A post about nothing.

It is cold and wet which wouldn’t be significant except we’re supposed to be going on a picnic. There are other families going. I shiver and look out the window and know I want to stay at home. I’d much rather write, in the warmth of the heater, rather than be brave and go out.

I’m rather a wimp. Soft. I like my comfort.

“Sue, you have to make more effort. Get out. Meet people. Do it for the sake of your children. They need friends, even if you don’t.”

I ask Gemma-Rose, “What do you want to do today?”


Is it too late? Have I encouraged my children to be unsociable?

My world is getting smaller and smaller. I don't often see friends. Actually my world is getting bigger and bigger. I chat to so many people from around the world every day. But that doesn’t count. They’re not real friends. Or are they?

My friends whom I’ve known for years and years might be at the picnic. We really should go along and see them. Catch up. Hug. Kiss. Not let those ties between us get too loose.

I ask Sophie, “What do you want to do today?”

“Have a picnic.”

“In the rain?”

“We could have a picnic at home. I just want to eat ham and cheese and potato salad.”

I remember when our older kids were small. We’d go on picnics with other families all the time. The weather didn’t matter. Cold or hot. Dry or wet. 

We’d wrap up warm and chat while jumping up and down, rubbing our hands to keep the blood flowing, our ribs aching due to excessive shivering. Or we’d languish under the shade of a tree, the heat sapping our energy, not wanting to do anything but talk. One picnic day we all got soaked to the skin because of torrential rain. Our feet squelched in wet shoes, our hair was plastered to our heads, but we keep smiling and chatting.

Sometimes we are so desperate to get together with others we will endure any conditions.

I think of the friends I would see today. I especially want to see my friend Sarah. I haven’t chatted to her in a long time.

I ask Andy, “What do you want to do today?”

I can see the answer. It’s on his desk. He has some paperwork that needs attention.

And then I think of my friends and especially Sarah.

“Do you think we should make an effort?” I ask Andy. “Perhaps we could spend a couple of hours out, catch up with everyone.”

Andy smiles. “Sure!”

“Put on some warm clothes,” I say. “We’re going on a picnic.”

The girls smile.

So we’re going out. We are taking a picnic. We are going to see old friends.

And later I will write. (Did you notice? I have almost finished my NaNoWriMo novel.)

Friends, Sarah, a picnic... I have stopped debating. We're going out. I smile too.

Why is it so difficult to make a decision sometimes?

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  1. I really enjoyed this post about SOMETHING.. about whether or not to go on a picnic!! I felt I could have written it myself. "To go or not to go" - for me anymore, that is often the question. I used to "go" whether I wanted to or not. I often came home feeling drained. I finally realized that yes, I do like people - but I like to see them in one-to-one settings or maybe just a couple of good friends at a time.

    Well, this is a comment about "nothing!" But I do hope you enjoyed the picnic, and arrived back home ready to rest and write :)!

    1. Nancy,

      Maybe it's a getting older thing. I really have to push myself to socialise these days. I'm quite happy sitting at home, chatting to everyone via my computer. Going out seems to involve a lot of effort.

      We did get to the picnic and we saw lots of old friends. And it was good. I'm glad we went. But as the girls said, "We've socialised TWICE this year! That's enough for a while." I fear I'm turning them into hermits!

      Like you, I prefer getting together in small groups. More time with each person. I like that.

      We didn't spend all day out so I've managed to do some writing as well. Only 4 000 words until I reach my goal!!!

      Oh I came back from the picnic with a couple of books (we met at the monastery and there's a book shop there). I'm going to have a give-away. They're children's books. You might be interested. Next post: Free Give-away!

      Thank you for your comment about nothing. Sometimes it's good to chat about nothing in particular with friends!

  2. You should try nighttime picnics, those are the best!

    1. Kellie,

      Night time picnics? Oh yes! Sometimes when it is very hot we go to the park in the cool of the evening and take a picnic with us. We've never had a picnic after dark though. Now that might be fun! Doing things at strange times is always more exciting. I shall remember your suggestion! Thank you for your comment!

