It’s hot. It’s far too hot to do anything but lie still. But I’ve been lying still all day. I'm fed-up. Perhaps I need something to think about, something to take my mind off this terrible heat.

Suddenly, I have an idea. I say, “Give me an attention grabbing blog title.”

Everyone looks up from their books. Is this a game? They forget about reading and start thinking. 

Soon Imogen says, “Shark Attack in the Highlands.”

“Oh yes!” says Charlotte. “That’s a good one. What would a shark be doing so far away from the coast?”

Can I come up with a story to go with that title? After a few moments of thought I have to admit defeat. “I can’t imagine how a shark could end up here. How would it get up the escarpment?"

“The shark doesn’t have to be alive, does it?” says Charlotte. "It could be carried here."

"But how can a dead shark attack someone?"

“Did the shark attack a person or did the person attack a shark?” asks Andy.

Now that’s an interesting question. That opens up possibilities... A dead shark being attacked by a man…

“Man Bites Shark,” announces Andy. “You could change the title a bit.”


“It could be a story about fish and chips,” says Imogen. “Don’t they use shark to make battered fish pieces?”

“Oh, do you remember those wonderful fish and chips we had on Charlotte’s birthday when we went on our beach holiday?”

We are licking our lips as we remember. Shark tastes good!

“Isn’t sushi made from shark too?” asks Sophie.

No one is sure about that. Perhaps we should look it up.

Andy is looking up, looking up from his tablet. “Andy Murray, the tennis player likes sushi,” he tells us. “It says here that he eats 50 serves of it at one sitting.”

50 serves? It seems he likes it a lot. I can’t eat even one serve. I like my fish cooked.

"He has sushi waiting for him when he steps off the court," continues Andy. He's reading the latest Australian Open tennis trivia. Andy Murray and all the famous tennis players are here in Australia at the moment. But they're not actually playing much tennis. It’s too hot. Play has been suspended: the ‘extreme temperature’ rule, you know. 

I wonder what tennis players do while they’re waiting for the weather to cool down. More to the point, what shall I do? Eat fish and chips? Write a blog post? Do both? I could call my story Shark Attack in the Highlands or Man Bites Shark

I could do that... or maybe not. You see, it's hot. It’s far too hot to do anything but lie still.

"What's the temperature going to be like tomorrow?"


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  1. Hi Sue,
    Lol! When I read your post title I was wondering how a man could possibly bite a shark and it never crossed my mind that we certainly DO bite sharks until I read this! Thanks for the smile!

    I have heard about the heatwave in Australia and I hope it lets up soon. I'm not sure what is worst, freezing cold or boiling hot!

    PS (I like my fish cooked as well!)

    1. Mary,

      It took me a while to see the possibilities of this title! I had some wonderful help with this post from my family. I don't think I could write any stories without them.

      It's another hot day but I think there are places much warmer than here. There are bushfires in other states. I'm thankful there are none here.

      I've been thinking of you and my other friends in the US suffering the cold while we're sweltering. Such a contrast! I'm not sure what's worst either.

      It's so lovely to see you back in the blogosphere. I've enjoyed your latest posts. Now I've finished writing my mental illness posts I'm looking forward to stopping by and saying hello!

  2. Oh my. Your place sure is hot right now. It seems to get cooler come next week. Our place - Northern Zealand - is cold, sleet is falling, 2 or 3 degrees above zero, windy, very windy, blowing the sleet into your face, stinging cheeks and nose. My mind is still frozen solid from waiting at the bus stop earlier today. Out local weathermen ( - Danish Meteorological Institute - can tell the weather just about everywhere, and even do so in funny English.)
    Sushi is delicious. It is not necessarily raw fish, smoked salmon, cucumbers and bell peppers, fried egg, or avocado and smoked salmon are my favourite sushi toppings (or rather fillings as they're inside a roll). You can also have deep fried eel or tempura shrimps. There are lots of delicious sushi without raw fish. I'd like to send you some of my home made sushi and a cubic metre of cool air in exchange for some hot Australian sunshine to warm up body and mind. Shark sushi sounds tempting. To the best of my knowledge I never ate skark, or was eaten by one.

    1. Uglemor,

      It's hard to imagine you standing by the bus stop with sleet blowing into your face. Such different weather compared to ours. I am feeling very sticky from the heat. But yes, I think you're right: it's going to cool down in the next couple of days. I can't wait! A bit of rain would be good. The ground is so dry and hard.

