When I created my blog, all my daughters wanted to follow it. I didn't stop to consider whether the posts I was planning on writing would be suitable reading for children. I just said, "Of course you can follow me!" I was grateful for their support.

I have gained a few other young followers along the way, and I think this is very special. I have young readers I never expected to have. But now I am wondering whether some of my blog posts actually need to be preceded by a warning: 

contains adult themes

During the April blogging challenge, my girls were eager to read my daily posts. I was just as eager to read theirs. Then one day, Gemma-Rose asked, “Is today’s post one of your grief ones?” I replied it wasn’t. "Oh good! I don't like the sad ones.” Gemma-Rose is only 9, and isn't ready to read all my posts.

But some of my older children, do read all my stories, regardless of topic. I'm sure they have learnt a lot about my life, and all I have experienced, by sharing my posts. They read things I wouldn’t normally find the words to tell them in a conversation. I think this is good. Compared to me at a similar age, they have a real head start when it comes to working out what life is really all about. My children know that life isn’t always easy, and that we will inevitably encounter suffering. In particular, they have seen miscarriage and child loss through my eyes, and have felt my grief. However, they are also aware that suffering has meaning. They know about hope and love, and God’s perfect plan for our lives. I have been able to share all this with them through my writing. 

But what about other young readers from outside my family? Are my posts suitable reading? Perhaps younger people just skip over the posts which don’t seem very relevant to their stage of life? But if they do read them, do you as parents think this is okay? How about teenagers?

If you are a young person reading my blog I’d love to hear what you think about my stories.

So should I add a warning to some of my posts?

Sad story ahead. Contains adult themes.

If any bloggers have come across this situation, It would be great to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hmmm...I guess I never considered that children/young adults (tweens/teens) might be reading my blog. I too have some "heavy posts. My kiddos are still too young (although Mary Catherine will soon be 9) to have read my blog. I'll be interested in seeing what kind of responses you get!

    1. Val,

      Heavy posts? Yes! That's the right description. Mary Catherine is almost the same age as my Gemma-Rose. I guess both girls are not interested in our more serious posts at the moment. Maybe that will change as they grow older.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I love your posts - the honesty is sometimes gut wrenching, but that's okay! There is so much beauty in your sharing. Some of your posts I've printed and shared with the dc. Others I may share as a link... I haven't found my dc to be big blog readers on their own - maybe they are more productuve than their momma popping here and there ;-) I do think if they are old enough to go about reading blogs on their own, then a warning on your posts isn't necessary.

    1. Beate,

      You've shared some of my posts with your children? I am honoured!

      I have found writing to be a good way of sharing inner thoughts with my children. Sometimes we can explain things better by writing down our experiences than we can by speaking about them. I also learn a lot about my children by sharing their written words. When Felicity started blogging and telling her stories, I really learnt a lot about her. Sometimes we can miss so much about the people we love, even when we live with them every day.

      "...if they are old enough to go about reading blogs on their own..." Yes, that is true! Thank you so much for that. That makes me feel much better.

      You are always so kind and encouraging! God bless!

  3. I would say that the only problem when you start doing that is your idea of adult content may not be the same as other peoples so you could find yourself accused of being too liberal, etc. Books don't generally come with warnings. You write tastefully and thoughfully - and as you say some kids may simply tune out if it doesn't apply to their stage in life.

    Just a thought if you were worried maybe you could put a little note in your "about me" intro just to say that you touch on subjects of grief that might be a little adult. I would not think it necessary but if you were concerned you could add something there. You are simply too lovely for considering it though.

    1. Lisa,

      Oh yes! I can see how warnings could get complicated. I've never before thought about how books are not rated. Totally unsuitable kids' books are sitting on library shelves waiting for unsuspecting readers. But that's another story...

      Maybe you're right about kids tuning out when stories don't seem relevant. Lots of things seem to pass over their heads when they don't understand.

      I think it's very special I have some younger followers. I really didn't think anyone except adults, and especially the bereaved, might be interested in my blog when I first started writing!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and suggestions.

  4. I don't think that "kids" are going to go reading blogs from people they don't know through their parents, etc. I agree with Catholic momma - if they are old enough to go looking at blogs on their own, then a warning is not necessary.

    1. Colleen,

      I think you are right. 'Kids' who read my blog probably found it through their parents. I won't worry. Thank you for your thoughts!

  5. What you write is so honest, tactful and sensitive that I think it's o.k. What most children are exposed to is ever so much more worrisome to me. Everyday, they hear of terrible, immoral things happening in our world. Your posts give hope and encourage faith!

    1. Dana,

      Thank you for your encouraging words. Personally, I think it's beneficial for my own children to hear about such things as child loss, grief and other more 'difficult' subjects through my stories. I was just wondering about how they affect other people's children.

      Thank you!


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