My young friend Hannah has just created a fabulous new blog called Hannah Island Girl. The other day Hannah left me a comment: “Please tell Bob about my blog!”

Bob is of course the most famous man in the blogosphere, with the power to make or break a new blogger. He’s famous for his deep and probing blogging interviews. Years ago, I managed to get Bob to interview me. Of course, things went a little wrong and my interview never did get published. But you know all about that. That story is history. This story is about Hannah.

How am I going to convince Bob to write an article about Hannah’s blog for the Blogosphere News? I sit deep in thought and then a brilliant plan appears out of nowhere. I grin. I grin some more. I roll the idea around and around inside my mind. Yes, it’s brilliant. I am brilliant. I grin again. This time I'm going to get the better of Bob. I’m sure of it. This time, for a change, Bob is going to do exactly what I want.  Bob is going to write an article about Hannah Island Girl.

I glance at the clock: a few minutes before midday. I need to hurry. I must catch Bob before he leaves his office. Soon he will be on his way to the gym to work on his muscles. Quickly I click my mouse, and before I know it, I am outside the Blogosphere News Building. I push through the revolving door, enter the elevator and shoot to the top floor where Bob’s secretary, Miss Bell is sitting at her desk outside his office.

“Is Bob in?” I ask. “Just dropped by to see how he is. How’s his buzz cut?” Before Miss Bell can answer any of my questions, Bob’s door flies open.

“Miss Bell…” Bob stops when he sees me. “Oh, it’s you,” he says.

I ignore Bob’s rude greeting and say, “Bob! That buzzcut looks brilliant!”

Bob smiles widely. “I do look rather good, don’t I? Kind of perfect. My new look has been a total success. Did you see my latest article, Cool Buzz Cut Bob?

I nod. “I told you it was time for a make-over, Bob. You are a trendsetter!” Bob grins as he strides towards the elevator. “Bob, I need to talk to you,” I say, running to keep up with him.

“Not now. Not now. I’m on my way to the gym.” Bob flaps his hand at me as if I‘m an irritating fly. He presses the elevator button.

“Ah your daily workout at the gym!” I say. “I shouldn’t have come. No problem. I’ll go and see Taj Websurfer instead. I’m sure he’ll be interested in my story.”

“Taj Websurfer?” Bob says, chewing on the name as if he has a mouthful of something disgusting.  “Why would you want to see him?”

“Why not?” I ask. “These days everyone wants to talk to Taj Websurfer.”  I lean towards Bob, and say in a confidential  whisper, “I hear Taj will be the next star of the blogosphere.”

“That young fool! Never!” shouts Bob, losing his cool.  “I mean…" He pulls himself together and says, "Sue, you are a fortunate woman. Perhaps I can spare a few minutes to talk to you after all.”

I follow Bob back into his office.  Forgetting to check his appearance in the mirror, he drops onto his chair behind his huge desk. “So what’s all this about?” he demands.

Bob’s famous smile has disappeared. I look at the frown mark etched onto his forehead and say, “Bob, I’ve just heard about a fabulous new blog. Maybe you’d like to write an article about it for the Blogosphere News.”

Bob rolls his eyes. “A new blog? Is that all?” He taps his fingers impatiently on his desk. "I‘ve told you before. Everyone has a fabulous new blog. Do you know how many new blogs are created each day? What’s so special about this one?”

“It’s written by… “ I break off. “I do believe I’m wasting your time, Bob. On second thoughts, I am sure it’s Taj I should be speaking to.” I flash Bob one of my own brilliant smiles and start to rise from my chair.

“Wait! Why Taj?” demands Bob.

“Well, he’s not as old as you,” I say as I sit back down. “He’s more in tune with the younger generation.”

“Not as old as me?” Bob’s face is turning red. The air between us is heating up. “Taj Websurfer is a baby, immature, a nobody, ridiculous. All those long sun bleached curls… Full heads of hair are sooo yesterday. That tanned skin… It will turn into leather one day, you know … those clothes… real men do not wear sandals! Hanging out with all those younger bloggers…”

“Those young bloggers are going to grow into older bloggers, Bob,” I say. “They are the future of the blogosphere.” I stop, letting my words sink into Bob’s ear. “But if you’re happy to let Taj look after the blogging stars of tomorrow… I’m sure he’ll be interested in this brilliant young writer… even if you’re not…”  My voice trails away.

Bob glares at me. “So what’s this blog called?” he barks.

I cup my chin in my hand, hiding my smile. “Hannah Island Girl. Hannah’s a brilliant young blogger.” 

“And what does Hannah write about?” Bob’s eyes narrow suspiciously. “She doesn’t write sad stuff like you, does she?” he demands.

