When we left home this morning it was summer (even though it's only spring). By the time we arrived in town half an hour later, it was winter.

“It looks like it’s going to rain,” said Imogen, peering at the ominous dark grey sky.

“We’re going to get wet,” I predicted. 

We didn’t have umbrellas. We were lucky we had cardigans. We could have done with coats.

It rained. It rained a lot. By the time we got back to the car, our clothes were soaked and our hair was plastered to our heads. Not a good look.

I guess we need rain. It’s been a bit dry around here recently. Actually I like rain. I love driving through the cutting watching the rain running in waterfalls off the sandstone rocks. The rocks drip water for days after the rain stops. And the smell… it’s damp and earthy. I wind down the car window and inhale deeply. Ahhh!

When Gemma-Rose was a baby we didn’t have rain. I don’t think she learnt the word ‘rain’ until she was several years old. She knew all about ‘drought’ and ‘dust’ and ‘water restrictions’. We thought it was going to be dry forever. Apparently all our rain was falling somewhere in South America. We prayed every day, “Please send rain!” Then one day it rained. The drought was over.

I guess all things do come to an end eventually. Or things change and we start to complain about something else. It rained. It rained some more. We had floods several years ago. We prayed for the rain to stop. “We’ve had enough rain! We’d like some sun... please!”

A wet summer is predicted. I suppose that means it will be a very dry summer. But just in case I think I’ll buy a new umbrella, one of those snazzy ones that folds up and fits neatly inside a handbag. If I’d had one of those this morning, I wouldn’t have got wet. The day wouldn’t have turned into a bad hair day. I hate getting my hair wet. 

Oh no! I’ve just written a blog post about the weather. I once did an art of conversation course: “Never talk about the weather,” we were ordered. Oh well. Too late now. I have written a weather story so I shall post a weather story. In my opinion weather is always a good conversation topic.

So how’s the weather at your place?  Does it bother you if your hair gets plastered to your head? Have you seen Singin' in the Rain? And what sort of umbrella do you have? One of those huge ones or a little convenient one that pops inside your bag?

I suppose if no one stops to chat, the art-of-conversation presenter was probably right after all...

Never talk about the weather.

image: Red Umbrella by Roberto Trm, (CC BY 2.0)

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  1. I guess our weather has been like yours, only the summer kept coming back - winter, summer, winter, summer all day! Umbrella? Hmmm.... there's a few of all different sizes floating around. They come in handy for retrieving balls from the gutter and playing pirate games but we can never seem to find one when it's actually raining.

    The plastered hair isn't so bad if everyone else has the same look. It could even be called a new trend! And, it actually beats being dragged running down the road with an inside out umbrella in front of you. Not a good look, at all!

    The lady was wrong - weather posts are most fascinating, Sue:-D

    1. Vicky,

      A post on weather has enticed you back to the blogosphere! Weather must be fascinating after all. It's so good to see you here. I miss you when you take a break.

      Oh yes! Inside out umbrellas are a real bother. So embarrassing walking along trying to stay in control. I once saw a man dump his umbrella in the garbage bin. He must have got so fed up with battling with it. Most men don't seem to have a hair problem in the rain. They just run a towel quickly over the tops of their heads and all is back to normal. Unless of course they are new age men... I've got a blog post idea about that topic!

      Back to the inside out umbrella problem... There are now umbrellas which have been designed to work in the wind. Amazing what you can find when you start Googling the word 'umbrella'!

      Thank you for stopping to chat. My post would have looked very lonely with no comments after I invited people to stop and add to the conversation!!

  2. Hair plastered to my head looks much better than the frizzy mop I'm usually left with in bad weather. Hmm, let's see....I use a big, heavy umbrella for fear that a slight breeze will make the smaller kind flip inside out and that would be embarrassing. Signing in the Rain is in my Top 5 favorite movies. And conversation of any kind makes me happy! Glad you posted about the weather. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Kathleen,

      A frizzy mop? I never even considered that! I guess rain could be a real disaster for all those people who have spent hours straightening their hair. I'll never need a straightener. Not a curl or kink in sight! (I have a secret desire to have a head full of curls!)

