Imogen has ordered a long formal gown. She can’t wait for her dress to arrive.  It’s pale blue and decorated with exquisite beading. It’s very, very pretty. She can’t wait to wear it. Imogen is going to a ball.

“Perhaps you’ll meet your Prince Charming at the ball,” suggests Sophie, with a mischievous younger sister smile.

“Just like Cinderella,” says Charlotte, with a pretend faraway dreamy look on her face.

“You’d better take along three glass slippers, just in case,” says Gemma-Rose.

“Why three slippers?” I ask.

“Two to wear and one to leave behind for Prince Charming.” (Don’t I know anything?) “Imogen won’t want to limp home with only one shoe.”

“Glass slippers don’t sound very comfortable, even if you have two of them,” says Imogen. “They don’t bend.”

“Even high heeled shoes would be better,” I say. “By the way, have you considered wearing high heels to the ball?”

“Oh no! How can anyone walk, let alone dance, in heels?”

“But they’d make you taller. I won’t have to turn up your dress quite so much.”

But Imogen is adamant. She is going to the ball in ballet flats. I will have to lop off centimetres and centimetres from the bottom of that pretty blue flowing skirt to make it fit.

“At least it will be easy for you to find a Prince Charming who’s taller than you,” observes Charlotte, who is even shorter than Imogen.

“But what if you don’t find a Prince you like at the ball?” Sophie wants to know.

Imogen shrugs her shoulders. She doesn’t seem concerned about not finding the man of her dreams. She’s young. She’s not in a hurry.

But her sisters have other ideas…

“We’ll have to find you a husband another way. Mum could advertise you on her Facebook page.”

“Or write a blog post about you.”

Wanted: One Prince Charming for a 5ft and a bit young lady who can cook.” Imogen laughs.

“Perhaps you can make a movie about Imogen. Show all her good points. Post it on Youtube.”

“It might get shared.”

“It could go viral.”

A movie? Now that sounds like an excellent idea.

What would I say about my second daughter? I know she can laugh at herself. She doesn't mind us teasing her. She even joins in. She lets her mother write silly posts about her…

Wanted: One Prince Charming for a Cinderella who has a wonderful sense of humour.

Somehow I don’t think Imogen will have any trouble finding the man of her dreams when the time is right. She won't need our help, which is rather a pity really…

Can you imagine the wonderful movie I could have made? My eyes light up as I think of the possibilities. Perhaps I could make one anyway… just in case…

This story was posted with the full consent of Imogen. She even shared the link on Facebook!

Talking of movies... Have you seen my latest movie on my unschooling blog? You'll find it in the post, The Problem of Applying Sunscreen to Wet, Sandy Bodies. You might guess I filmed it at the beach. It stars my family. But somehow I ended up in the video too... Now how did that happen?


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  1. Oh Sue, I'm laughing over here at the three glass slippers. I found a pumpkin she can use and Imogen's prince will show up when God's time is right. It's really too bad I don't have older boys you know...

    1. Anabelle,

      Oh yes! We need a pumpkin. How else will Imogen get to the ball? (Without a pumpkin carriage I guess Andy will have to drive her to Sydney!)

      You are so right about God's time. I'm sure He has already chosen Imogen's Prince Charming. No need for blog posts, FB pages or movies... unless of course God wants to use those to connect two people He intends to join together! If that really happened it would make a funny story... I found my Cinderella on a Youtube movie... blog... Facebook page!!!

      Nice thought about your boys! Prince Charmings in the making.

  2. I didnt have daughters but it looks like fun!!
    I always loved Cinderella, for more than one reason.
    God bless!

    1. Colleen,

      When my daughters were all small, I never imagined that one day I would be looking for ball gowns for them. Wow! It was a huge job finding Immy a suitable dress. It had to be pretty and long but not strapless or backless. Eventually we found a dress online. I can now say I am a qualified ball gown buyer! I know what to look for and where to shop. So yes... helping daughters get ready for a ball is lots of fun but I think boys are a lot easier! All they have to do is find a formal suit and that's quite straight forward. Actually, neither of my boys has shown any interest in going to a ball!

      Maybe one day you will do all the girly stuff with your granddaughters!

      God bless!

  3. Haha! This is exactly the sort of conversation my family would have!
    I hope Imogen has a wonderful time!

    God Bless,

    P.S. Gemma-Rose cracks me up!!! XD

    1. Gemma,

      Silly family conversations are wonderful, aren't they? I'm sure Imogen will have a very special time. I'll post some photos of her wearing her dress after she has been to the ball. Thank you for your comment.

      God bless!

    2. Silly family conversations are great, especially when your apart of them! I'm sure Imogen will look absolutely stunning in the dress. It sounds VERY pretty!

