for Catholic Lane.

  12. I'm with Annabelle! If the word "Catholic" never came up, I'd be out of here. In fact, I've tried to read some of those mega-blogs and they're not for me. There's no substance and it seems they all eventually end up being nothing but commercials for all their sponsors.

    I'd rather read about a real life- with grief and faith and joy! At least Mr. Blogosphere is good for a laugh though. :)

    1. Kari,

      We can't help writing about faith stuff because that's who we are, I guess! As I said to Bob, I don't set out to write about the faith. It just happens!

      I haven't actually read many mega-blogs. Mega-blog... the word has just entered my vocabulary! I did enjoy reading the blog that had all the super hero stories. My kids would love all the super heroes. Some of the writing blogs were very interesting too. I think there's some lovely people involved with this challenge. My daughter Imogen seems to know a lot of them. Alex and some of the others are very kind and encouraging towards the younger writers, and often stop by her blog.

      I suppose we are gravitate towards people who are most like us, though it is good to share with others too. We can all learn from each other. The best thing though is being able to write my own style of story knowing my friends will come and read, even if no one else really understands what I'm saying. Thank you for always supporting me!

  13. Sue, you have such a talent for good, interesting posts! They are always such fun! So glad that faith does creep up now and then in your A-Z posts! I'm with Kari. I love reading about something I can relate to in real life.

    1. Monica,

      It is lovely to hear you are enjoying my posts. Yes, faith seems to sneak it's way into my posts. I did consider writing for a wider audience during this challenge, but I don't know what went wrong. I guess I got off on the wrong foot when I wrote a grief and faith story for my first post. After that I gave up and carried on as usual!

      Thank you for stopping to say hello!

  14. Sue, you could write about counting eyelashes on ladybugs and I'd be glued to every word. Thankfully, you use your writing talent to put smiles on people's faces and share the JOY of faith.

    But poor Bob B! He's got it sooooooooooo wrong, hasn't he? I, meanwhile, wait for Sue's Mighty Superhero to dash in and save the day. Anticipating. Anticipating. Anticipating.

    1. Nancy,

      Counting eyelashes on ladybugs? is that a challenge? My mind boggles at the thought!

      Poor Bob has definitely got everything wrong, but he is so much fun to write about! I think perfect Bob is due for a fall. I've been thinking about possibilities...

      Anticipating? Oh no! Is my story worth anticipating? Now I'm worried. Should I go and rewrite it? What if it's awful? I know Bob Blogosphere will hate it!

      Isn't it good to be silly and smile?

  15. You could write about Andy...he is a superhero! I do appreciate the faith blogs myself so keep on blogging your wonderful stories. We do love to read them :)

    1. Noreen,

      Yes! You are so right. Husbands make the best sort of superheroes. I could have done a good post on Andy. I'll keep that idea tucked away for the future, as my story has already been written.

      Thank you for being so kind, Noreen.

      God bless!


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