I tiptoe into the laundry and begin transferring the wet clean clothes from the washing machine into a basket. A minute later, I hoist the basket onto my hip, slide the door open and step out into the back garden. I drop the heavy clothes under the washing line and then, just as I am about to pick up a few pegs from the bucket, I am discovered.

“Mum! We heard the door slide open. Why didn’t you tell us you were hanging out the washing? We want to help!” Four indignant bossy girls have appeared. They want to join my hanging-out-the-washing party.

So we take turns bending over the basket. We shake clothes and peg them to the line. Every now and then we close our eyes and face the sun. Red light shines down upon us. We savour the warm sun soaking into our skin. We listen to the chubby kookaburra chuckling on our fence. We chat. We smile. We enjoy some mother-daughter time as we hang out the clothes.

Soon the basket is empty and the line is full. Shirts and towels and skirts and undies are flapping in the breeze. The hanging-out-the-washing party is over: The team have finished their work. We race each other up the hill, back to the house: "Hey! Wait for me!"

When my husband Andy arrives home from work, piles of neatly folded clean clothes greet him.

“We washed all your clothes, Dad. You’ve got plenty of clean underwear.”

Andy grins. What would he do without us? He is grateful for all those clean undies.

The next day, Andy gets out of bed, showers and then selects some of those clean clothes to wear. They smell of sunshine and flowers. He inhales deeply. He smiles. There’s nothing quite like clothes that have been dried outside in the fresh air.

That evening when Andy arrives home from work, he says, "I felt very uncomfortable all morning. It hurt to sit down. It was painful." We rush forward. A pain? Muscular? Bruising? Not shingles, surely?

"What was wrong, Dad?"

Andy looks at our serious faces and then he giggles. We look back at him. He is snorting with laughter. We look at each other and raise our eyebrows.

"You won’t guess what the problem was!” Andy manages to say at last.

“What, Dad, what?”

He bends over double as a wave of laughter consumes him. He tries to speak but the words won’t form. Finally he splutters, “Peg!”

“Peg?” we echo.

“Yes, peg! Someone left a peg attached to my undies. It kept digging into me every time I sat down.”

“Didn’t you notice the peg when you got dressed, Dad?”


We think about the pain Andy suffered. We think about the peg attached to his undies. We forget the pain. We think about the peg again. Then we giggle and snort and bellow with laughter.

Why do we find this story so funny? I have no idea. Perhaps we’re weird. 

PS: Pegs might be known as pins in some parts of the world.

Image: Pegs on the line by Leon Wilson(CC BY 2.0)

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  1. If you're weird, I'm even weirder, because I wasn't even THERE and I'm giggling and snorting. OUCH. Giggle giggle snort snort. Ow. Tee hee hee.

    1. Nancy,

      I love how you're weird like me! Some things are very funny in real life, but not so funny when written down. So glad you giggled!

  2. Replies
    1. Maria,

      We're all rather silly in my family. Thank you so much for giggling!

  3. hahahahahahahahaha. Love it! I also love the smell and feel of clothes that have been air-dried. Maybe it's time to put up a line outdoors. Thanks for a Monday cheer.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Su-sieee! Mac,

      I especially love lying in a bed that has freshly washed and outside dried sheets on it. I am sure that beautiful sunshine fragrance helps me sleep better. I am guessing it is spring where you are. Enjoy the warmer sun! And thank you for laughing at my story!

  4. Peg--as in those HUGE things that hold items on the line? Or just a little pin like a safety pin? Because if it's a peg like what you have pictured, I can't imagine not realizing it the second he put the undies on!

    1. Stephanie,

      The peg was one of those huge ones! I guess that's why we find this story so funny. As you said, how could my husband not have noticed it attached to his undies? He must have got dressed with his eyes closed!

  5. I'm cracking up here- love that he had the peg all day!

    1. Kate,

      It did take my husband a while to work out what was wrong and discover that peg! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this story!

  6. Clothes dried on the line truly have the best smell! It is very funny he didn't notice the peg when getting dressed.I wish it was nice here today, than I would have a load or 2 up for sure.

    1. Mandy,

      I don't think anyone will ever let my husband forget this peg story. It does seem rather remarkable he didn't notice the peg!

      We are enjoying a beautiful sunny autumn day. My second load of washing is in the washing machine. I don't suppose this weather will last too much longer. Winter is on its way! I hope you get some beautiful weather of your own soon.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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