My husband Andy is home from work today: It’s the Queen’s birthday long weekend. 

I was going to sit down and write a blog post about the Queen this morning. That last sentence is rather silly, isn’t it? How many people stand up and write blog posts? But no time to go back and edit, because today I have big plans which don’t include writing. Sophie and I are going to make monsters using the sewing machine. The Queen’s birthday story will not get written. It was a silly story anyway. It was only a conversation Gemma-Rose and I were giggling over the other day...

My youngest daughter asked why Andy would be home today, today being a Monday.

“We get a holiday in honour of the Queen’s birthday," I explained, "though it’s probably not the Queen’s real birthday. She gets more than one birthday a year. Today is her Australian birthday."

“Do you think the Queen has an extra birthday cake today?” asked Gemma-Rose.

“Oh yes!” I said. “She probably says, 'Chef! Please make me a birthday cake. It’s my birthday in Australia today.'" Of course, I said that using my best posh Queen’s voice.

Gemma-Rose giggled.

“I wonder if all the countries in the Commonwealth celebrate the Queen’s birthday on different days. Can you imagine: 'Chef! It’s my birthday again. I need another birthday cake!'”

Gemma-Rose giggled some more.

“I can just imagine Prince Phillip looking up from his newspaper and saying, ‘Not another birthday, dear. Didn’t you just celebrate one?’ and the Queen would reply, ‘That was my Canadian birthday. This is my New Zealand one.'”

“Wouldn’t you love to be the Queen and have all those birthdays and all those cakes?” asked Gemma-Rose.

“I’m not sure… Maybe Prince Phillip says, ‘My dear, another birthday? You are getting so old! You are ageing much quicker than the rest of us.'" I used my best Prince Phillip voice. "No, I think one birthday a year is enough for me."

“Anyway, we don’t need to be the Queen to have lots of birthdays to celebrate,” observed Gemma-Rose. “We already have lots of birthdays and birthday cakes. There are a lot of us in the family.”

“That’s true,” I agreed. “And if we didn’t have lots of children, we could always celebrate all the feast days of another Queen…. our Heavenly one.”

Thinking over that conversation, it really isn’t the slightest bit funny without hearing the royal voices. No, that story isn’t worth writing down. It’s probably just as well I have decided to help Sophie make monsters instead of wasting time writing a post called Some Queen’s Birthday Silliness.

Monsters… We’re going to use a book called  Make a Monster: 15 Easy-to-Make Fleecie Toys You'll Love to Sew by Fiona Goble. I think we’ll try and make ours cute rather than ugly. We’re going to have a great time sewing together.

“Mum will you help me make a monster please?” asks Sophie.

“Of course I will!” I reply, with a smile on my face. (I have to practise what I preach.) “I love helping you!”

Actually... I do!

And if you do want to read a Queen's birthday story here's a couple you could try. They are rather silly too.

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  1. Today is my mother's birthday, she's coming around so I can cook her dinner. Hmm, do you think there's something she's not telling me? After all, it's not like I've ever seen her and the Queen in the same place at the same time...

    1. Kellie,

      I feel I ought to curtsey while writing this comment... just in case. Parents are good at keeping secrets. You never know...

      Thank you so much for the huge laugh! I hope your mother enjoyed her birthday. Is she planning a birthday message?

  2. If the Queen has had 87 of her own birthdays and 1 birthday each year for each of her Commonwealth countries, since she became queen - excluding the 10 years since Zimbabwe withdrew from the Commonwealth - then, I reckon she should have had about 3432 birthdays altogether. 3432 is quite a good age, don't you think? How many calories do you think there are in 3432 birthday cakes? More importantly, how many kilometres would you have to run to work off the extra kilos? Or how many actual bush runs? Am I thinking like an unschooler, yet??

    BTW, are you going to post the pictures of your monsters? They sound like fun.

    BTW2, it's almost worth getting a year older to read your annual Queen's birthday post. They must be real rivals to the annual Queen's Christmas message, by now:-D

    Happy Queen's birthday!

    1. Vicky,

      I'm impressed! 3432 birthdays? You worked it all out while I just vaguely thought it might be a large number. Wow! That's old. Don't you think the queen is looking rather good for her age? Fit as well, but I don't think there's any way she's going to be able to run off the calories contained in 3432 birthday cakes! You certainly are thinking like an unschooler. Unschooling... See how easy it is to learn from life?

      Sophie's monster is finished and looks wonderful. Gemma-Rose is still sewing hers. Before we started sewing, we drove into town to buy some fleece. We came back with a 4 metres of different brightly coloured fabrics. (It was on special so we were extravagant). I didn't realise the monsters are so small. We have enough fabric left over to make dozens more! I think the girls want to post pictures of their creations on their own blogs so I won't steal that idea!

