My blogs are demanding monsters. “Feed me! Feed me!” they whine.

 I stuff my fingers in my ears and close my eyes and ignore them. I haven't time to write posts. I have other things to do.

“Mum, have you managed to work out how to publish your book, The Angels of Abbey Creek?”

“When will you finish the sequel, The Angels at Gum Tree Road?”

“Have you done any more work on your Shakespeare Breakspeares novel?”

“No I haven’t!” I cry. The unfinished manuscripts stare up at me from their files. When am I going to find time to edit all my stories?

I spy my knitting abandoned in a basket. "Not you too! Stop looking at me with those accusing eyes." Will I finish the cardigan before Gemma-Rose outgrows it? 

I have a pile of letters that need answering. And a toppling tower of books and blogs to read. I have family problems that need fixing, and jobs to complete. There’s other things that need attention too...

What’s that noise? My thoughts are rudely interrupted. I push my fingers further into my ears but it’s no good. I can still hear long sharp monster claws scraping very slowly down the blackboard of my mind.

I open one eye and see an evil monster grin. I open the other eye and the grin grows wider, revealing huge crooked green teeth. “Feed me!”

I’ve got to do something. And I've got to do it now. I decide to kill the monsters once and for all. I’m going to bash them soundly over their ugly heads. So I grab my hammer in both hands and swing it high into the air and launch it towards the ‘delete' button on my computer screen. Then just as the hammer is about to make contact, I jerk it to one side. I sigh. I can’t do it. I can’t kill. I’m not the violent type.

But my blogs are still grinning evilly, still demanding.

“If I can't kill you, I’m going to silence you,” I yell, and before they can react, I have clicked my mouse a few times, changed a couple of settings and the problem is solved. “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” I sing, happy-dancing around the room. Those demanding voices have been trapped in the dungeon, behind locked doors. They're inside blogs, newly made private, unable to communicate with the outside world. They are theoretically gone. It's as if they no longer exist.
I let out my breath in one long relieved sigh, releasing the tension from my body. “I’m going to bed and I’m going to sleep soundly,” I announce.

Except I don’t. Monster blog nightmares plague my sleep. I can still hear voices: “You think you can get along without writing? You’re going to miss us, you know.”

So I get up and open my computer. I do a bit of clicking and my blogs reappear.

“Don’t say a word,” I warn, glaring at my blogs. “I have nothing to feed you. Maybe I’ll have nothing for an awfully long time.”

They give me lop-sided apologetic grins. They bat their eyelashes at me as if to say, "You love us really... don't you?"

“I’m going to ignore you for a while,” I say, refusing to look those pathetic blogs in the eye. "You’re going to have to rely on the kindness of passers-by to feed you. Maybe if you're lucky someone will come along and click on an old post or two.”

This gives me an idea:

Did you ever hear the story of how my husband Andy hit a polar bear?  He was driving along the highway, on his way home from town when … If you'd like to know more perhaps you can click on this link...

Or did he?

Be kind to my blog monsters and click on some old links... please.... until I can feed them myself.

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  1. I hate to point it out to you, but you just fed the monster :) With such an intriguing title I must now go and find out whether a polar bear was hit or not.

    1. Kelly,

      I fed the monster? Oh, so I did! How silly of me. I didn't mean to. These blogs are tricky creatures!

      I hope the polar bear story doesn't disappoint!

  2. Don't feel alone hun. We all have things calling us to complete them (right now I am so supposed to be finishing editing a homeschooling paper). When things start to become an effort or unenjoyable then it's time to move on or simply not spend so much time on them and find some balance in our lives. My lap top died a couple of weeks ago at the start of school break of all things and I got so much done! I am taking this as a sign that I need to spend more time in the moment (and with my kidlets) and less time on here.

    I shall keep reading whether you post daily, weekly, monthly or whenever but would really miss you if you disappeared completely ... no pressure or anything ... lol

    1. Lisa,

      Your laptop died? I was wondering where you were the last couple of weeks. I think you are quite right about spending less time on the computer. But I guess if I'm ever going to finish those novels, I'm going to have to use mine. Maybe I should just stay away from the Internet.

      I tried disappearing. I don't really think that's what I want to do, even though sometimes I just feel like packing up shop and doing something else for a change. It is so lovely to think you'll still come and visit my blog however often I post. Thank you! Oh I like a bit of friendly pressure!!

  3. I think it's a great idea to re-visit your old posts while you do other things, Sue. It's nice to share them with new readers and fun for some of us to go back and remember them.

    I hope you enjoy your projects and get some good writing done!

    God bless xxx

    1. Vicky,

      I am sure you remember the polar bear story. I wonder if there are a few stories you missed during your blogging break. I will have to find out! Thank you for your understanding.

      Surpise! Surprise! I have got some good writing done today, and I'm not talking about blogging. I made a great start editing the first draft of my Shakespeare Breakspeare novel. I really enjoyed reading through the story again and making some notes for additions and changes. Who knows, I may eventually get the novel finished!

  4. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!! I have been trying to get a writing project (not a blog :)) done, or at least WORKED ON, and "things" keep popping up. Now I don't feel so alone.