“Don’t worry, Bob,” I say, relaxing back on my chair. “No sad stuff. Hannah is a very interesting girl. She writes and reads, loves music and art. She’s a Jane Austen fan. Jane Austen is very popular. Popular is good, isn’t it?”

Bob glances into his mirror. “Do you think I look like Mr Darcy?” he asks. “Mr Darcy if he had a buzz cut, of course.”

Mr Darcy with a buzz cut? “Oh yes! You could be twins,” I smile.

Bob smiles too. Then his teeth disappear. He has thought of something else. “This Hannah doesn’t write about all that boring faith stuff, does she?”

“You’re going to love this Bob,” I say, sidestepping the question. “Do you know what Hannah’s favourite quote from the Bible is?”

Bob has no idea. He doesn’t know very many words from the Bible. He shrugs his shoulders carelessly.

“I, Tobit had a bath!”

“I, Tobit had a bath?” repeats Bob, raising his eyebrows.

I nod. “Aren’t those wonderful words?”

“Surely that’s not from the Bible,” says Bob.

“It is,” I insist.

“I, Tobit, had a bath, did you say? What happened after the bath?”

“Oh, I think the next bit of the story has something to do with a bird and Tobit’s eyes. He went blind, you know.”

“Blind?” For a moment Bob is blind too. He has a faraway look in his eye. He’s thinking about Tobit and baths and birds. Then Bob’s sight suddenly returns and he looks straight at me and says, “What’s the address of this blog?”

“Look Bob, before I give you the address, I have to be sure you’re actually going to publish an article about Hannah’s blog. If you’re not serious, I really will have to talk to Taj Websurfer instead. You really aren’t very good at keeping promises, you know.”

“Keeping promises?” Bob looks hurt. “Bob Blogosphere always keeps his promises. You can trust me! The article will be in next Monday’s edition of Blogosphere News.”

“Go to,” I say, as I stand up. “Thank you, Bob! Oh and don’t forget to leave Hannah a comment and then follow her blog.”

Bob has already opened his computer. He is typing in Hannah’s web address. He barely looks up as I head for the door. The last words I hear as I leave Bob’s office are, “I, Tobit had a bath…”

  • Will Bob visit Hannah’s blog?
  • Will he publish an article about Hannah Island Girl?
  • Will the world flock to Hannah’s blog to read her posts?
  • And will Bob buy a Bible so he can read more about Tobit?

Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. 'The air between us is heating up.' Roflol

    Very funny! I shall have to visit Hannah's blog to find out more about her favourite quotes.

    Taj Websurfer sounds like an interesting character. Do you think Bob would be put out if you wrote a little piece about him?

    God bless, Sue:-)
    PS. Do you think Bob would approve of my 'roflol'??

    1. Vicky,

      I don't know if Bob would know what roflol means. I'm not even sure I do! Taj would know though. Yes, he's tuned into the younger generation. If I really want to annoy Bob I'll write a little piece about Taj!

      We are going crazy. We're talking about Bob as if he's a real person. I'm going to have to make a page for Bob Blogosphere and explain who he is, so new readers know he's just a figment of my imagination!

    2. What do you mean "he's a figment of my imagination" ... next you'll be saying that Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy aren't real either!

    3. Lisa,

      I confused a new reader some months ago. She enjoyed my Bob story but couldn't decide whether he was real or not! Oh I think Bob would love having his name linked with such famous characters as the Easter Bunny, Santa and the tooth fairy!

  2. Thanks for the post! I love it. Pore Bob, but he needs a bit of humbling. Thanks again and thanks for visiting my blog again!

    1. Hannah,

      I'm glad you like my Bob story. Thank you for the inspiration. I had lots of fun writing this post. You are quite right: Bob needs humbling.

      I enjoyed visiting your blog again. I see you have a new post. I shall be over soon to read it!

  3. Oh thanks for writing another piece about Bob Blogosphere. In a comment to your last Bob Blogosphere post, which was mysteriously eaten by a cyberworm, I asked to be inrolled in Bob's fanclub as well. Your endings to these posts reminds me a bit of SOAP, the whole "Will Bob cut his hair short, Will Bob ... learn more in next episode of, no, not SOAP, but Sue Elvis' continuing story of Bob Blogosphere.
    I'm sure Bob is goint to visit Hannahs blog, just like we all did. And I sure hope Bob buys a Bible and gets wiser.
    My children also like the story of Tobit and his som Tobias and the fish. We hear it in preparation to Christmas, and make fish to hang on the tree.

    1. Uglemor,

      I hate those cyberworms. It's so frustrating when comments get eaten!

      Thanks for visiting Hannah's blog. I hop Bob got there too!

