I feel like the queen. I feel so much like the queen I’ve decided to wear my smart yellow two piece suit today. I have even pulled out my jewellery box (from under the bed) and taken out my royal pearl necklace and earrings and brooch. They go beautifully with my large yellow hat which is adorned with flowers. (I would put on a crown if I had one, but I don’t.)  Now I mustn’t forget my handbag. Yes, it is nicely positioned over my arm. I am even wearing my gloves.

Now that I am looking exactly like a queen, I shall tell you why I’m feeling like one too.

Well, I feel spoilt with love and attention. I don't think even the queen could feel more special than I do right at this moment. You see, I received another wonderful comment in my in-box last night:

“Congratulations Your Majesty, I’m giving you more awards.” 

No, no, that’s not what it said. 

“Congratulations Sue, I’m giving you more awards.” 

That’s better. Anabelle from the blog Written by the Finger of God stopped by and awarded me another Sunshine award, a Best Moment award and a Semper Fidelis award. Wow! All those awards in one email. Isn’t Anabelle very generous and kind? Aren’t I lucky? I'm feeling very humble. I feel like a humble queen.

I have to tell you another 10 things about myself in order to receive these awards. So that's what I'm going to do. I don’t think I’ll stand on my box this time. I might wobble if I did. You see, I have my royal heels on. I think I’ll be much more comfortable sitting on the best chair in our house. My back is straight. I’ve placed my feet together in a very ladylike manner. Yes, I'm very queen-like. I just need to find my posh voice. Here it is. Ten facts about me? Let’s go…

  • I speak fluent French.
  • I was educated at home by a governess..
  • I’m an expert at playing the solitaire game called patience.
  • I’ve been down a mine, a real working one.
  • I love reading crime thrillers by PD James, Agatha Christie and Dick Francis.
  • I’ve been to Jamaica 6 times.
  • My husband has two pet names for me. He sometimes calls me ‘cabbage’ or ‘sausage’.
  • I love dogs and own 5 corgis.
  • I also love horses. My first pony was a Shetland pony called Peggy.
  • I have sat for 129 portraits.
  • I have 9 thrones.

Nine thrones? Wait a minute! Not so fast! I don’t own even one throne. If I did, I’d be sitting on it right at this moment. Those facts aren’t about me. I’ve been telling you all about Queen Elizabeth II.

I feel like the queen. I look like the queen. For a moment I even thought I was the queen. But I’m not. I’m just Sue. Should I go back and change all those facts. Nah! The queen is much more interesting than me. I shall let the facts stay.

I haven't obeyed the acceptance rules so I probably won't be allowed to keep any of these dazzling awards. But until someone shows up to take them off me, I shall put them somewhere safe. I think I'll store them away with all my treasures. I shall lock them up with my crown jewels. 

Thank you Anabelle for making me smile. It's not a polite smile. It's nothing like the queen's. In fact I wouldn't call it a smile at all. It's more like an enormous Cheshire cat grin.

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  1. You should get another award for this wonderful answer to the rules instead of having to give back the other awards! :D I'm sure nobody will mind.

    1. Thank you, Miu!

      It seems to be award season. Maybe I should make up one of my own. I'd love to do one for encouraging, funny and interesting comments and commenters. I wonder what the rules are. Can just anyone make up an award? I don't suppose it matters what the rules are. I always break them anyway!

    2. Sue, I've actually thought the same thing (for real), and even went so far as to Google this! It appears that the sorts we get and pass around might be okay to do (I found this about that: http://bookblogs.ning.com/forum/topics/blog-awards). Someone compared them to chain letters :)! I've been actually having fun doing the posts for my last several, although they can take quite a lot of time when there are so many things to "do" in each one. Maybe if there were just, say, one question posed by the person passing it along .. and the blogger could answer it in a phrase or with a picture or they could make a whole post?? I'd love to see questions thought up by the clever mind of Sue Elvis!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Nancy,

      I followed your link. The conversation was interesting. I do agree that the requirement to accept an award needs to be simple. Too many questions turns the award into a big task. The worst part of an award for me is the passing on bit. Some people view them as chain letters and don't want to be involved. Then if we know people who would like one, who do we choose? I'd just like to pass them on to EVERYONE!

      I think the clever way to make an award button is to include your blog address or name on it. I noticed the Best Moment award did this. Then at least everyone knows where the award began and it could be used to promote a blog or cause. I don't suppose I would do this though!

      "questions thought up by the clever mind of Sue Elvis!!!!!!!!!!"??? Actually I think you might be good at this!!

  2. This was fun to read. :) Though I'd much rather hear facts about you! (ones that we readers don't know yet about you.) :)

    1. Susan,

      Are there any facts about myself I haven't already revealed? It's getting difficult to think of anything interesting to say about myself. It's nice though to know you'd rather hear about me than the queen. Me or the queen? The queen is a very popular woman so you have made me feel special. Thank you!

  3. Ha! You are so clever! Enjoyed reading!

  4. I have tagged you for a challenge I have made:http://hannahmitter.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/hair-challenge.html

    1. Thanks Hannah,

      I'll think about it and see what I can do!

  5. Congratulations! Well Deserved!

  6. Hail Queen Sue! I was laughing so much as I read your post so my daughter leaned over my shoulder to ask me what was so funny. I said my friend wrote something funny, so she asked me to scroll up to see your pic and lo and behold her eyes rested on the queen's pic. "Oh that's your friend?" she asked. I laughed even more. You totally deserve the awards.

    1. Anabelle,

      So I'm really the queen after all? That's really funny! Would you believe I wrote this story and then went looking for a photo? I described the queen's outfit perfectly even before I found the image. I didn't have to make any changes at all. Yes, I must be the queen!


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