      Inside out umbrellas... I get embarrassed too when that happens. I also like big umbrellas. I've bought my husband several of them just so I can borrow them back. Ladies' umbrellas are just too flimsy. Now I'm reconsidering buying one of those tiny fold up ones, though maybe they are better than nothing... unless it's windy of course!

      We all love Singing in the Rain. The girls quote it all the time complete with accents!

      I love chatting too. Thank you so much for stopping by and joining in with my weather conversation. You have made me smile. I hope you'll stop by again soon!

  3. Always love visiting your fam thru your blog even when the weather's gloppy!
    And thanks to your friend, Kathleen for rec Singing in the Rain...that's on our list and I should check it out of the lib for an upcoming weekend!

    Enjoy the day, Sue!!

    1. Chris,

      And I love you visiting my blog and leaving such friendly comments!

      Singing in the Rain is a wonderful movie. My kids love all the old movies especially the musicals. I'm sure your family will love it too!

      Enjoy the weekend. (It's already Friday here!)

  4. Always enjoy your light-hearted stories! And light-hearted story is just what I needed! We are having lovely Autumn weather here. The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn. It is my favorite time of year. We have a little fire going in the fire place. We have seen rain once recently. It was the first in several months.

    I love rain when I don't have to get my hair wet. We have neglected for years to buy a new umbrella. We have two and both have been blown inside out. If it is raining badly, we will use them, but they are both falling apart. Mostly we forget to bring an umbrella and then we end up sheltering our heads under a paper bag!
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Monica,

      I'm glad you liked my light hearted story. I like to mix things up. Sometimes things can get too serious around here, and it's good to write some nonsense!

      Autumn... It's my favourite time of the year too. I can just imagine your leaves changing to beautiful colours, and you sitting by the fire. We live in an area well known for its autumn colours. Sydneysiders come down here in autumn for weekends just so they can sit by the fire, after wading through the fallen leaves. We have much cooler winters than Sydney.

      You have an inside out umbrella problem too! The paper bag sounds much safer, though maybe just as embarrassing. Instead of buying a fold up umbrella, I could just pack a few paper bags in my handbag, just in case!

      Wet hair can be fixed, I guess, but it's awfully inconvenient when we're on our way to such places as Mass. When I used to work.... many years ago... on a rainy day I'd take along a hairdryer and then slip into the bathroom to dry my hair into place before work started.

      I'm sure I will have a beautiful day after your comment. Thank you. I am smiling as I sit here typing. I pray you will smile too.

  5. I would NOT have been a popular student in your conversation course. I love reading and talking and writing about weather! A friend and I decided, a few years ago, that our interest in weather is an extension of our love of nature.

    And think of what literature would be if people didn't write about weather! No sudden claps of thunder, no sheltering from storms, no crisp breezes, no dark and stormy nights. And ironically, just as I write this, there is a sudden downpour and sheets of rain out my window (there really should be a rule to never write about weather in a blog COMMENT.... but of course, who would ever do a silly thing like that...?).

    Just imagine a world where weather was never talked or written or sung about!! Gene Kelly would just be Singing, Dorothy would have stayed in Kansas, and Scarlett O'Hara would simply be Gone.

    Thank you for a DELIGHTFUL post.

    1. Nancy,

      Talking about weather is an extension of your love of nature? Oh yes! I am fascinated by the weather too. Every night when I write my diary entry I just have to record what the day's weather has been like. One day my diary will be discovered and some scientist will use all that data for something!

      Weather does come into every great story and song. It's an integral part of our lives. So many things about our lives might have been different if only the weather had not been the way it was. We often look out the window to check the weather before deciding what to do. I like being adventurous and doing things despite the weather... like walking in the rain and having picnics in the van when it's too cold and windy to sit outside.

      Don't you just love sitting inside warm and safe when the rain falls in sheets onto the window panes? Such moments make me feel very glad we have a safe place to live. I always feel sorry for the cows in the fields! And of course the homeless.

      "Just imagine a world where weather was never talked or written or sung about!! Gene Kelly would just be Singing, Dorothy would have stayed in Kansas, and Scarlett O'Hara would simply be Gone. " I love this!

      Thank you for chatting about the weather. It's been delightful. By the way, the rain has disappeared and the sun has returned. That meant we had no excuse not to go running before breakfast!


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