      I was thinking of you as I was writing about sushi. I remembered reading on your blog how you like it so much. I was hoping you'd add some sushi information in a comment, and you did! Thank you. I am sure I'd love your sushi. Such a pity you can't really send me any, together with that cool air.

      "To the best of my knowledge I never ate skark, or was eaten by one." That is such a great sentence! It made me smile.

  3. Sue, you could title your next post "Blog Titles for Hire!", and then begin marketing catchy phrases for the rest of us to use. Some of us never think about this aspect of blogging, or some of us are just not good at titling. SO: 1.) you could make a fortune, and 2.) the world would be filled with amazing posts, because having used such catchy titles, we'd all HAVE to deliver, and 3.) you would be so wealthy that you could travel the world visiting every one of us yay yay yay, and 4.) your homeschooled family would travel with you and learn on-site, and 5.) you'd write a book about the adventure, and 6.) the book would be made into a movie, and 9.) since you are all great before a camera you could play yourselves, and 11.) while you're here you can teach me Maths.

    "Man Bites Shark, the Movie." Start sewing dresses. The red carpet awaits!

    1. Oh Nancy, I think I'll give up writing. Your comments are so much better than my posts! I'm sure my readers just stop by here in order read your comments.

      I can't take credit for this title. I had a lot of help from my family. I'm beginning to wonder what I'll blog about once everyone has left home. Who'll help me with my posts? Who'll provide the material for new stories?

      I seem to remember Connie writing a good post about the importance of blog titles. Good ones do attract attention. Sometimes I think it might be good to rename all my less successful posts. I could send them back out into the blogosphere with wonderful new titles and see if they become more popular.

      I love all your points. They made me smile so much. And I do think you could do with some maths help. What happened to points 7,8 and 10? I did notice you used the word 'maths' instead of 'math'. Wasn't that nice of you?

      btw, I've thought of a 'putting out the garbage' story. I'll try and write it soon!

  4. So much fun, Sue!
    Love Nancy's comments...she's the best.

    Just so strange to have a friend whose temps are soaring when we just emerged from literally zero degree ( F) weather last week! Yikes. Right now, it's in the high 30s, positively balmy compared to last week, when we didn't even want to leave the house to go get the mail!
    It's a small world for sure. Who knew when we were growing up that we'd become friends with someone on the other side of the world experiencing the seasonal "opposites?" Pretty neat.

    Ok, gotta back to the books....stay cool, girl.

    Love ya

    1. Chris,

      Nancy's comment was good, wasn't it!

      Our temperature is in the high 30s too at the moment too. Just on a different scale! Of course we measure our temperature in degrees Celsius and not Farenheit. 30 degrees F is the same as -1 degree C. Oooh! That's cold!

      Thank you for sharing my silly story. Keep warm!

  5. I wish I could +1 Nancy's comment!

    1. Mary,

      I think I should just copy and paste Nancy's comment into a 'new post', give it an eye catching title and publish it. I'm sure it'll get more page views than one of my stories!

  6. Sue, I decided to "blog without a net" again, inspired by YOU, and came up with a ridiculous title I intended all along to point people to your blog). Then I learned The Breadbox Letters had gotten a "Sunshine Award," so I made the post about that, SPENT ALL NIGHT DOING IT (IT'S 2:30 A.M. HERE!!!), wound up giving it another ridiculous title (on purpose).... and of COURSE have nominated you for a Sunshine Award! You can find the "rules," etc. here.... Hope you have fun with it! Your blog is SO MUCH FUN TO READ... and well deserving of a Sunshine award!!!

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you so much for nominating me for a Sunshine award, and congratulations on your own award! All that sunshine will brighten up your cold days.

      I just loved your post. I felt so special being featured in it. Thank you! All those wonderful facts based around romance. (I especially liked the locking glasses because I've done that myself!) How can I write a Sunshine award post to match yours? I fear I can't. Perhaps though I will use your idea and write all my points around a theme. I wonder if I could just choose a random word and then go from there. I shall see!

      I shall return to read the rules properly!

  7. Fun post!! Though now I'm craving fish & chips! Or sushi too, yum!

    It's unusually cold here in Florida this month, though not as cold as many plces. Still, it is cold to us. Stay warm. In a matter of months I'll be the one boiling and you'll be trying to stay warm! :)

    1. Susan,

      You are so right. We should enjoy the sunshine while we can! Actually we get more cool weather than hot weather. Usually only a handful of days a year are unbearably warm. We had a cool change overnight. It is raining!


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