The other afternoon Father James Tierney phoned for a chat. He told me he's finished a draft copy of a new Bush Boys novel. This is great news for all Bush Boys fans.

Have you heard of the Bush Boys? If you are a young friend of Father Jim's, no doubt you have dressed up in real Bush Boys clothes - loose shorts, a shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, thick socks, tough boots and a wide brimmed hat - and pretended to be a Bush Boy, off on a bush adventure. 

Bush? Perhaps I'd better start with basics. If you live anywhere but Australia you might not know what bush is. The Australian bush is native forest, typically gum trees. It's beautiful and the ideal place for hiking, camping and having adventures. Of course everyone has to be careful when in the bush. There are 7 Deadly Dangers to avoid when you set off on an adventure. But if you know your ABC of Camping, you won't get into trouble. You'll have a wonderful time in the bush.

When Father Jim was younger he'd organise camping trips for young people in the bush. These days Father is retired from parish duties and no longer travels far from home. But he is still busy. One of his occupations is writing children's novels. Father has written 5 books about the Bush Boys, not including the one he is currently working on.

Who would enjoy the Bush Boys books? Everyone! Both boys and girls seem to like these stories. They could be called living books. Not only are they entertaining adventure stories, they are also packed with information about the bush, camping, flora and fauna, first-aid, safety first... 

There is so much I could write about Father and his books but perhaps I'll just give you a few links you can follow if you're interested.

Father James Tierney and His Wonderful Bush Boys Books

The Bush Boys Online blog

And if you've been reading my children's Angels stories recently, you might remember I have written a few stories that feature Father Jim and his Bush Boys books:

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While I was chatting to Father Jim the other day, I mentioned I was planning on having a give-away of a couple of his books. He was delighted to hear this. So onto the give-away...

I have two books to give away. Both books contain two full length Bush Boys stories which were originally published as two separate books: Bush Boys and Cuthbert Joins the Bush Boys. The books are real paperback versions and I'm willing to post them anywhere in the world. So the give-away is open to everyone.

To enter the give-away, please leave a short comment to do with camping, Australia or something of that nature.  I am having this give-away to promote Father Jim's books rather than my blog, so there is no need to follow my blog or subscribe (but feel welcome to do this if you like my stories.) If you share this post, I will enter you in the give-away a second time. (The more people who hear about the Bush Boys, the better!) Just let me know that you did this.

When's a good time to draw the winner? I'm not sure how long bloggers normally leave between offering a prize and drawing the winners. How about the first Sunday of Advent. That's not far away. Wow! Christmas is creeping closer.

If you don't enter or win this give-away you still might be interested in buying Bush Boys books. They'd make great Christmas presents. They are available from Cardinal Newman Faith Resources in Australia and Catholic Heritage Curricula in the USA.

Here's the book description from the CHC website:

Available for the first time in the U.S.! Straight from the Australian bush come these exciting tales of faith, adventure, and camping fun! Ages 8 and up will bushwalk, cook, and camp with the Bush Boys and take part in their many adventures as they learn about safety, integrity, and obedience. Fr. Tierney, Australian parish priest, wrote these books “to delight the reader with exciting bush adventures, to portray the robust life of a big happy Christian family, and to air the possibilities of home-educating.” Join Greg and Bernie, homeschooled Catholic boys, as they hunt for treasure, rescue a cousin from kidnappers, and deal with snakebites, wild animals, and much more! Lively illustrations accompany each book including handy maps, diagrams, and ABC’s of Camping. Softcover. Too exciting to put down!

So please comment and share. And please check back on December 1st when I'll announce the winners!

Update: Congratulations to Bernice and Joanne, and thank you to everyone who read this post, shared it and left comments. I enjoyed all the camping stories! I hope you'll read my post Bush Boys Books Winners (and a Consolation prize?) even if you didn't win a book. 


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  1. I haven't read any of these books but they look very interesting!
    So... a comment about camping, hmmm - the last time we camped (after buying a very large tent to accommodate the whole family) it pelted with rain for days and the winds were wild. We were camped directly under a huge gum tree and feared for our lives when the wind was roaring in the middle of the night. I'm not much of a fan of camping.
    I am, however, a fan of Australia, I love our beautiful country :)

  2. I have been wanting to add these books to our family library...a fun way to learn more about our neighbors "down under" !!!

  3. Sue...I also shared on Facebook...:) waht a fun way to learn more about the Australian Bush!

  4. My 7 year old son would like these. We haven't taken him camping yet, but these might be the books to inspire us:-)

  5. Oh yes please! My 3 are 4 years old and under but we go camping at least twice a year with them. These books sound like delightful reading material, especially while camping, now that my older ones are listening to chapter books.

  6. Sue! my son will be his favorite, these books is mostly like my son's reading material, I think these will be his first adventure through reading these books and also to learn more about Australian Bush.