    Gonna work on that project today.. with the help of God and by the specific inspiration of one Sue Evis.

    And when I need to read more of Sue's writing (I ALWAYS need to read more of Sue's writing) - ta da! There are glorious, wondrous archives! Now to go find out about that polar bear. ( Australia? did it wander up from the south...?)

    1. Nancy,

      It seems we all have a problem focusing on our projects without getting distracted. I too am glad to find I'm not alone! We should have a support group where we give updates on our progress, then we'd have to actually do some work!

      I hope you got some good work done after reading my post. You know how impatiently I am waiting for your second Cloistered Heart book. We should order copies pre-publication and then you'd have to get the book written very quickly!

      The polar bear coming up from the south? Nancy! You know polar bears live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic!!!

    2. Umm. I guess I know that NOW. :)

    3. Nancy,

      I have to admit I only know where polar bears live because my children insist I watch endless David Attenborough nature documentaries!

  5. Sue
    LOVE your new blog look, so fresh and crisp. Haven't popped over for a while, 'killing my monsters;)' Came over to share with you I have finally written my grief post, thank you for your support{{}}

    1. Erin,

      It's lovely to see you back at my blog!

      It is so good to hear you were able to share your grief story. I know it wasn't an easy thing for you to do. I am looking forward to meeting your daughter. I will be over to share your post! Thank you for telling me about it.

      God bless!

  6. Monsters! What a great description. I also feel bad about not updating my blog as often as I "ought to". We have to silence thiis blog-monster. It'll have to leran to live off tidbits and a solid feeding once in a while.
    I, too, will come to visit your blog whenever you feed your monsters, be it once a day, once a week or - God forbid - once a month. At our place summer is setting in, with summer holidays and this year a brand new thing. MotherOw selling soaps at Farmers' Markets.
    Prayer for you and your monsters.

    1. Uglemor,

      Our blog monsters will have to learn to live off tidbits and have a solid feeding once in a while... I love that! You understand about their hungry appetites. Yes, there aren't any rules about how often we should post on our blogs, but we do like to see them ticking over, and obviously still alive.

      Uglemor, you are always so kind, with your reassurances that you will read my posts regardless of how often I post. I am very grateful. Thank you!

      You are selling soaps! Wow! If I lived near you, I'd buy all my soap from you. I bet you sell heaps. You'll have a big soap making production line, as you try to keep up with buyers, I'm sure.

    2. PS Thank you for your prayer. I pray for you too.

  7. have a way with words, Sue! My poor blog monster is starving to death right now! (And I don't have the time to give him daily feedings!) I am often tempted to quit blogging altogether but I hold back for some reason. I really wish it wasn't so time consuming :(

    Laughing at the conversation between you and Nancy :)

    We have kangaroos in the zoos up here and I have to admit that they're cool looking animals. I wouldn't want to hit one though!

    1. Mary,

      You understand! I love blogging but it does consume so much of my free time. Sometimes I just want to get rid of the monster all together so it doesn't entice me back and keep me from other things. I can't quite do that though. I'm glad you can't quit either. I'd miss you! I imagine your posts take quite a bit of time to write as they are so well thought out and put together. They are always so well received so maybe that's the reason you need to keep blogging. You are obviously providing lots of food for thought!

      Kangaroos have very powerful legs. Yes, they can do a lot of damage! I remember that great conversation we had on the polar bear post when I first published it. Maybe Nancy wasn't reading my blog at the time. That's probably why she got confused about where polar bears live. But now she knows!!

  8. Oh Sweet Sue! You have such a lovely, fun way with words. I too know ALL about blog blog monster is starving and I feel bad about it. Before lent I had made a resolution to try to write 3 solid posts a week. But in order for me to that I had to spend more time than was good for my family on the computer. So during lent I decided I would only read blogs for 1 hour a week and I could only write on my blog from 5-7 am. Yeah, well the writing didn't happen at all because I value my sleep and sanity too much. And when I started reading the blogs for that 1 hour I came down with a horrible case of discontentment and I knew right then and there that I had to give everything up for the remainder of lent. And I had so much peace being away. I'm only starting to come around again being careful not to visit those blogs that leave me wanting more (more babies, 4 seasons, better knitting skills). I've been thinking about blogging again but only writing for 20 minutes everyday...that's it. I think we all have to find that balance. I sure would miss your blog...I love visiting. Now I'm off to read about the polar bear. ;-).

    1. Elizabeth,

      I've been thinking a lot about you, hoping I'd catch up with you soon. So pleased to see you here!

      Oh yes, blogging is full of problems. I am always making resolutions about how much time I spend online. But unlike you, I have no discipline and keep changing my mind. The lure of the written word! I'm still feeding my children and even educating and spending time with them, but other things such as my knitting and novels and all those unattractive odd jobs are suffering. Andy gave me a DSLR camera for our recent wedding anniversary and I never seem to find time to work out how to use it.

      Balance... That's what we all need. I hope you do decide to write even for short periods of time every now and then. I miss your blog and your friendship. So glad you feel comfortable reading my blog!


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