  3. I could have written this post. Today we're home from church, as we - Husband and I - are running a temperature, having sore throats, headache etc. Nothing serious, but nothing we want to take on a 1 hour each way-journey to go to church.
    The next few weeks will see some heavy socializing here, and I also want to stay at home weaving baskets, reading and writing. So say the children. But I know we'll pull us up by the bootstraps, get out - and thoroughly enjoy it.
    Nothing is good ;)

    1. Uglemor,

      I'm so sorry to hear you are unwell. I hope you and your husband recover quickly!

      Yes, it takes a lot of energy to go out socialising. We usually enjoy ourselves too, once we actually leave the house. Maybe it's because we both have so many things at home we like to do that's it's so difficult to go out. If we were bored, we'd be glad of an excuse to get out of the house.

      Nothing is good? I'm glad you understand!

  4. Iain and I will accept an invitation to go to something and look forward to it and then on the day of the event we so do not want to go. Every single time! We of course do go, especially if it is a RSVP kind of function and most of the time end up having a lovely time and ask ourselves on the way home why we don't go out more often. Then once we are home, we can't be bothered again.
    I am dreading Christmas with all the extra activities and outings. It's exhausting ... lol

    1. Lisa,

      You sound just like me!

      I'm actually accepting less invitations these days. Many times Andy is really busy with school stuff and hasn't got time to go out. We haven't been very far at all this year. We've been to so few functions, I think our friends have given up on us. Yesterday one of the girls' friends said, "We didn't expect to see you here!" Charlotte replied, "Sometimes we do surprising things!" I think I surprised myself by making the effort to go.

      Christmas... I'm feeling tired just thinking about it!

  5. Hah! Sue, this post and the replies are so interesting, and also amusing. I'm with all of you. Most socializing is something I offer up! And, I especially hate that during Advent, everyone is throwing Christmas parties. I have to attend three during the first week of December. I wonder if most bloggers are introverts who prefer to stay home and read and write and maybe invite over a very close friend for some meaningful conversation and a cup of tea.

    I really hate parties where I usually have to make an effort to be more outgoing than I really am. We went to a wedding two weeks ago, and everyone was trying to shout over the band playing so loudly at the reception. I couldn't wait to leave. I"m so boring :) I love my friends around the world because we all seem to be interested in many of the same things, and hold the same values and beliefs. I know that all of you really do pray when I ask for prayers. You are real friends to me. Yes, different, but still real. Thank you! Lots of hugs to you dear Sue..

    PS thanks for writing this I feel less weird knowing that I"m not the only one who wants to skip the social stuff

    1. Patricia,

      " I wonder if most bloggers are introverts who prefer to stay home..." That is an interesting thought! I guess bloggers have to like spending lots of time alone at the computer otherwise posts would never get written. But then again, spending time on the computer is not necessarily alone time. We chat online all the time!

      Oh I know what you mean about online friends being close friends who have the same interests. Because of the Internet we can connect up with kindred spirits regardless of where they are in the world. None of my local friends blog or write or unschool so we don't really talk much about these topics when we get together. So I do enjoy chatting to you and other friends online.

      Andy and I were talking about Christmas and he said, "I suppose we need to plan to get together with everyone like usual." I replied, "But we don't usually get together with anyone." We never do much socialising at Christmas. We've been invited to one pre-Christmas party, and we usually visit my parents and that's about it. We'll have to have an online Christmas party. Do you want to come?

      This post was written in a hurry. I thought it was about nothing. But it has generated some interesting discussion! Yes, I don't feel so weird now either!

  6. Like my mother used to say, "It's nice to get out, but even nicer to come home."

    1. MIchelle,

      It is so lovely to see you here on my blog. I was thinking about you only yesterday and then I find a comment from you! I hope all is well with you and your family.

      Your mother's words remind me of how I feel about holidays. We always look forward to going away but coming home again is even better! Maybe we have to go away or go out, every now and then, to appreciate what we have at home.

      God bless!


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