  7. Our family loves camping and being out in the bush. A favourite spot of ours, that we are very lucky to live near, is the Mitchell River in far north Queensland. The Bush Boys books sound like books that would be well enjoyed by everyone at our place.

  8. I've not heard of the Bush Boy's before. Sounds like it's a great read to go along with our unit study of Survivalism. The plus side is that Seth will enjoy reading this book as he loves adventure. We have not ventured out into the wild Australian Bush to camp yet, but we took amazing bush walks in the Grampians, Victoria and have spotted all the camping sites for another visit. I have shared this on Facebook as well.

  9. What a wonderful opportunity! I love this beautiful country and have fond memories of camping in various places with my family as a child. I now have 6 children and we have only managed to camp in the back yard so far. However, I am looking forward to sharing some of my favourite camping places with them! :)

  10. Camping was our preferred way of having a holiday when we were young. We experineced many wonderful adventures, also quite dangereous ones, although there's no bush in Europe. Now our children are all past toddler age we hope to go camping again. We never went to Australia, but hopefully one day we will.

  11. Hi Sue. We love camping!! And in fact spend the day yesterday in the good old aussie bush exploring some new camping spots! My sons (7 & 3) would love listening to such adventures....Esp with characters that are home schooled. We started the official "unschooling" journey when my oldest was school aged and we are yet to form good friendships with others on the Homeschooling journey... It would be great to be able to identify with the characters this special way. I have never heard of this series of books before and are always on the lookout for good Christian literature for my boys so thank you so much for the recommendation.. We would LOVE to win these but even if we don't we will be looking into purchasing them sometime in the future.. Thanks again x

  12. How have I not heard about these books? They look fantastic! I am always looking for new books that are not only enjoyable to read but actually impart something positive into my boys....and as the mother of 3 boys camping is essential for us as a family! :)

  13. Oh these sound lovely! I am always on the look out for appropriate material for my son. It's so hard to find "manly" stories that aren't just full of gore or immorality. We haven't done much camping as a family but I grew up doing lots of camping and need some motivation to get us organized and out there!

  14. These look like they'd make great homeschool read alouds. Always looking for quality aussie books!

  15. What I learn about God from the Australian Bush.....
    God is peaceful, majestic, awe inspiring, sensory, imaginative, loving, friendly, comical, gentle, powerful........

  16. Hi Sue! Thanks for the book recommendation. I was just thinking the other day, I'd like to get some good quality books for our only boy. He loves camping btw. Some of our family have been camping out in our own garden through summer and even still in autumn. Have a blessed day!

  17. I have three boys and I think they would really enjoy these books! We used to go camping ALL the time when I was younger and our most favourite place to visit was Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming (I'm American but have lived in Australia since July 2000)! My dad took my sister, brother and I camping one summer and my brother slept in the camper with my dad while my sister and I slept in a tent! One night we heard a strange noise but didn't think anything of it... however, the next morning when we inspected the outside of the tent we noticed the star at the top that holds the poles was broken in half and there was a huge scratch down the length of the side of the tent! We are pretty sure it was a bear!! SO FREAKY!!!

  18. These stories sound wonderful. My kids love being in the outdoors and especially love bushwalking with their Dad. (They love camping, too, but Mummy needs to be a bit braver for them to enjoy more of that!) I am always looking for adventure stories with a solid value basis, and if they normalise homeschooling, too, wow! All the better! Thank you for introducing me to these books.

  19. Ooh, these would be lovely!
    We just started our homeschooling adventure, my kids are 4 and almost 6 and we are passionate about being and looking after nature; at the moment my daughter is also very interested in aboriginal stories, and through these we are getting to learn about many plants and animals. Both kids have already mentioned a few times how she'd like to go camping, so we'll be joining soon our hs group in one of the next camps. I had already heard Bush Boys being mentioned, but now that you've spoken about them more, I will definitely be getting them! Thanks for the opportunity to win the books Sue :)

  20. Wow! Books for boys about the Australian bush! I will definitely be buying these.

  21. Wow! Books for boys about the Australian bush! I will definitely be buying these.

  22. Love camping, especially love the morning/evening sounds of the bush
    Hugs x

  23. I would love to win this to read to my little boys. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  24. Would love to enter this, Sue
    Thanks for the reminder on FB! I thought I did!! With Timmy's bday and then Thanksgiving, I have been racing to stay on top of things.

    I don't know if you send to the US tho. Looks like a great series and one I know they'll enjoy.
    If we don;t win, I'll click thru to amaz here and purchase.

    Thanks, friend and I'll be in touch this weekend!

  25. So many wonderful memories of camping in Australia. I am keen to take my own camping princesses camping there one day. The Papa is scared though ... he thinks every animal, reptile, insect etc in Aussie is poisonous ... lol


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