      This is completely random, but is it quite cold where you live? Because about a week ago, my little brother was watching me read your blog on the computer, when he all of a sudden said, "Do the Elvis's live in Antarctica?" I answered,"Of course not! Why would you think they live in Antarctica?"
      He replied, "Well, I often see them wearing coats." This then hit me that I do often see your family wearing coats. I don't want to be rude, but is it quite cold where you live?

      God Bless,

    3. Gemma,

      It is a lot cooler where we live compared to your home. Whenever we come up your way to visit, we are always surprised just how warm it is. We never wear the right clothes! Yes. we have our coats or jackets and our winter tights on, and all the cousins are running around in shorts and T shirts!

      We do get hot days though. Last summer the temperature reached 46 C during that very hot week most of the state experienced, which was unusual. We didn't like it at all. Today it's sunny and warm but there's still a chill in the air. We haven't changed over to our summer wardrobe completely yet. Yes, the girls were still wearing their winter tights and jackets in the walk to the park video. When we went to the beach, of course we were at the coast and it is always warmer there than here. We live at a higher altitude. You might remember me describing the descent down the escarpment to sea level.

      Thank you for your question. I didn't might answering it at all!

  4. Replies
    1. Kellie,

      Maybe a great sense of humour is more valuable than such things as beauty in the long run. The girls must inherit theirs from my husband. One of the reasons I fell in love with him was because he makes me laugh!

      Thank you for your comment. It's always good to see you've stopped by!

  5. Love it!
    Love getting to know your family...they are great!

    1. Chris,

      Recording actual conversations does give an inside view of our family. You must think us very silly! I guess it's good to laugh!

      Thank you so much for sharing our silly Cinderella story.

      God bless!

  6. Sue, I hope you will share pictures of your Cinderella. She is going to be breathtaking in that blue dress with her gorgeous blue eyes! Is this the Jane Austen ball? This is so exciting! I always wanted a daughter to go with my son. I hope our grandbaby will be a girl (I've been approved to share this news publicly...since they have told EVERYBODY! :) My sister has only boys too. We would love to buy some ball gowns one day...for granddaughters.

    I don't think I have ever seen a picture of Gemma Rose when she isn't smiling! She is so precious....all of your girls are. It's so much fun sharing in all of your adventures. I watched the beach video without sound (hubby was watching TV). But now I can go back again and listen too. For sure, God has a very special Prince Charming all picked out for Imogen. Can't wait for that video! Love to all of you xoxo

    1. Patricia,

      No doubt I shall post dozens of photos of Imogen in her ball gown! I didn't think about her eye colour but I think you are quite right. The dress should arrive in a couple of days' time. I only hope I'm able to take up the hem without ruining it! I shall feel so nervous cutting the fabric.

      This isn't the Jane Austen ball. Somehow the girls didn't go to that one after all. This is a college ball. Imogen was invited to go by someone who will be attending the college very soon.

      Will your daughter-in-law find out whether she's having a boy or girl during pregnancy? And if she does, will she share the news? I was really hoping for a daughter when I was pregnant with my first baby. Andy is one of 3 boys and my grandmother had 4 boys... no girls between them. I was sure I was going to have a family of all boys which would have been lovely in its own right but I did yearn to share girl stuff with a daughter. As you know I have 5 daughters besides my wonderful 3 boys! Yes, lots of opportunities to share ball gowns and other pretty things.

      I understand about watching videos without sound. Sometimes it's inconvenient to turn it on. I have got into the habit of keeping a set of ear phones close by. I hope you were able to return and watch my video with the sound. I love the sound of the sea and included some of that. There were also a couple of funny moments which can only be appreciated with the sound turned on! Thank you for watching.

      I was only joking about making a video of Imogen but she and I were discussing this earlier, and I might do it after all. It would be fun! Of course it wouldn't really be my attempt to get Imogen a husband. The right Prince Charming will come along at the right moment as you said.

      So lovely to chat! May God bless you. Sending love and hugs back your way. xx

  7. What an enchanting story. If I were prince Charming I'd come rushing to that ball and take away all three glass slippers. I migth drop a word to my Trolli, he's just one year older than Imogen. His dancing skills are not that great, but he plays the piano - and he likes to eat. Doesn't it sound like a perfect match?

    1. Uglemor,

      Trolli sounds perfect! I don't think Immy can dance either. But yes, she can play the piano and cook and likes to eat too! And I would love having you in our family. There is only one thing that would worry me about such a match.... You live so far away! What if Imogen moved to Denmark? I would miss her so much. I haven't seen my eldest daughter for 2 years because she lives a long way away. But nothing can stand in the way of true love... Unlikely things sometimes happen!

      I wonder what Trolli thinks of you offering him as a possible Prince Charming. Perhaps he just laughs like Imogen. It's all a bit of fun!


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