      I've been thinking about Bob and his Bible. The book of Tobit can only be found in a Catholic Bible. Is that right? What if Bob's Bible doesn't have the story of Tobit?

      You hang fish on your Christmas tree? I've never heard of that tradition before. I will have to find out more, and adopt that one ourselves!

      Thank you for being one of Bob's fans!

    2. Yes, Bob has to buy a Catholic Bible to find the book of Tobit. I even think this sentence with Tobit bathing is differnt in the different translations. In Danish he's only washing, not bathing. I wonder what the original says, but I don't read any Hebrew.
      Fish on the Christmas tree is only us I suppose. They come from our Jesse tree readings and making stuff. We make decorations for the tree illustrating the Bible stories - not every day, but when it fits. That way we'll be reminded of the long story from Creation to birth of Christ when we look at the tree and see stars and sun (creation), fish (Tobit), ladders (Jacob) candles (Isaiah), lanterns and harps and many more items. Much of the ornaments fro the tree has its origin in a Bble story. This is mostly forgotten, and we try to re-invent tradition ;)

    3. Uglemor,

      Yes, words can differ so much between translations of the Bible. Some versions are much more poetic and beautiful than others.

      I think I see a possible storyline when Bob buys the wrong Bible!

      The Jesse tree? Oh yes! We have one of those as well as our Christmas tree. And we have fish on it. Why didn't I work out that for myself. I'm so slow! Thank you so much for reminding me.

      I saw your comment on Hannah's blog about Tobit. I think she was so delighted with everyone's comments.

  4. Sue, you have to be the sweetest (and most creative) person to come up with a story like this to advertise Hannah Island Girl. It was great, and it worked. I'm now a Hannah follower.

    1. Dana,

      I really enjoyed writing this story for Hannah. Her comment on another of my posts inspired it. So many people have been kind enough to visit Hannah's blog and leave her a comment. Thank you so much for following her blog. I really love how we can help each other and spread a little joy. That's the best part about blogging!

      I always love seeing a comment from you, Dana. I'm glad you had no trouble posting your comment this time.

      God bless!

  5. Don't know about Bob, but I'm heading over to check out Hannah's blog. :-)

    1. Misha,

      Thank you for your kindness. I'm sure Hannah will be delighted to see you on her blog. I know I love seeing you on mine! Thank you for stopping by to say hello.

  6. Hi Sue,

    I've missed coming by your blog! I see you are still writing witty and entertaining posts :) I always end up with a smile on my face when I read your posts. Good for my soul :)

    I started working part time about a 6 weeks ago and between that and my volunteering as a Minister of Care, I feel like I have a full time job! All is good and I'm happy with this new chapter of my life. My pastor offered me a part time job in our parish center and I happily accepted it. I had no idea how busy the parish office can be! What an eye opener. My days fly by and I'm loving it!

    I will continue to stop in and say hello. I've missed you! I have to go say hi to your sister and Victor! It's been awhile.

    God bless,

    1. Noreen,

      It was so lovely to see you comment and hear your exciting news. I am so happy for you! It's amazing where God leads us. I can just imagine what a wonderful addition you are to your parish office staff. It must have felt so good when you were offered the job. Obviously your pastor noticed your many talents.

      I miss you too! I'd been thinking it was a long time since we last swapped a comment, and then I saw a post from you yesterday!

      God bless!

  7. Reading your Bob stories is so much fun for me and it makes me think of something I recently read in a book that I want to as you about. The author of this book said that often the characters have a mind if their own...they do things that surprise even the authors. I was wondering if you have found that to be true in your own fictional writing. Can't wait to see if Bob changes something other than his hair! ;-). XO!

    1. Sorry , I didn't proofread my post. I meant, "ask you about something" and "characters have a mind of their own". :-). I always a feel a bit self conscious about spelling and grammar posting to authors.

    2. Elizabeth,

      No problem with the mistake! I knew what you meant. But I also understand the need to put things right. I am always very picky about my own comments!

      Oh yes! Characters do seem to have a mind of their own! You start out with an idea and it just seems to grow, sometimes in unexpected ways. That's one of the lovely things about writing. I never quite know where I'll end up.

      Bob is fun because he is fictional and so anything is possible. I usually stick to the truth when I'm writing my other posts. Bob will change a lot I think... eventually. This story wasn't the one I planned to write next, but Hannah's comment gave me an additional idea. And now I'm thinking about Tobit and how that could lead into the next story... I'll just have to see where that one goes!

      Thank you for reading my Bob stories. I guess they are rather silly but it's nice to have fun every now and then.

      Thank you for stopping by, I hope all is well. I miss your posts!


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