      My annual Queen's birthday post... I seem to have started a tradition. Oh no! That means I have to come up with another story next year. "They must be real rivals to the annual Queen's Christmas message, by now." You are kind! I had lots of fun writing them. Thank you so much for reading them.

  3. Wow I think I'm going to write a letter to the Danish Queen, telling her what she's been missing all those years. We always celebrate her birthday only on the actual date. I see now that's a big mistake. We want more royal biryhdays - one for each of the Danish regions (5), one for Greenland and one for the Faroe Isles. What a pity we have no colonies any longer, then there could be even more. But maybe the old Danish parts of Sweden - Skaane especially - should celebrate as well.
    And now I know taht the Queens birthday is celebrated the 2nd monday in June in your part of the world, I'll be looking forwards to next years "Queen's birthday speech" by you.

    1. Uglemor,

      All those possible royal birthdays... Perhaps the Danish queen won't like the thought of getting old so quickly. She might like all the birthday cakes and attention though!

      Are the Danish regions like our states? Do they all come under the control of one federal government? I will have to find out more. I realise I know very little about Denmark. I wonder if there are any children's novels set in Denmark, that are written in English. If you know of any, please tell me! Or adult novels.

      Next year's 'queen's birthday speech'... the pressure is on! What will I write? It's lovely to think I'll still have at least two readers this time next year: you and Vicky! Thank you!

    2. The Danish regions have much less "power" than your states. Thy're more like municipalities, really as small as Denmark is, there's no use for more administration. Earlier we had 3 layers, now only 2.
      Children's book placed in Denmark, There's sure to be, but I don't know any off hand. I got to look in the library next I'm there.

    3. Uglemor,

      Thank you for that info! I did a quick search and found two children's books set in Denmark: Anne Holm's "I am David" and "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry. I think they are both set in the world war. If you do see any others, I'd appreciate you telling me. I find we learn lots about other countries by reading novels. Usually we research further any interesting things we read about.

      God bless!

  4. Can you let the lovely Gemma Rose know that we celebrated Queens birthday in NZ last Monday so that's like only one week between 2 birthdays.

    She must really work out regularly to keep all that weight off from all those cakes. I now have an odd vision of the Queen dressed like Olivia Newton John in that old "Let's Get Physical" music clip, working out to an aerobics DVD. Obviously it's past my bed time, I'm getting giddy.

    1. Lisa,

      Gemma-Rose will very interested to hear about your Queen's birthday holiday! The queen will have done a lot of celebrating in the past couple of weeks. Her real birthday falls on April 21st which is also my eldest daughter's birthday. All these important trivial facts I am learning!

      I have been rolling around the floor laughing my head off at the picture your words conjured up. I bet the Queen would get giddy if she danced around doing aerobics to 'Let's Get Physical'!! Thank you so much for that. Your comment has really made my day!

  5. I enjoyed this snapshot of life in your home this morning! The monster crafts look fun, too! We're always looking for something to make - I wonder if I could teach my little fellow to use a needle and thread?

    1. Dana,

      Thank you! The girls and I enjoyed sewing the monsters. We decided to sew them by hand in the end, because they were quite small and fiddly. I'm sure your son could make something similar.

      Being able to sew is a really useful skill for boys as well as girls. Andy knows how to mend and sew a hem and use the sewing machine. His mother didn't have any girls so she taught her sons! I have to admit that Callum, though he can sew, never does. He always takes his mending to Charlotte, knowing she is very kind-hearted and will do it for him!

      It's so lovely to swap a comment with you! Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Goodness, I'm glad I popped in here to the comments screen, so I can know (thanks to Vicky) how old the queen REALLY is!! Oh, and add me to the list of next year's awaiting-Sue's-Queen's-birthday post. So now you have a good solid three. Hundred, that is.

    1. Nancy,

      I have increased admiration for the queen now that I know exactly how old she really is. She is doing so well for her age! You're definitely on the list to receive my next Queen's birthday story. Perhaps we should have a birthday party too. That seems rather appropriate. Have you ever hosted an online birthday party? I wonder how one does that. I shall do some thinking. Expect an invitation next year!

  7. What a sweet conversation between you and your daughter(s). IT makes me think of a children's book written by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, called Tea for Ruby. A little girl receives an invitation in the mail to have tea with the Queen! I've read it with my girls many times and always motivates us to a full-out tea party.

    1. Linda,

      Oh yes! I haven't got the book you mentioned but I have seen it. My girls aren't so little any more but they would still enjoy it. They love having royal tea parties! They dress up and use their posh and polite voices. They have lots of fun!

      I am sitting here smiling as I think of the delights of daughters and tea parties. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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