Can you write a blog post in 20 minutes? I can’t.  Even if I have a suitable blog post idea, I can't develop it in such a short amount of time. But there are bloggers whose words must overflow onto the computer screen with no effort at all, because they turn out fantastic posts in only minutes, every single day of the week. Every day of the week? How do they do it?

I've often wondered whether readers actually want a post a day. Wouldn't you groan if you saw yet another of my posts in your feed, waiting to be read? Think if all the bloggers you followed posted every day. You'd do nothing else but read posts. Or the posts wouldn't get read. 

But I guess I could do a little better than I have been doing. One post every week or two isn't that much. It's not as if I don't know what to write about. I have a notebook full of scrawled ideas. But it takes me a long time to tell my stories. (I'm too much of a perfectionist. I wish I wasn't.) Surely there's lots of simpler things I could write about in say, 20 minutes or so?

Maybe I could tell you something about my day. Did anything interesting happen? No. We didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. No one said anything funny. No birds flew through Callum’s car window. Would you like to hear about the weather? Perhaps not.

Did I have any extraordinary thoughts I could share? Unlikely. What did I think about? I spent a lot of time wondering whether I should do the Blogging from A – Z Challenge. Have you heard about this? I’d have to write 26 posts in one month. All the posts have to follow the alphabet which means I’d have to write about something associated with the letter A on day one, and finish the month with a Z post.

I did the challenge last year. I really enjoyed writing the posts. It was a lot of fun. I learnt so much as I wrote and wrote. I am tempted to sign up again this year. Almost. I'm holding back because I remember what a lot of hard, unrelenting work it was. Perhaps doing the challenge is a silly idea. But then again, a whole month of posts would get this blog moving again, bring it back from the dead. It could be exciting. But have I got time? And I’d need some ideas. Quick ones. Yes? No? I just can’t decide.

If only I could write a post in 20 minutes. But I can’t. Or at least I can't write anything worth reading in such a short time.

I wonder if you can write posts quickly. Do you blog every day? Perhaps you could write 26 posts in one month. 

The Blogging A - Z Challenge: Should I? Will you?

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  1. I can relate, Sue. I've often thought of joining in with blogging challenges but I know I'd be defeated before I even started. Sometimes I think I'll have nothing else to write about, ever. But then some feeling comes to me and it gets posted. Nothing life-changing, but it gets posted. I'm pretty sure most people who read my blog read it before going to bed. A kind of sleeping pill, if you will. *smile* Have a great day. Oh, and if you write about the weather, I'd still enjoy it.

    1. Kathleen,

      Some people have the knack of writing about everyday things in a lively way. Readers like these kind of posts, I'm sure, and you have the talent to write them. I don't. I write about all the everyday stuff in my diary each day. I find it interesting but I can just imagine the reaction I'd get if I posted something like that here. My blog would die completely!

      You'd read a story about the weather? You are kind! Actually we've had every kind of weather today except snow: mist, sun, clouds, a thunder storm and rain. It's rather warm but the trees think autumn has arrived. The leaves are changing colour. We went to the lake this morning and I took a lot of photos. I hope to post some on our mother, daughters, sisters blog over the weekend.

      Lovely to chat!

  2. Hey there~!
    First off, I'd be THRILLED to see another post from you when I log on each AM!!! Never would the novelty wear off....Second, I totally enjoyed the last time you did the A-Z challenge!!
    I signed on to that 7 posts in 7 days challenge over at Conversion Diary last Autumn and was able to accomplish that.....but as for that challenge of writing a post per day in a month....I couldn't tho I'd love to be able to. I forget which blogger had that challenge going last October....I wonder when the kids are older and "gone" and my responsibilities here at home are so different, if I'll be able to devote time to blogging like that. I do think I'll be able to!
    But I may be putting time into other writing challenges at that point....

    After not blogging for a week ( tho you'd think my house would be in better shape for all that non blogging time!!) and not missing it at all, I am looking forward to blogging regularly again. I have so many ideas going....hmmmm....

    Sue, I hope all is well with you!
    Love clicking over for a visit.oxxo

    1. Chris,

      The last A - Z was a lot of fun! And I appreciated all the support from my blogging friends. I am still tempted to do it. I think it would be easier to write the posts if I based them around a theme, so I've been thinking... I could write about clothes! The posts would be more like personal stories than fashion tips. (What do I know about fashion???)

      Blogging challenges are good for stretching our writing skills... if we have the time. Yes, we all have lots of other responsibilities besides blogging. Usually though everyone in our house writes at the same time. We all ignore the housework together, then rush to catch up. I think at least a couple of the girls are planning to do the A - Z challenge.

      It was good to see you back after your blogging break. I was beginning to worry about you and then I saw your comment, and shortly afterwards, a post on your blog!

    2. As I contemplate a blog of my own, I think about how I would never want to write without the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Actually, I don't even want to talk if it is not motivated by Him. (epic fail on that one) So, unless I felt that God wanted my words out there, I wouldn't want to do it.

      Secondly, did you ever feel joy over something until you spoke of it out loud?

      I love your blog and I'm perfectly happy with quality over quantity. Now I understand that some are meant to blog, blog, blog and if you feel led, I will follow.

      And, about those leaves? Have you ever contemplated such beauty in dying? I often wonder at what we will look like.

      Have a great week!

    3. Michelle,

      I've been pondering your comment! I think, for me, there are three types of writing. The first... the words pour out onto the computer screen as if they want to be written. I can definitely feel the Holy Spirit at work here. Then there's the things I feel I should write but are hard unrelenting work. Finally there are the fun things I write principally for enjoyment but I think these writings are necessary too. They give me a chance to experiment with words and improve my writing. Maybe God wants all three? If it feels 'right', I write and post.

      Oh yes, there are some things which can't be put into words, though I do like to share such joy! Maybe others won't understand my inadequate words so I can't communicate it.

      Sometimes I get the urge to write, write, write! It's just something I love to do. I don't think I necessarily feel pressured to blog but blogging gives me the perfect opportunity to write. I'm thinking I might do the blogging challenge!

      I never thought about the beauty in dying before. Oh thank you for sharing that! I know Thomas was beautiful in death though it was hard watching him as he was dying. Maybe we will lose our hard edges in death.

      You must let me know if you create a blog. I'd love to share your posts.

      I hope you have a happy week!

  3. Hi Sue,
    I still don't understand how people do those challenges - I'd flop within the first week! I can see how they would be helpful and I have to admit that I'm impressed when people do them but I don't think I could it myself. And write a blog post in twenty minutes? Oh I wish!

    My biggest problem with blogging is posting on a regular basis. I'll post often for a few weeks and then I won't post at If I'm being honest, I get frustrated if the computer takes up too much of my time. I've tried to solve this problem but it sneaks back up on me.

    Have a great week, Sue!

    1. Mary,

      I thrive on a challenge. Just tell me I can't do something and I'll want to prove you wrong! A personality thing maybe. That's why I get myself into so much trouble. I can't resist taking up this blogging challenge. Probably I'll wilt half way through and feel like complaining. I'll remember everyone telling me how much work it would be but there won't be anything I can do about it. Of course I'll make myself persist to the end! I am just not sensible sometimes. The lure of the written word!

      I also get frustrated with how much time I am on the computer. It can take over my life. I think you are much more sensible than me. Blogging breaks are necessary.

      Lovely to chat. I hope your week is good too!


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