I was a teenager when Elvis Presley died. I remember the day I heard the news. The sun shone between my gaudy orange curtains, onto my bed where I had thrown myself, after a trying day at school, and I thought, “Wow! Elvis Presley is dead!” Not that I felt very sad or anything. The big headline news didn’t really affect me that way. I wasn’t an Elvis fan. He was just someone famous. But still... I rolled the news around in my mind, and concluded that fame doesn't protect anyone from death.

So Elvis died and was buried, and that might have been the end of Elvis Presley, as far as I was concerned. Except it wasn’t. A year or so later, we moved house, I went to a new school and met my own Elvis: Andy Elvis. By the time we graduated I knew one day I was going to be an Elvis too. What I didn't know was how closely Elvis Presley was going to follow me through all the years of our married life.


“Sue Elvis.”

“Pardon? How do you spell that?”

“Elvis. E.L.V.I.S. You know, like Elvis Presley.”



“Sue Elvis.”

“Any relation to Elvis Presley?” someone asks with a grin.


“Sue Elvis? Is that your real name?”

The other day my application to join an online forum for Catholic writers was rejected. I sat staring at the rejection email feeling a little hurt and sorry for myself. I tried to understand why I wasn’t wanted. I’d provided too little information about myself, apparently, but what can one say in 100 characters? I must have mentioned my name. Did the moderator not believe it was my real name? Did she think it was made up and I am a troll or spammer, trying to worm my way into the group?

These thoughts started me thinking about pen names. Wouldn’t 'Sue Elvis' make a wonderful pseudonym? It’s short and catchy and of course, has that famous connection. I think if I am ever famous I will use the name Sue Elvis. And if I am never to be well known, I will still use it. It’s my name.

“Sue Elvis is dead.” I guess the day will arrive when someone will say those words. Famous or not, we will all eventually meet in the cemetery. Hopefully, we’ll all meet in Heaven too.

“Hi, I’m Sue Elvis.”

“I’m Elvis Presley.”

I don’t suppose we’ll chat about best selling songs or books or blogs. By that time, it won’t matter much if we’d been famous on earth or not. Elvis Presley and I will meet on equal terms.  Of course we’ll still have the name connection.

Last week Andy and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. I’ve been Sue Elvis for thirty whole years. That’s a long time. Thirty years of being married to my best friend. Thirty years of love and blessings. Thirty years of Elvis Presley comments.

Thirty years? I guess I must be a little older than thirty by now. In fact, I have outlived Elvis Presley by quite a few years. 

Becoming an Elvis? Acquiring the Elvis Presley connection? Marrying Andy? It was the best thing I ever did. 

Happy Anniversary, Andy Elvis.

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  1. The day Elvis Presley died, you were a teenager... I was a young mommy changing diapers. I didn't know then that I'd run across an honest-to-goodness Elvis one day, one who would catch the attention of Bob Blogosphere himself!

    Two questions: Did you get into the online forum? (oh, I hope so)..and - do you mind (I understand if you do) sharing the nationality of the Elvis surname? I have never heard the name anywhere except in the case of a Certain Singer. Thank yuh. Thank yuh vurry much.

    1. Nancy,

      It's funny comparing how old everyone was when Elvis Presley died. One of my friends said she was only one. Others I am sure weren't even born. But I was a teenager, just a step behind you as a young mommy!!

      I never actually thought about the possibility of Elvis comments when I married Andy. I wonder if he got teased as a child. I shall have to ask him.

      Andy's family are English so I guess Elvis is an English name. Many years ago we had a look at some old family records. I can't quite remember but it may be that the name Elvis was derived from an older name Helwis. There seems to be lots of Ellises around but we've never met any Elvises who aren't related, but I know there are other Elvises in the world. I think there are some in the US. I know there is at least one other Sue Elvis on Facebook. But I'm sure I'm the only Sue Elvis that knows the famous Bob Blogosphere!

      The rejection email I received from the moderator of the forum was, I think, a standard rejection, with possible reasons I didn't satisfy the requirements. I replied to this email, expanding on who I am, proving I am a real person who is Catholic and does write. So far I haven't heard anything back. It doesn't really matter about the forum. I can understand their need for caution. We all have to be very careful when we are operating online.

      Thank yuh vurry much for your comment!

  2. Happy anniversary, Sue and Andy! 30 years of a happy married life is such a wonderful blessing.

    It's a shame about the Catholic forum. They obviously couldn't see the gifted writer behind the intriguing name!

    God bless:-)
    PS. Now, that you've fooled the blogging world, can I tell everyone your real name? :-D

    1. Vicky,

      Thank you so much for your anniversary greetings!

      You have blown my cover! Sue Elvis seemed the perfect blogging name, and now you have told the world it's not my real name at all. By the way, what is my real name? I seem to have forgotten... I seem to be a bit confused. Have I confused anyone else?

  3. I had a school friend with both a famous first and last name. He once got thrown off a tram on his way to high school. The conductor thought he was older than a student (which he wasn't) and asked him for his name and when he gave it the conductor, the conductor thought he was being a smartypants (although he used less polite wording) and made him get off at the next stop! Poor kid was so shocked as were we all.

    I am sure that forum would jump at the chance to add you to their group if they had read anything you'd written.

    PS - I cried when Elvis did ... more because my adored older cousin did ... lol

    1. Lisa,

      Oh how unfortunate for that boy! I wonder if his parents deliberately chose that famous first name to go with the famous last one. It just shows you've got to be careful when naming children, though I suppose names can become famous after a child has been given that name.

      You might have cried when Elvis died, but that at least shows you remember the event. Some of my friends weren't even born then. I'm beginning to feel very old!

      Thank you for your kind words, Lisa!

  4. Happy Anniversary Sue! 30 Years is a good amount of time to be married and how fortunate you are to marry an "Elvis" who is living longer than the famous one. When Elvis died, my aunt who was an Elvis fan gave me in insulated beverage glass with a photo of Elvis. Then I went out and had a T-shirt made with puffy letters that said Elvis and this birth year and death year. I wasn't even an Elvis fan! LOL! I bet I still have that shirt somewhere and the glass, too.

    1. Monica,

      Thank you! I can't believe 30 years have gone by since Andy and I were married. It sounds a long time, but nothing compared to the 63 years two parishioners- who sit in front of us at Mass- have been married.

      I am laughing at the thought of your puffy lettered Elvis shirt! I wonder if you have a photo of you wearing it. That is such a great story.

  5. Love your post! I hope your rejection by Catholic Writers had nothing to do with the Catholic Bloggers Network...if it was, it was an oversight by a blurry-eyed mom with too many emails. =) Happy Anniversary!

    1. Monica,

      Thank you for your anniversary greetings. I was so thrilled to find out this story is a Big Clicks winner. The name Elvis Presley must have caught everyone's attention!

      I'm sure my rejection from the Catholic writers' group had nothing to do with the Catholic Bloggers' Network. It was probably all a big misunderstanding. These things happen. I can just imagine the number of emails a coordinator of a group receives each week. Everyone is trying to combine various roles with that of parent and homeschooler. It must get overwhelming at times.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my story!

  6. Sue~
    I just saw that your post is the Big Clicks Winner! Good for you!
    I loved it!! Just a beautiful story and so enchantingly penned....Thank you for sharing, Sue. And happy anniversary, again!
    Take care..."see" you soon.:)

    1. Chris,

      Thank you! I think my post had an unfair advantage over everyone else's. I included a famous eye-catching name in the title! I'm glad you like my story. You are so kind stopping to add a comment and congratulations. I WILL see you soon. I'll be over to visit! xx


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